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There's no 'wrong' way to play a single-player game.

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We all see what we want to see

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Nope; you're good. It's one of those dramatic irony 'twists' that's obvious to the player but not to the characters.

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I took a look at the FAQ page about it, said aloud "what the fuck is this," looked at the prices of some of the bids that were already in, and closed the tab. I'm normally onboard for whatever weird bullshit Valve wants to do, but I guess this is just one layer too deep for me.

Totally innocent though, just like all the other stuff they ever do. It's a good way for them to try to reset the economy on this stuff and for people to remove all the bullshit they've accrued in their inventories. It's a win-win, and no harm, no foul to people who don't want to worry about it.

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NES, N64, Wii, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox OG, Xbox 360, and PC if you count it I guess (but I woulnd't). My Gamecube is the only one not hooked up (but is immediately visible if I turn my head 90 degrees), unless I'm missing something.

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Duke Nukem

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@ianh83 said:

@corevi It took me a while to work out what "recent topics" thing you were talking about. It took me a while to even work out what happened to my post, it wasn't even visible by searching for "Desura" via the forum search box. I had to go to my own profile and look at my recent posts to find it.

I have removed the paragraph I wrote which conjured up your batshit conspiracy theory comment, but only to be polite. I used the word censorship; if anything's batshit it is you immediately assuming that the word censorship means some sort of conspiracy to cover up Desura news. A totally arbitrary moderation system which moves my post to a long dead forum and leaves 10 other threads in general discussion which could be moved elsewhere is still censorship, it's just arbitrary, whimsical, without purpose etc.,

And I'm pretty sure most people don't browse the forum via "recent topics", it's obvious because of its popularity that people go to the general discussion subforum.

You're misunderstanding how the forums work here, actually. Everybody either looks on the front page (which shows the 10 most recent topics (it also used to be filterable to only show topics from your favorited forums, but I never used it that way so I'm not sure if that functionality still exists)) or just clicks the Forums button in the top right header and looks there (which shows all topics on the site sorted by most recently posted in). The subforums are just organizational tools that attach to the wiki pages; they aren't used like other sites where different pages have different communities who only look and post there.

I'll point you to the Forum FAQ and ask that you read the first guideline.

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I would give Alex a big hug.

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It's my GOTY too. I enjoyed it for what it is (an MMO-lite) instead of building up a ridiculous hype-fueled idea of what it would be for two years before release. MMOs are probably my favorite genre, and if you're a fan of the genre, Destiny is a pretty good one.

People have different likes, dislikes, needs, and wants when it comes to games; one person may like what another person doesn't. Sorry to shatter your world view!

Also, I'll just say that people saying DUDE IT'S NOT AN MMO THERE'S ONLY LIKE 10 PEOPLE IN A GAME are arguing semantics. I'm pretty sure almost nobody plays MMOs because YO THERE'S LIKE 150 PEOPLE IN THIS ZONE THAT'S SICKKKKKKKKK. You can pretty much draw a line from each system in Destiny to an analogous system in WoW (or whatever other MMO). That's the reason people who enjoy the game enjoy it. They like that style of progression and the loot treadmill, and they don't care about running the same stuff over and over. I also, personally, could not give less of a shit about story, voice acting, characters, or lore, so those complaints ring hollow for me too. I imagine a decent number of MMO players are the same way, since many people seem to skip all quest dialogue.

It reminds me exactly of when Diablo III came out and everyone who had never played Diablo before complained about I HAVE TO PLAY THROUGH THE STORY 3 TIMES BEFORE I HIT MAX LEVEL? THIS GAME SUCKS, when farming the same areas over and over is the fundamental basis of that genre. Most people need to realize that not every game will be for them, some people will like games that they don't like, and just move on.

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How would you rank the new Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and Terminator trailers on a scale from 'Excited to See' to 'Oh God Why Would They Do This?'