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MX518, which was rebranded as the the G400.

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@ajamafalous: My guess is Rorie is in so deep in WoW in terms of play time that anything else feels hopeless lol

At least that seems to be the trend I notice. Once you spend so much time building a character then it feels dumb to do it all over again.

I was probably only able to separate myself from FF11 (and the thousands of hours of playtime) because the game has changed and isn't what it used to be. There is no point for me to play it anymore. It can give you that push to say its time to move on.

I totally understand that sentiment, but I have characters on WoW with months of playtime as well. I played from vanilla to Wrath, then off and on for Cata and Mists. FF14 is the first MMO I've played since WoW to really recapture that feeling of being totally immersed in everything about an MMO, from the progression to the design mechanics (I really enjoyed my time with TOR as well, since it was basically BC-era WoW, but there wasn't any endgame to speak of when I played and BioWare didn't seem like they knew how to balance things. I've read it's gotten much better since then, but that ship has sailed).

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I would love to find something that would grab me like WoW has, but for the moment it still seems like the only option for me. Tried FF14 and Wildstar and a few others, but there's something ineffable about WoW that makes it hard to take up anything else. It's had its ups and downs but it's still an incredible game.

Have you tried FF14 since the relaunch in August of last year? I convinced a friend of mine who played during the original launch and didn't like the game to resub, and he says it feels like a totally different game.

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I've been playing FF14 for the last several months and really enjoying myself. The GB guild is super active, and that game does a lot to fix common design problems in other MMOs.

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Uunless everyone's revealed their 900 series cards, I would wait to see what other quality card makers come up with. I wouldn't move (and won't be, I'm going to pick up a 980 once I see what everyone has to offer) on a 900 series card until I saw at least the ASUS, EVGA, and MSI offerings. Even though an EVGA won't do you wrong, I like to know what my options are so I don't end up missing out on an excellent cooling system or something from one of the other guys.

Asus, EVGA, Gigabyte, MSI, PNY and Zotac have all released non-reference cards. More to come.

I was pretty sure PNY had only announced reference cards, but yeah, mostly everyone else already has some amount of non-reference announced.

EDIT: Though, just to be clear, I'm not at all advocating ordering one now. Definitely wait for sites to benchmark the non-reference cards from the different major distributors before you decide to pick one up or not. I'm personally waiting to see how EVGA's non-reference 980s review before I pick one up, just to be safe.

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Somebody asked him at PAX; he said he enjoys being in the control room.

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This is one of those "it's been super cute to see people complaining about this who have no prior MMO progression raiding experience" situations. I've been in raiding guilds in vanilla/BC/Wrath-era WoW that raided for 3-4 hours a day, three days a week, and we'd still have weeks where we didn't down every boss (especially towards the beginning when ilvl is lower and everyone is still learning the mechanics).

Thanks for the article/interview @patrickklepek

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2K cites wanting to entice people into buying the last-gen version because it's out earlier and then regretting it six months later and buying the current-gen version after seeing how much better it looks.

Also reallly hoping the PC version turns out to be true. They already do NBA and MLB 2K games on Steam, so it's not like they're against it.

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  • If you want more crafting materials (weapon parts and class specific armor parts) you'll have to keep a few greens in your inventory for each slot. When you complete a bounty, equip all the green stuff you want to trash and you should be able to fill it full of xp in 1 or 2 bounties. Remove and trash the stuff that is now filled with xp (no need to upgrade it) and you should get 3 or 4 times more upgrade materials. Repeat the process every time you turn in a bounty.

Yeah, I'm never gonna do that. That sounds like a crazy person thing to do! Games shouldn't be made this way any more!

Also, got my first purple engram last night. Really excited! Got to the tower and decrypted it: I got 2 motes of light. Whoever made the design decision that high level engrams can contain useless garbage should never be allowed to be involved in making a game ever again.

Funny; it's loosely identical to a 'gem'/upgrade system in FF14.