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Do you have something like Redbox over there? You could rent it for the couple days until your collectors edition comes in.

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So, I had a good cry in the shower.

Then a good cry watching some old videos, mostly stuff that's been linked in here.

After that, I rode my bike a few miles to the park near me, for the first time in years, and just thought, with the occasional cry.

I've been going to classes again, learning how to program. I fucking love programming, and i'm pretty good at it so far. Up until now i've been mostly thinking that i'll be happy doing whatever, whatever company needs me to program for them i'll do it.

Fuck that

I want to make video games. I fucking love video games, and I want to make a dumb, awesome little video game. The kind that the dumb, awesome little website called Giant Bomb showed me can be just as, if not more so, awesome as the big AAA stuff. Something that Ryan would have loved to say he played for a little while and had a blast in.

Thank you, Ryan Davis, for everything you have done and everything you are.

And now i'm crying again.

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Thank you for putting this article up, Patrick. It was an interesting read.

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That was incredible. So happy to have seen that happen live.

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I'll absolutely come back to this come November. I burnt out a bit after getting 3 characters to 50, and wasn't really playing enough to justify a subscription. Free to play sounds great to me though, and if the rewards are good enough I might occasionally drop some money down.