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I would say maybe restrict it to only allow premium members to vote to try to prevent any abuse. I'd also say that they probably shouldn't follow it rigidly (i.e. if an anime game (or something, whatever) that they have no interest in is at the top of the list and they begrudgingly look at it just to not try or talk bad about it for 25 minutes then that QL helps no one who actually voted for it wanting to see what the game is like), but use it more as a way to tally suggestions.

Overall, though, it's a neat idea.

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I was busy watching real sports all day (CLUTCH CITY BABY) so I kinda forgot the PPV was on.

1) Turned it on during what seemed like near the end of Ziggler/Sheamus, which was a match that I forgot existed until I saw it happening. Walked out of the room to grab a snack and when I came back it was over and my brother said I missed Ziggler bleeding out. Hope he's okay.

2) Wyatt/Ryback couldn't make me look away from my other monitor despite their best efforts. I loved Wyatt at one point, but both of those guys probably need character resets.

3) Within the context of its match's gimmick and it being a PPV match, Cena/Rusev I Quit was probably the worst WWE match I've ever seen. Just unfathomably awful in literally every way.

4) I care about zero of these four divas; sorry. I'm sure they tried.

5) Neville/Barrett never got going and had a dumb non-finish; felt more like a Raw match than anything. I'm also either surprised or not surprised at all that they continue to think that giving the KOTR winner a King gimmick while dropping the rest of everything else about them is somehow a good idea.

6) I guess they booked a Fatal Four-Way about as well as you can in the context of a WWE main event in that people only stayed dead on the outside due to big spots, not just random moves like getting suplexed on the outside or thrown over the top rope or whatever. I had about 45 seconds of hype/euphoria when they teased the Shield reunion only to be then immediately be met with a "yeah, of course they wouldn't. Oh well :/" when they immediately swerved out of it. I think it's funny that Rollins keeps stealing other people's moves/finishers and I wouldn't mind him keeping the Pedigree as long as he cleans it up a bit.

I think the main event is the only one I can even say anything positive about, though I heard the tag match was pretty good again. Also, The Meta Powers lost to The Ascension? What the fuck does that accomplish?

All-in-all, no regrets on skipping/not caring about most of this show. I'm generally somewhat positive about even bad wrestling, but it seems like the booking is trying its little heart out to remove anything good to latch onto. Michael Cole was also fucking insufferable; I hate that everything he says can be seen for exactly what it is: Vince yelling in his ear to explain every character motivation immediately as it happens because he thinks all of his viewers are fucking children who can't follow even the most simplistic storylines. I'm pretty tired of JBL saying dumb shit every 10 seconds too, but I think everyone is by this point.

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@sackmanjones said:

Wait... Why is that screen shot blue and the other one green? The game is just one color.... What the fuck... What the fuck is this devil game!!!!!?

You haven't gotten far enough friend :)

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@shagge said:

This is the second Hole Advice Clinic I've been to today.

... The last one was very different.

I was at that first one, too. An eye-opening experience for sure. Who knew people were so passionate about three-hole punches?

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And just when they were finally getting used to the new office, too.

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I was going to say it was the WMHH with Creeper Jeff, but then I remembered the mailbag where Jeff shoots Dan with an Airsoft gun. I think that's probably my answer?

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Maybe Dungeon Defenders if you guys like tower defense?

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Well, after Games 1 and 2 I figured the Rockets would lose in 5, so hats off to a Houston sports team for doing something marginally positive in the playoffs

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Of the two songs you posted:

Wise sounds like a Donkey Kong level

Kirkhope sounds like a Banjo level

I get that that's mostly the point, but I would think the obvious choice would be to prefer the Banjo-sounding music for your Banjo-looking game.

EDIT: I am sleep-deprived and just realized you were asking which one we liked more. Of those two songs, definitely Kirkhope.

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According to Meltzer, there doing the Elimination Chamber so that it ends at 11pm on the final day of the free month so that people only have an hour to cancel before they get renewed. Fuck this company.

Also apparently the ratings were only slightly up

Wouldn't that only be the case if you happened to sub on like April 30th/May 1st? For me the sub has always been 30 days, not 'billed at the end of the month/beginning of the next one'