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@extomar: Yeah that's a clear issue. Dota had some hero balance issues during previous tournaments, but TI4 has an amazing breadth of picks. I'm really quite impressed with it.

How Riot keeps trying to appopriate their characters to whatever is in vogue at the moment is just ridiculous though... There will never be a bigger than 30~ champ pool in pro play if they don't start to try and balance for versatile strategy instead of current meta. I kind of wish they could show off some understanding that you can give variation in the game with bigger strategic changes instead of just creating arbitrary goals like "how do we beat current OP hero X" and then create a new monster to beat once that one is figured out.

One of the interesting things about the Dota meta is that it shifts nearly every month, while there's usually only a balance patch every 8 months or so. It's due to the way Icefrog has the game balanced: heroes are all unique and viable in a very specific niche, and heroes have multiple hard counters to each other, as opposed to League where heroes are just balanced around being viable in a role (AP, ADC, Jungle, Support, etc.), seemingly due to the way they've structured their pay model. In Dota, a hero gets popular and everybody starts picking him, then people figure out what hard-counters that hero, so they start picking that, then eventually people start picking that hero a bunch, so people move to what hard-counters that, etc. The versatility of what hero lanes where, heroes being able to fill multiple roles, and heroes hard-countering other heroes is what makes the Dota draft so important and interesting.

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I'd think the chinese version should be spun off into its own category if it inherently plays faster. Wonder if that kind of thing starts shit in the speedrunner community.

Anyway, it's cool that records keep getting broken. But even though I enjoy people using glitches, I think it's a lot less interesting when the glitch is literally, "you get warped to the end of the game from the beggining of the game." Especially since it means every OoT speedrun has to basically follow this path now.

Ah well. Naturally, it's still quite impressive.

To your first point, it is incredibly common (and almost assumed) to use the version of the game that will produce the fastest run. This means that games with lots of text (such as Wind Waker) are often played in Japanese, because there are less characters. There are usually separate categories per version and per language, but most of the time people will only care about running the one that produces the fastest time.

To your second point, new glitches are found every year, and the path changes every time. People used to think OoT sub-30 was unbeatable. Before that, sub-60, etc. One of the most interesting parts of the speedrunning community is watching them plot out and practice new paths and strats (sometimes in secret) and then bust them out during WR attempts (or, in the case of those who don't stream, when watching their WR video submissions). It's fascinating, and I think that people (not you by the sound of things) who swear by no-glitch runs and the like are missing a lot of what makes speedrunning so interesting.

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My neighbor had Mischief Makers and we used to play it all the time. She was initially stuck on that math olympics part, but luckily I was a math wiz and beat it for her.

Then we totally got stuck on the race part like everyone else. What a weird game.

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FEZ. Solved everything except for the super ultra last obelisk puzzle by myself without any looking up of anything. Man, that game was fun and rewarding. Probably second only to Dark Souls as my favorite games of the last five years.

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I enjoy playing Phantom Lancer but I feel that I have no idea how to make him threatening until late game.

Well, that's the thing. Carries (especially hard carries) aren't threatening until late game. That is literally the entire point of the role. They can't do anything early but if you let them get farm and the game goes late they'll wipe your whole team. If you want to be threatening early, you should pick someone like an initiator or a ganking mid (I know you said you hate mid, but, well, if that's the hero role you want to play...).

I know you said you liked Tide... maybe try somebody like Slardar? He doesn't have the screenwide aoe ult, but he does have a small aoe stun, and he can be threatening as a rightclick hero if you get early farm and decide to build him that way. That's what I meant on your other post when I said "you'll start knowing how to make decisions on hero/item combos based on how the game is going." If you notice you're losing teamfights due to positioning and your team needs an initiator, you can rush a blink dagger and start to control team fights. Or, if you're dominating and you're up in gold and kills, you can transition into something like an Armlet and crush everybody with ult + rightclicks. His ult is also invaluable against invis heroes, which you will see a lot of in low MMR games if you start playing against people.

And yeah, just to speak to your League experience a little bit, runes+masteries are one of the (many) reasons I can't stand League. I hate that it gives new players an even sharper disadvantage (as if the lack of experience relative to veterans wasn't disadvantage enough), and I really hate that it forces players to make decisions about their hero role, lane choice, and item build before the game even starts. It removes a large amount of in-game adaptability, which is one of the most exciting parts of Dota for me.

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One thing that I have noticed that I want from the WWE Network are the Replays of WCW Nitro and Thunder, like they are doing with Raw and Smackdown. I also want more Raw and Smackdown then they have on there, which I bet they will get to getting every one of those shows on eventually. Maybe they could do something were they put the Raw and corresponding Nitro episode, and do it once a week to try to "relive" the Monday Night Wars. They have a huge back catalog of wrestling that I feel like is not being utilized right now. I will stay subscribed, just thought I would mention a idea for content.

You know they add like a month's worth of RAWs every week right? They're going in order. They already have all of the 93 and 94 RAWs up and are currently working through 95. Everyone is assuming (hoping?) that they'll be putting up the Nitros along with the RAWs once they get there.

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Yes, and she told me as much. I was in a committed relationship of 3.5 years at the time, though, so nothing ever came of it. The end.

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I mean, people love X-23 and she's just a female Wolverine if you boil it down to the basic idea, it's the writing and art and everything else coming together that makes a comic book work. So why not wait to see the book and what they do and then call them out if it ends up being a bad idea?

To be fair, I don't think they replaced Wolverine/Logan with X-23 and herald it as some second coming (I might be wrong? I don't actually read comics, just try to keep up with things like MUA and occasionally reading wikipedia articles).

As an ultra-casual comic fan who would name Thor as one of his top three favorite superheroes, I think this is super lame. If it was an alternate universe thing I'd be totally okay with it. Hopefully it's like a six month story arc and then is never talked about again. I'm not raising any pitchforks or anything though, because, again, super casual. I probably care about comics/superheroes maybe twice a year.

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@ajamafalous: naw it was the quick do finish after the spot how they didn't mention him after and how quick they panned away when the doctor was going to check on him

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Looks like Rollins might be hurt :/

Basing that off of him selling his knee at the end? Because part of the reason he got over is because he sells like he kills himself every week.

Dirtsheets say that he's injured. But ya know, dirtsheets.

Ah, I didn't catch that part. I'll have to go back and rewatch it; I just had it on in the background.

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Looks like Rollins might be hurt :/

Basing that off of him selling his knee at the end? Because part of the reason he got over is because he sells like he kills himself every week.