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People already forgot Halo 2600?

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I'd be up for that.

Not sure if serious.

(You can hide the off-topic forums by going into preferences. Thus turning D into B! Assuming people post random stuff in off-topic.)

Didn't know that was the case. Interesting.

Can I also filter out posts that use the phrase "10 Commandments?" (That I'm not being serious about, but maybe a little.)

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The most peculiar thing I've ever experienced on the internet, however, is the fact that we can fucking swear the shit out of these forums at any given goddamn moment. You don't understand how amazing this is. I went to the forums I used to go to a long time ago and called one of my buddies, JOKINGLY, a stupid idiot-face. And I got a warning. I've called people worse things on this website and, a few days over a year so far, not a single warning. NOTHING. Like, the fuck dude. This place is a haven. Any other website, I would have been banned at least once by now. Or multiple times. Maybe even a dozen. Nope. Not a one.
One of the main reasons I spend so much time on the forums here.
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Yes, absolutely.
Also, the simple act of navigating videos has a pretty awful interface as well. Had multiple people complain about it when I was getting them into the site, and I hate it too. There should also be some way to go forward/back more than 4 pages at once. Took me several minutes just to get back to Quick Looks from 2010.

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Mass Effect 2

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Trollin' all day I see

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I think you're crazy.

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Sometimes just boxers, sometimes boxers/basketball shorts, sometimes boxers/pajama pants. Always a t shirt.

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@Evilmetal: Honestly man, it sounds like Free to Play games just aren't for you. 
If they didn't inconvenience you in some way for playing for free, there'd be no reason for anyone to pay them. If you're able to look past that then you get a free (or relatively inexpensive) game; if not then you should just steer clear.