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I don't like the implications of this, but at the same time fuck Gawker and everything associated with Gawker. They have shown, time and time again, to be the lowest form of scum out there. They were ordered by a judge to remove the sex tape of Hulk Hogan, instead they write up an article insomuch as telling the judge to go fuck himself and they'll do no such thing. Acting like they're in the right. They continually bait clicks, views, and vitriol across their entire family of sites to generate site traffic. At this point I don't even consider them journalism, I consider them a parody of journalism. They're worse than The Onion in terms of being a parody, because they take themselves seriously.

I know the polite thing is to wish for everyone involved to fall on their feet and this and that, but I don't wish that. There are some real pieces of shit that work for Gawker and it's affiliates. Pieces of shit that don't deserve employment in that line of work and sully everything about it. I don't hope they fall on their feet, I hope they faceplant into the ground going Mach 1. To the good ones, and I'm sure there are some, I wish them luck. To everyone else I say this is just desserts and I'm happy that sometimes karma ends up being a real thing.

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The French government did the right thing, but they did it for the wrong reasons in treating it as a business that would be hurt when in reality it should be treated as a form of equality. That's all I'm going to say. It's late and I'm up because of my daughter so I can't string together a really coherent thought.

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Arkham Origins, even though it was a hot steaming turd, did a few things right. The detective system with the cases. That Lacey Towers case made that fucking game the way it was presented with the mystery behind it. They need to bring that back. Maybe not the VCR like function of fast forwarding and rewinding time to see a small flash drive that fell in a vent, but something like that. The Batmobile needs to be completely reworked. It should be a method of travel, not a method of travel, solving puzzles, doing 50% of the combat, progression through levels that should be doable on foot, and so forth. Also I'd like to see multiple paths for doing things like a Deus Ex kind of system. Right now it seems open but is incredibly linear in the way you progress through areas.

Combat, while it works, is overdone in the games. Batman dismantles an army a night according to this series. I just don't like the combat rooms that are the same thing with different enemy layouts over and over again where he takes out 30 people at a time. The predator stuff is good, although I can see it being improved. I dunno how but there's something there that can be improved on I'm sure of it, be it making it more dynamic or improving the AI. Bosses need to be done properly. Again Origins, even though it was a hot turd, had good boss fights. That Deathstroke fight was fucking amazing. In Arkham Knight it's a shitty tank battle and he get's punched once and knocked unconscious. Absolutely retarded. Rocksteady flat out blows at boss fights. Time and again they've shown they suck at them. More importantly there are like THREE boss fights using the car combat in Arkham Knight. No. Fucking. More. Just stop. If people wanted to play Twisted Metal they'd play Twisted Metal.

Importantly they need to stop with the bullshit trope they developed of Gotham being a wasteland in each and every single game. I mean Asylum it worked, and even City. But Origins and Knight just shoehorned it to hell. I want a living world, not a barren gritty ditch with 100 references packed into a square city block just cause we have to for you nerds. As for the Joker... I'm of two minds. On one hand he's clearly the most famous Batman villain and they feed off of one another. On the other, he's dead. Stop. Get original you hacks.

Will any of this happen? Of course not.

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*Artists representation of Iwata immediately following the shareholder meeting.

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Bout 1 or 2 hours. I can determine pretty quickly how the story will be within the first 20 minutes based on the tone and quality of everything around the storyline and it tends to take about an hour to feel out mechanics. Sometimes there might be something random in there that I need more time with to see how it is. But that's it.

Certain games it CAN take longer though. Like Mass Effect 1. The story was amazing right off the bat and the gameplay while clunky was still alright. Then you get to the Mako after the whole deal on the Citadel and I kinda just sat there going, "FUUUUUUUUUUCK. This doesn't feel good." It wasn't terrible, but considering it was such a major thing it certainly wasn't good.

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  • Dragon Age 2, fucking terrible and reused the same boring shitty zones the whole time through. It felt like everything you did meant LITERALLY fuck all.
  • Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2, Lightning, again for obvious reasons. I would say that Lightning is the worst though.
  • AC III, mostly cause the main character is just a boring unlikable twat.
  • Borderlands 1 & 2, just barren, uninteresting, empty zones with shit driving mechanics built around a loot whore game.
  • Every MMO I've ever played, from WoW to SWTOR to EVE. Rectal cancer at this point in my life seems like it would be more enjoyable.
  • Thief (the new one). Holy fuck, it is BAD.
  • Far Cry 2. I'd rather have malaria over play this again. I never even finished it. Furthest I got was to the second map zone area.
  • Just Cause 1. 2 is a masterpiece of how to be fun, 1 just... sucks.
  • The Last Remnant. So boring I can't even put it into words. It's just terrible. As is Infinite Undiscovery. Avoid both like the plague.

I've played some real shit lol

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Slightly differing from the options listed. I don't like them, but I sometimes do go back and use the options. I especially do not like extra difficulties, like how Spec Ops: The Line locked FUBAR behind that, how the Arkham games lock the hardest difficulty behind it (although that's more acceptable because it's New Game + technically), are behind walls. Unlocks behind that wall are dumb though. Really dumb. Let people just use the shit as soon as they get it, especially if it's fucking costumes. Again the Arkham games are really bad offenders in this in how costumes are locked until you beat the game.

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@sergio said:
@penguindust said:

Oh this makes perfect sense because the way to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past is to bury all traces of it, right?

Alright, I've seen similar things to this post, and it's ridiculous. No one is eradicating the confederate flag or trying to bury history, etc. If people truly wanted to bury all traces of it and risk repeating mistakes of the past, people would not be saying the only place for the flag is in a museum - you know, where historical things go so that future generations can learn from the past.

I think Apple overstepped in trying to do the right thing. What is the right thing? Stop showing any respect to this symbol of racism, which a lot of politicians and businesses are finally stepping up to help.

This isn't simply a knee-jerk reaction to the terrible events last week. The fight to remove the flag from public lands in several states has been going on for a long time, and it just happens to be the easiest thing to do now in lieu of talking about gun control, but it is something that should have been done long ago.

Businesses refusing to sell products that use the confederate flag as a thing to be honored is something that should have been done a long time ago, especially if you've read some of their policies regarding selling products that promote racism.

I disagree with Apple simply lumping all games with a confederate flag together to be removed from the app store. I would support them if they checked the context. As long as it was historical in nature that didn't glorify the South in the Civil War, then it should be allowed.

None of the games glorified or endorsed the confederate flag or the ideals that it stood for. That's the thing. This is plain and simply a white washing of history and ignoring context. And of course it's a knee jerk reactionary move. They did not care one bit before Charleston happened. Now they do. Tim Cook spoke after it happened and said that he wished to honor their lives by eradicating racism (which is indeed a good thing) and the symbols and words that feed it, regardless of context. And for some reason games are the only thing being singled out, because Apple views them as an infantile form of media. There was a direct quote, from Tim Cook again I believe, about how they won't curate Music or Books, but games sold on the App store will be curated as such. It's insulting to be honest.

Think about this too when it comes to mass shootings or killings. These sick twisted fucks write manifestos. A majority of them write manifestos. I remember seeing something awhile back that it was over 80% do it. Probably one of the most infamous is Adolf Hitler and Mein Kampf. Sold by Apple on their store.

There's a difference between depiction and endorsement. People don't seem to be able to grasp that. Rockstar depicts characters that go on shooting rampages and kill hundreds of innocents, but they clearly do not endorse it. Games like Dragon Age and Witcher 3 depict racism against elves, but I doubt that they're endorsing racism in the real world.

The biggest problem is their complete and utter hypocrisy. They don't care about the victims of Charleston, they care about the positive press coverage this will get them.

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Knee jerk reactionary move.

Look the Confederate Flag is shitty and most certainly should not fly on government properties. But removing GAMES, of all fucking things, because they have the Confederate Flag is absolute bullshit. Instead of leaving it to the market and letting people speak with their wallets they just pulled everything. I mean if it was glorifying the south, fine. But I hardly doubt that everything was doing that. Furthermore this sets a ridiculous precedent. Where does it end? Do we not show it in movies? Or TV shows? Or how about George Washington is removed from games and movies. I mean he did own slaves. Better pull Assassin's Creed 3 from store shelves.

I want people to think about this before they say, "Hay, it's their store! They can do whatever they want fgsfds!" Apple removed games featuring the Confederate Flag.

That's still on their iTunes store.

Yeah. Way to stand up for your principles, you slimy cocksuckers.

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Refunded it before they even said to refund it. Shame too. I was quite excited for the game and bought a copy for PC so I can play on my laptop on the go and a PS4 copy just because. But that was apparently a pipe dream. On my desktop, which has a 980, it ran terribly and looked like shit.

It's 2015. A game on PC that cannot be run at 60FPS is unacceptable. Broken ports are unacceptable, especially since they hyped up the new consoles as basically having similar architecture to a PC. This, ladies and gents, is why we don't pre-order. Ever. Lesson learned. Again. Thanks Warner.


Also want to add a few things to the unacceptable brigade.

Not having AA is unacceptable. Not being able to disable Motion Blur is unacceptable. Not being able to disable mouse smoothing is unacceptable. Not being able to adjust mouse sensitivity is worse than not acceptable, it's fucking downright moronic.

This game runs on Unreal 3. Unreal 3 is a decade old. A decade. People should have a handle on this.

I don't know who should get the blame here. Iron Galaxy for a shitty port, much like Arkham Origins. WB for rushing it out and apparently giving Iron Galaxy 8 weeks to do it, around E3 no less. Or Rocksteady for just pawning it off. Fuck videogames.