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I think most people who prefer Saints Row to GTA 4/5 probably do.

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I ignore it; don't care at all. I have incredibly thick skin and honestly can't think of a time anyone has ever offended me with anything they've said online. I obviously don't have a big target on my back like some people do, but I did run a decently-popular twitch stream for about six months (GB Community Dota Inhouse/Tournament stream, regularly had 50-400 viewers depending on what I was casting), so my name was out there. Had a handful of trolls every week, but I just. Don't. Care. Somebody typing something at me through a keyboard doesn't affect me in the slightest.

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I cheered for beer; they had to get that cheap Texas pop.

Also, I'm pretty sure GWB was supposed to be a pop too (?) but it ended up getting heavily booed. The 10 year old black kid smark in front of us turned around and yelled "Who was that?!" Lost it.

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Just got back from RAW. Decent live show, but one too many beatdowns/1 minute matches/promos leading to nonmatches to stomach IMO. The two Superstars matches were ADR vs. Justin Gabriel and Ryder/Sin Cara vs. Slater/Titus, and they were second only to Cena/Cesaro in terms of quality (shame that started the show, would've been a GREAT closing match. The rest of the show felt bad in comparison after those three stellar matches in a row to open it). My friend said "what if R-Truth ends the streak right here" jokingly as Bo was getting back into the ring, so Bo then immediately losing to a rollup was surreal. Dark match was Big Show/Ambrose vs. Bray/Rollins.

Biggest pops of the night:

1. John Cena (crowd was about 50/50 pro-/anti-Cena during the promo, but then more like 60/40 during the match)
2. Natalya (what)
4. Big Show (dark match
5. JBL (announcer intro)

Honorable mention behind JBL for Ziggler's hot tag.

The only significant heat I can remember was Cena.

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Well guys, I'm headed to RAW tonight with my brother, a coworker, and a close friend who's never watched wrestling aside from a few clips I've shown him (Mankind/Taker HIAC, WM2000 TLC, etc.), so hopefully it's a good one. It'll be my first wrestling show since the RAW the night after WM25 in 09.

Do they film Superstars or Main Event before RAW, or do those both get filmed before Smackdown?

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Great Muta looks like he's having the same problem with his entrance cowl and his in ring mask looks awful in my opinion.

That's not a TNA thing, he designed that himself.

Well then that's just a funny coincidence. Not sure of the reputation of his tailor but the bulbous look of the mask looks uncomfortable in the ring. I guess it's suppose to convey some sort of oni vibe. Perhaps it's meant to double as a head pad to reduce concussions given his age?

Pure speculation but I'd guess that Jeff designed his own mask too, given that Willow was his masked wrestling person in backyard wrestling 20 years ago.

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I don't think it is impossible for TNA to wind up on another network.

I have no idea what other networks would want them.


They put anything on television, so I could see it. However, they also have seemed like they are trying to improve their content with stuff like Bates Motel, which I've heard is good.

If they were to go to A&E, or any network for that matter, they would need to get the same financial support Spike was giving them all these years and I don't see that happening unfortunately.While we all expected this day to come, it's still sad to see happen. A lot of hard working wrestlers will have a hard time finding a home after all of this is done, some won't, but most will.

Well, there was that interview with a former TNA wrestler (I don't remember who it was, unfortunately) who started working at Walmart after he left TNA, and he said that he made more money at Walmart than he ever did with TNA.

The big names will end up in big indies or in Japan, the smaller names will take independent bookings for small indies, and some guys will probably decide the dream is over. Such is the way of things.

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I doubt WWE wants much from TNA unless the tape library is cheap.

Kinda a part of why McMahon bought WCW, wasn't it?

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90% of fantasy games ever made

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@mezmero: Pure SHEETZ stuff but the rumor is that a bunch of a belt redesigns are coming soon

Just to elaborate: they're replacing the scratch logo with the Network logo (supposed date is like Aug 18 I think, day after SummerSlam). With it will obviously come with a new main title (and presumably (hopefully?) is when they'll drop the WHC belt), but they also have to redo all the other belts and change the logos on them too. Word on the street is that they might be taking the opportunity to redesign a few of them.