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So the tip is to keep trying to pause? How is that in any way useful while you're playing the game?

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I had a Goldeneye save where I had unlocked all the cheats and 007 mode. I let a friend use a gameshark to mess around with in multiplayer and it corrupted all the single-player data.

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@sarumarine said:

I'm still shocked that blowing up personal vehicles is considered Bad Sport behavior. I was trying to steal a helicopter that actually had guns on it when someone shot me out of the cockpit and stole it instead. However, he left his vehicle behind so I figured the only revenge I could get was putting a sticky bomb on the thing and watching it burn. I was really confused and angry when the Bad Sport warning popped up.

So killing people and costing them thousands of dollars is a-okay? But once you mess with another man/woman's automobile that's too far? This is Grand Theft Auto right? I don't understand this "anything but the vehicle!" mentality. You insure that thing or you take your chances. I wish I had the Ignition Bomb unlocked for that, but I'm not sure if it carries over through matchmaking and doing jobs. It would have been like a free-form Marco's Bistro mission from GTA III.

Anyways, still baffled destroying other people's cars after they've wronged you is considered bad behavior, considering how many missions are based around doing bad things to another person's car for little to no reason.

Eh, fuck those pussies. The day I am put in the "Bad Sport" pool of players is the day I wear it like a badge of honor. It's GTA. PK'ing and blowing shit up is the name of the game. If some asshole doesn't like it, perhaps they should go play some care bear video game where their hand is held 24/7.

It sounds like you should love the bad-sport system, after all it's going to put you into a pool with like-minded players, right?

Oh, what's that? You don't want to be with people who play like you, and just want to grief others who don't?

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I'm pretty sure the online story is supposed to take place before the main story.

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He looks kinda sad that he's robbing that store.

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I'm an idiot and thought I posted here but I didn't.

Sent a request to 360 crew. Aishan on the R* site, Aishan here. Aishan Everywhere.

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@demoskinos: @brodehouse: @seppli: Holy christ. These are some of the more pathetic arguments I've heard. You're an inch shy of outright calling me a homosexual because I have a problem with a design that was deliberately designed to be erotic when there's no need for.

This is not an anti-sex agenda, puritanical or slut-shaming, because she is a not a real person. This is not a person with free-will expressing their sexuality, she is a creation of a male designer who admitted to making her look this way because he thought it was sexy.

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@spaceinsomniac: Arsenal Gear wasn't about the sexualisation of Raiden. It was about making him vulnerable.

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@big_jon: Yes, how dare a creator choose to add sexual themes to their own creation. They shouldn't be allowed to decide that they want to make their game more erotic, or sexualized. It's immoral and downright criminal that Kojima can decide that he wants heavy erotic themes in a video game that he is completely in charge of designing.

Hey, guess what, creators can do whatever they want, but it doesn't make them immune to criticism.