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It's all about gear. Dudes like Kripp are just insanely geared so it looks easy. 
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Started working through act 1 earlier today, my barb isnt the best geared in the world 35k health with 9k dps and 9% damage to life with part of most of my skills being ones that give life back including the ever useful ignore pain with 20% damage to life rune, im finding certain rare mob combos mobs very difficult but others are no problem, i have a buddy who is a witch doctor who has similar issues but with different combinations.

Hate to break it to you bro but % life steal is reduced by 80% in Inferno (i.e. if you have 1% life steal, in Inferno you're actually only healing for .2% of damage done). What you want is + life per hit.
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This is this year's Kreayshawn. But it sucks. Dont like Chippy either :(

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Its a huge gold sink, but on random moments they might just craft you something good. Its probably something for another class though, that always happens.

Not sure if you can answer this question but do you know where to find tomes of blacksmithing and jewelcrafting? All I find are pages. I know I could look this up but since im here I figured i'd ask.

They drop in Hell. 
And for when you get there, Tome of Secrets drops in Inferno.
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They're calling it revengeance
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I just bought the last BioShock one. 
Any way I can see the rest of his paintings that are out of stock? When I go back to the page the BioShock one is no longer there, leading me to believe that he has more things out of stock.

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I agree with the gameplay being not fun, but I also didn't think the story was very good either.

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@Seppli: At least you're able to kill things. My Barb and Monk are both stuck sitting in Caldeum because melees have to be in melee range to kill things, which results in dying to the incredibly unbalanced Inferno enemies. My Barb is sitting above 40k health and 70% damage mitigation from both Armor and each Resist and I'm still getting rolled by the first enemies. It's pretty stupid when I can clear Act I Inferno in a little over an hour without dying or skipping a single champion/rare spawn, but I can't even fight the first normal enemies in Act II.
You should talk to my Barb friend. He soloed all of Act II except for Belial where he stalled out at stage 3.
Any idea what build he's using?


Something like this. I don't know if it will link properly cuz I'm using the mobile site.

EDIT: On my PC now. Basically be as tanky as possible with a beefy 1h and shield and rely on Revenge procs to keep you alive. I think he ended up switching to a Weapon Throw build his first time through and giving up his Nephalim Valor buff in order to take out Magda and Zoltan.

I guess Ignore Pain is key for him? Like I said, I can't even make it past disrupting the rituals at the very beginning of Act II. Buffed, I'm sitting on 8177 Armor (73.16%), 510-566 Resist (62.96% - 65.34%), and 13158 DPS. The only gear that's really lagging behind the rest right now is my rings, but any meaningful upgrade is over a million gold. It's pretty frustrating not being able to progress considering I just killed The Butcher with five stacks of Nephalem in a little over a minute.
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I don't even

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@ajamafalous: Not the same guy, but this guy has been farming act 3, and iirc he's been doing some act 4 recently too. His build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#WSPgVk!eVb!acZbcc . He's got pretty sick gear though, like 10k armor 1k res buffed I think.

Funny you link him because I've been watching Kripp's stuff since before D3 was even out. I'm currently using the build he ran through A1 Inferno with (here).