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I don't like it. It might be OK for a shooter type game, but it's inappropriate for action games like Mordor or DmC. Please re-render your videos to 30 FPS to make them more cinematic and thus look better. Thanks in advance.


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I thought even from the beginning that they should've been separate pages, but after the new Nintendo Direct, I don't think there's any question that they need to be different.

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@meestero said:

@ajamafalous: Nah, Aurum Vale and the sever that dungeon is based out of deserve that spot more than anything. Feels like that place has been on fire since 2.1

AV is the only one I hate more than Qarn! In the event that somebody decides it's a good idea to make an AV HM, a newer, deeper circle of hell will need to be formed.

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Whoever decided to make Qarn HM deserves their own personal circle of hell.

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It brought many things to an audience that hadn't seen them before, to be as rudimentary as possible. It's absolutely nothing special if you compare it to the PC FPSs that came before it, but, to all of my friends that hadn't played those, it was mind-blowing. Even having done so, I still enjoyed more than my fair share of system link multiplayer almost every day after school for a couple years, there.

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Bloodborne is not a JRPG. I know somebody a couple weeks ago tried to make a thread arguing the other side, but you can't suddenly decide that you're going to redefine the name of a genre that's been agreed upon for 15 years because you're choosing a different semantic interpretation. It's the same as people who cry about the term Roguelike: whether or not the game is actually 'like Rogue' in a literal sense, that is the widely agreed-upon name of the genre. Sorry; that's just how language works.

To answer the question:

Of those games: Bloodborne
Of those JRPGS: Persona 5

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Physical copies take up space, so the price is lowered to move the excess stock when they decide to stop carrying it.

Sales on physical goods generally happen for one of two reasons:
1) To get customers into the store in hopes that they'll also purchase other, non-discounted goods
2) To clear out shelf space because a newer product needs that room

You're mostly seeing #2, obviously.

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I always laugh when people talk about having to put new games on hold to work through their backlog first. I have 750 games on Steam alone, which obviously doesn't include non-Steam PC games and console games, and I've probably only played 25% of what I own. Even if I didn't buy any more games until I finished the ones I have, it would take years for me to get through everything. And, hell, I've got a PS4 on its way to my doorstep next week, so add another platform to the pile.

That being said, I just started working my way through Dark Souls II. After that, I'll probably try to finish up Shadow of Mordor, since I dropped that about a third of the way in a couple weeks ago to wait for my new graphics card.

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My mom does; she used to play NES/N64/GameBoy/Gamecube games when I was a kid, and she's always been pretty into Diablo II and Torchlight. I just bought her Diablo III and the expansion so she's been playing that recently. She's also bought her fair share of Humble Bundles, so she's got something like 50-100 games on Steam. She's looking forward to having me build her a gaming PC next year when she saves up some more money, because her 5 year old high-end laptop is reaching the end of its life.

Aside from Tetris, Dr. Mario, and Duck Hunt when I was a kid, I can't think of my dad ever playing any games. He's an 'outdoorsy'-type.

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I literally had not heard of this game until I saw Lobos playing it on Twitch. Looked interesting, but mostly a holdover for Bloodborne. Mainly think it'll push me to get the DS2 DLC since people were pretty excited about that.

As a side note, is it sad that today's media makes me wonder if Lobos was paid off to show the game and talk about it on Twitter and otherwise? That was my first thought once I saw him in a few videos and on social media talking about having a preview build. I'd like to think not, but I can't help but be suspicious these days of Twitch/Youtube promo-type coverage given the recent scandals.

As far as I know they weren't paid, but CI did reach out and provide the preview build to several high-profile Souls community people (EpicNameBro did a similar video last week, for example).

@geirr said:

Maybe, we'll see. If there's proper player creation and gender options, definitely. But from 2 seconds of googling I couldn't find anything about there being such a thing, and I don't want to be Baldie McSerious.

There aren't any; the story is much more 'traditional' than Souls in that you play as a specific named dude who has voice acting in cutscenes, etc. I'd personally rather have the Souls-style lack of direct storytelling/world-building, but it'll ultimately come down to player preference.

I'm feeling myself getting unreasonably excited for this game, but still cautiously optimistic, which is weird, because I usually don't get excited for games pre-release at all. I can see it either being a sleeper hit for fans of the Soulslike genre (yes, I'm starting that genre name now), or a knockoff attempt that doesn't really understand or recreate the things that people enjoy the Souls games for. If I can catch it on sale for around $30ish and it reviews decently enough from people who already like Souls, I'll pick it up.