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I cannot believe that you also have a binary 'mom' tattoo.

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Man, WWE butchered the audio on the crowd at Smackdown, you could clearly see them chanting YES! all over AmDrag's entrance, but it was muted to hell.

Totally agree. Pretty disgusting, honestly. Especially since the camera kept panning to the crowd full of YES chants.
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I don't think it's weird at all.

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Can't say I'm a big fan of this forum layout. It's not enough to read the thread title, I have to read the forum section too to find out what game is being talked about.

Granted the page is just displaying all recent posts so it's unavoidable. But I think it can be improved. For instance maybe game-specific forum sections should be listed separately on the page. That or there could be separate 'recent post' pages for game-specific forums and 'normal' forums.

I'm a little bit confused. I see that you only have 22 posts so maybe you're simply unaware, but every object in the wiki has its own separate forum.
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That the majority of the editorial staff are abysmal at video games and lack basic video game skills and awareness that even a casual player would have.

People complaining about how the staff plays them video games is one of the few things that bothers me on Giant Bomb.


And how much hate there's been over the years for the various additions to the GB crew besides the main 4. People hated on Kessler, Brad Nicholson, and now Patrick. Seems to be for no reason, too.

I would argue that people have given very explicit and legitimate reasons for disliking all three of those staff members (as well as the original four).
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Patrick proposed at the premiere of his film Evil Bong 3D Not even joking
Pretty sure that video's online, unless I'm dreaming things.
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Dragon Ball Z

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Sonic 3 & Knuckles is the best Sonic game.

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How about we let the man go on his vacation. He's worth it.
Also, we can rest a couple of days between videos. Come on. But I don't even think that will happen. There's probably duders they can borrow from GS that can help out with that shit.

I think the attitude here is that we've been resting from videos for a month now. They've been moving for a long time. A lot of us are starving for content here and were clamboring for that news of "we're all set up guys expect a TON of videos next week" hearing that Drew is going on vacation is like telling a starving family that the food store is closing for a few weeks.

Basically this.