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Sixty, with the caveat of "quality over quantity." Sixty is great is it is a consistent 60. If the frame rate is the occasional 60 that jumps around, I'd rather have a consistent experience at a lower FPS than a herky jerk experience at a higher number.

Speaking of which, not being a techy person, does anyone know why the choices are always 60 OR 30? I get that 60 might be hard to wring out of the hardware on consoles, but why is the jump seemingly then always down to 30? Why not 45 or 50 if they can get it?

In layman's terms, and not to get too technical, it has to do with the refresh rate/frequency of your monitor or TV. This is why the relatively-new G-Sync technology is such a big deal (when compared to V-Sync).

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There's no Wei I could vote for anything but Sleeping Dogs

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The correct answer is winning.

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Literally none, and I'm struggling to even think of a single game where I even got close, honestly.

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Have you tried checking GPU temps while it's happening?

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I turned it off in L4D and ME as well, so I wouldn't find it too hard to imagine.

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@lunnington: I couldn't disagree more, the game starts off easy and gets easier for every combo ability buff you pick up. As if that wasn't enough, dying is trivial as there are no penalties, which combined with the easy combat, dispells any feeling of tension.

Think what you want about Destiny, if you don't need to look at the screen in the middle of combat something isn't right.

This video is basically how I feel, just less angry/satirical/trolly about it. I'm still having a bunch of fun with the game, but I'm about 6-7 hours in, and the only time I've died was to the first random caragor I fought in the first 30 minutes because the dodge window on their attack is much smaller than any of the other enemies, so it was just an unexpected death that I immediately learned from. The fact that you can counter in the middle of any animation (unlike Batman) and that you're invulnerable during executions (also unlike Batman, I think?) makes the combat a joke. I've killed probably at least 20 captains already and a few warchiefs, and at no point have I ever felt threatened, even when fighting a warchief plus bodyguards. I've also only run from a single fight, again within the first 30 minutes, because I found myself in a stronghold and I assumed I wasn't powerful enough yet to take on enemies there. Guess I was wrong.

The combat is still pretty fun and enjoyable, and it makes you feel powerful because you can mow through any group of orcs without issue, but it's not challenging nor rewarding to 'master,' and the nemesis system has done absolutely nothing for me because I haven't been dying. I was looking for a difficulty slider after the first couple hours, and was sad to find out that there wasn't one (turning off counter indicators isn't my idea of a 'fun' harder difficulty, which is why I really didn't enjoy Batman on hard, either). I'm thinking (once I can finally get my hands on a fucking GTX 980 since they keep being out of stock) that I'll play through it again and advance time every time I kill a captain or finish a mission; maybe that'll provide some level of interesting challenge.

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@vierastalo: Really? This works?

Yes. That site is basically the Brazilian GMG. A lot of their games are region-locked. This one isn't. There's a big warning about it on the shop page if there's a region lock. I've bought that and quite a few others from there. Completely "legit" so to speak. Even the Natural Selection 2 -guys, known to be somewhat big on the whole "don't buy cheap Russian stolen codes" referred to this site as a real, authentic reseller of the stuff.

Wow, thanks for this; it actually worked!

Alright, still looks on sale. Let's see how this goes!

I just used it and activated it on Steam; we'll see if it's in English when it's done downloading!

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If you take Northern Ireland, swap around the two words, take out the 'rthern' and 'eland' parts, swap around the 'N' and 'o', and put that all together and you get Iron. Northern Ireland is also known for the Armagh Planetarium. Planetariums allow you to view space, which contain galaxies. Iron Galaxy.

Dave Lang's job title is CEO, or Chief Executive Officer. George Hamilton is also a chief, and constable effectively means officer in the United States. Merriam Webster defines executive as "a : of or relating to the execution of the laws and the conduct of public and national affairs".

Dear god, it all makes sense.

That's some good work, ace.