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I'll miss you, Patrick. Good luck with everything you do in the future, and thanks for everything you've done here at Giant Bomb.

Hope to see you continuing to do good work somewhere soon.

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@tru3_blu3: If you're on the PC, print screen will save a screenshot to the Bioware/Inquisition directory in your documents folder. If you're on a console, i'm not sure.

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Pretty happy with how mine turned out. Now if only I could actually play because of this directx crash.

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Given Papa John's opinions about his employees' health care, i'll have to go with Dominos even though i've never eaten there.

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@yinstarrunner said:

@aistan said:

Another good article about this whole mess, aimed towards the people who think the gamergate issue is actually about "ethics" and trying to explain that no it's totally not, that's just the smokescreen to make it seem legitimate:

"Aimed towards the people who THINK..."

Who is this person? I've SEEN it with my eyes. I've been there from the start.

You don't need people TELLING you what the people behind gamergate think complete with quotes picked to fit their narrative. There is no "smokescreen." That word implies that people are hiding.

They're not. 4chan is open to everyone. They are the ones "orchestrating" gamergate. You can go there and see for yourself. You might be surprised at what you find, if all you ever hear about 4chan is that they are the internet's big bad boogeyman.

You are hearing about these things through an unnecessary filter. This whole thing plays like the worst game of telephone ever.

Anyway, interesting article.

No, the entire thing was tainted from the start due to how it began. There may be a legitimate discussion about ethics within gaming journalism, but it's not about journalists and the people they are covering having interpersonal relationships. That just how journalism as a whole, and humanity as a whole, works. People who have similar interests and work regularly with one another create connections outside of that work. An actual ethics concern would be how many gaming news sites are paid for in part by ads from the companies they are covering, or instances of business concerns overriding journalistic integrity like the one that culminated in the creation of this website we are now posting on.

"Gamergate" isn't talking about any of that, because it started after the reaction to all the harassment coming out of all that personal information being leaked, in an attempt to legitimize the concerns of the "concerned".

Also now isn't really the time to talk about it. In the wake of the horrific personal attacks and intrusions people have been experiencing, gamergate essentially says "yeah that sucks but look over here at the REAL problem." At best it's callous and diminishes the horrible stuff some people have been put through, at worst it's a deliberate attempt at misdirection. A website maybe giving a game a slightly more favorable review because they like the developer is not more important than actual people's lives being ruined.

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Another good article about this whole mess, aimed towards the people who think the gamergate issue is actually about "ethics" and trying to explain that no it's totally not, that's just the smokescreen to make it seem legitimate:

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Do you have something like Redbox over there? You could rent it for the couple days until your collectors edition comes in.

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So, I had a good cry in the shower.

Then a good cry watching some old videos, mostly stuff that's been linked in here.

After that, I rode my bike a few miles to the park near me, for the first time in years, and just thought, with the occasional cry.

I've been going to classes again, learning how to program. I fucking love programming, and i'm pretty good at it so far. Up until now i've been mostly thinking that i'll be happy doing whatever, whatever company needs me to program for them i'll do it.

Fuck that

I want to make video games. I fucking love video games, and I want to make a dumb, awesome little video game. The kind that the dumb, awesome little website called Giant Bomb showed me can be just as, if not more so, awesome as the big AAA stuff. Something that Ryan would have loved to say he played for a little while and had a blast in.

Thank you, Ryan Davis, for everything you have done and everything you are.

And now i'm crying again.

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Thank you for putting this article up, Patrick. It was an interesting read.

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That was incredible. So happy to have seen that happen live.

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