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All of those movies are in established series that will sell on name alone regardless of when they are released.

Also lol at calling LotR/Hobbit 'summer blockbusters.' Literally all six of those movies came out in December.

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Definitely watch 1; definitely play 3. 1 doesn't hold up well at all and its systems aren't very deep so your playthrough will look almost exactly like Drew's; Drew was pretty terrible at 3 and you will have much more fun playing it yourself and (likely) actually using stealth and the environment to your advantage. 2 is up to you as it plays fine and Drew's play was inoffensive. 4 is a bad game and I did not enjoy the controls (nor the story and dialogue, to be honest) at all, so it's basically up to you whether you want to wait and watch Drew/Dan play/watch MGS4 or just blow through it yourself.

If you want me to make the decision for you explicitly, I'd say:

Watch 1
Play 2
Play 3
Watch 4

EDIT: I guess I'll add that I hadn't played any of the series until MGScanlon, and I was content to just watch until Drew got to 3 and I was curious whether it was actually that 'hard' to play (read: it is not at all). I played a little bit of 1, then played 3 and 4 and went back and played 2. A lot of people say that 4 has the best controls, but I think what they really mean is "controls most similar to a modern shooter." 3 and even 2 feel much tighter, and once you learn the control scheme you'll never have any issue doing what you want to do, whereas in 4 I actually had a bunch of trouble shooting guys until I learned that there was a way to shoot somewhat similarly to 3, but the framerate and engine still make it harder to pull off than in 2 or 3. I suppose it might be different if you're playing 4 guns blazing with assault rifles (like they seem to want you to), but I played through all 3 games using tranqs and stam kills only.

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I use both Chrome and Firefox; they're both wildly inconsistent and unreliable in different areas. It's honestly infuriating Chrome crashes all the goddamn time and that the flash/video playback in Firefox is a literal joke.

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@venekor said:

PC version or I don't care.

Apparently you don't care anyway considering that the cheapest backing tier that gets you the game is the Steam version, but it's way more edgy to be immediately dismissive of everything.

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That certainly is a fast Kickstarter

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90% of people probably want to see Mayweather get his ass kicked. I'm certainly not one to hate a heel (I love Tyson, for example), but I can't find any redeeming qualities good enough to like Mayweather. I'd like to see Pacquiao, but I'm not sure he will.

Also these are great:

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@ajamafalous:I know the official name has to do with the ideas the community likes which steam goes on to support, but I thought I'd seen it used in reference to early access so I assumed it evolved into an umbrella category. Anyways thanks for the correction. I've deleted the posts.

Well, Greenlight is basically a community voting system to get a game on Steam when it doesn't have a publisher and/or Valve has denied the developer to release their game normally, citing that they don't believe the game 'is a fit for their platform' or whatever.

The unfinished games you're referring to are Early Access, which is a different category. They are not the same thing, but they're also not mutually exclusive. Many games that are greenlit are already finished, and games by larger developers (DayZ or Dungeon Defenders II, for example) have been allowed into Early Access on Steam directly by Valve without being forced to go through Greenlight first.

Also, I will just say that I actually enjoy using the Steam Broadcast stuff, because I can manually decide who can privately watch my broadcasts of which specific games, and do so without it interfering with my twitch channel at all.

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@hypnotoadbrwowrowrow: Maybe I got my terms wrong but Greenlight means its on Steam before its done, and you can play the game before it even comes out, its kind of like an Alpha/beta version that you pay for.

That is not what Greenlight is.

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Somebody fucked up (presumably Brad, considering Drew and Rorie both voted success for the previous two-man quest).

It's worth noting that Mary and Dan both kinda fucked up too (Mary's side thumb, Dan not being able to read the side thumb and thinking Drew was evil), so the whole game was a wash, really.

EDIT: Interesting to see what would've happened if not for the #Thumbspiracy. It was obvious to the viewers what happened, but Dan had no reason to be suspicious because he thought Drew was evil, so a fail there is normal. I wonder if he would've said something or not (and expose himself as Merlin to point out the 'illegal' play) if he had known that Mary was the evil one and not Drew.