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This stinks of incredible desperation to the point where I feel embarrassed reading about it.

Good job guys. Really. You have no fucking clue what you want to do with the product you want to sell. Is it always online? Yes. Wait, no. Does it always require Kinect? Absolutely. Wait, no it doesn't. Will it work to replace cable boxes with our own original programming? Sure thing. Actually no. Let's abandon that. Price drop. Quick. Push it out the door.

Holy fuck...

Stop it.

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Well, talk about taking something with potential and completely screwing it over.

I can almost guarantee, without looking at any of the sales data or statistics, that the previous game became a success because of PC, Steam, and sales. Not because of the XBox 360. And even if it's timed it's still stupid. The only people that this hurts are gamers themselves.

Whatever. I liked the previous game even though some people hated on it. Even if this comes to PC I can tell you right now I'll be skipping it. Fuck 'em.

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Finding things offensive is fine, but that offense is worth nothing in my eyes. Believe me I've found certain things offensive or just plain wrong, like the torture scene in GTA V, but fact is that developers have a right to put that content into their game. It comes under freedom of speech. People have a right to bitch about it as well. But when a minority of people try to twist people's arms to change something that they find offensive, and make no mistake it's always a minority of people that do this, is where I have a major problem.

In my view if you view games as art like so many people here, staff and general posters, do but you talk about being offended and make blog posts/articles/whatever to try to twist a developers arm to change you're a massive hypocrite. Your opinion is valueless on the subject, and all future subjects, because quite simply you don't have a fucking clue in my opinion.

Art is supposed to flourish, offensive or not. I'm quite sure that people in the past found some of the incredible works of art that we still have today offensive. Rock music was offensive. Rap music was and still is offensive. Movies can be offensive. But they absolutely must must MUST be allowed to exist as they are. If you don't like it then personally blacklist that artist/director/developer, but don't be a piece of shit about it and try to force them to change their original vision. Don't taint art with political bullshit.

Reason I think like this is I'm so jaded now. You see this same shit pop up all the time by people trying to sound holier than thou and it irks me in a way that few things can. So I guess I'm offended by it and I'm a hypocrite. Thing is though I can fucking admit it.

As Kent Brockman would say, that's my two cents.

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This article kind of feels like typical industry apologist drivel.

People don't like Facebook for many reasons, and it's most certainly not related to having to many friends. People hate the changes they've made over the years. People hate their stance on speech, and the lack of free speech that they have on Facebook (your account can get banned for calling YOURSELF a dumbass). People hate the games like Farmville that they shove down your throat and the ridiculous costs associated to it. It's not just, "Oh I can't wish this guy a happy birthday. Facebook stinks." It's a hell of a lot deeper than that.

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Oh my God. Really Giant Bomb? I just read this on Kotaku. They're a crappy site with some terrible and idiotic comments. I really thought I wouldn't find this thing here.

Alright fine. Let's look at this.

-YouTube is basically all about advertisements

-A company wants to pay someone for doing a commercial for their product?? Oh serenity now!! Let's just burn them at the stake now.

Let's think about commercials. You never see an actor or anyone during one of those when advertising a product say hey, I'm being paid to tell you about this.

No. They smile, promote the product in a positive manor and get paid. Simple. Good lord, internet. You guys really want any reason to shit on Microsoft this past year. Everyone does advertising!! No one is making these people do this. It's your choice. YouTube and advertising. Don't waste your energy trying to wrestle with the ethics about this.


The FTC updated the rules about this just last year to target things specifically like this. If you do any promotion or advertising it must be disclosed to the public. Period. End of story. You can't hide it behind cloak and daggers and just roll in money anymore. Yes most people online don't even know about the law changes and are getting all uppity based solely on the ethical and moral objections they have, but it doesn't matter. I'll say it again, it's ILLEGAL. It is against United States law. Period.

It further begs the question as to how long this simple ghost promotion bullshit has been happening too.

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Iwata is not expected to step down from his position as Nintendo's leader.

Fuck them then. If you're not going to get rid of the cancer that is slowly killing this company because of the complete lack of want to innovate and evolve into 2014 you deserve to crash and burn. And this hurts us more than anything too, I know, but fuck them.

Competition breads innovation but Nintendo hasn't been competition in the console market for a few years. One or two good games a year is not enough, especially when it's the same fucking shit over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. It just further reinforces their complete lack of desire to change with the times.

Apparently, and I don't know how accurate this is, they pissed away the ENTIRE surplus of money that the Wii generated for them with the WiiU. Yet they still stand there holding their dicks going "Dur. We don't know what happened. Iwata is still in charge though and nobody will answer for our shit decisions. Dur."

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Digiorno. That animal abuse makes the cheese taste sweeter.


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@joshwent: Well shit...

Lock, ban, delete, flay, flog. In order plz.

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You know the deal. Buy it and get games as well as a nice warm fuzzy feeling from helping charity. If that feeling persists for more than 24 hours see your doctor though. The games listed are Lord of the Rings: War in the North, F.E.A.R. 3, F.E.A.R. 2, and Batman Arkham Asylum. For paying over the average price, which as of now is a paltry $4.33, you also get Batman Arkham City and Scribblenauts Unlimited.

Just a heads up.