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@MrKlorox said:
Man, PC gamers can be some curmudgeony-ass motherfuckers sometimes. Some folks are never down for change until it's forced upon them. That's why you see people refusing to use anything but Steam and mouse+keyboard.
Derp preferences derp.
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@PenguinDust said:

You could respec to destruction magic since apparently it becomes near useless in the higher levels. That would certainly make things more challenging.

Completely false. I literally only had to look at anything and it would die with 2h Thunderbolts and Impact.
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Mark Vanderloo.

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@zaglis said:
No. Get the FUCK out of my face with that bullshit.
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@VinceNotVance said:

Pecker? I hardly even know her!

Anyway, no. Homerow all day son. Probably average around 80 wpm when leisurely typing something like this, but I can get around 90-100 when I'm tryharding on typing tests.
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@Trains said:

@punkxblaze I had a bad experience with a tractor when I was like 12.

Me and a friend got inside a stationary tractor.

Little did we know that the door would jam when we tried to open it so we were stuck inside the damn thing for the night.

The next morning we were woken up by an angry farmer banging on the window and swearing like crazy telling us to open the door even though we couldn't.

He eventually got it open from the outside and then grabbed me by the arm and threw me out and same with my friend.

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None of them :(

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@ShadowConqueror said:

The American part.

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@Narwhalist said:

Everyone reading this topic has to come to terms with the fact that they read “Man Has Intimate Relationship With Car” and said “yeah, I should click on this.”

10/10, would click again