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Somebody asked him at PAX; he said he enjoys being in the control room.

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This is one of those "it's been super cute to see people complaining about this who have no prior MMO progression raiding experience" situations. I've been in raiding guilds in vanilla/BC/Wrath-era WoW that raided for 3-4 hours a day, three days a week, and we'd still have weeks where we didn't down every boss (especially towards the beginning when ilvl is lower and everyone is still learning the mechanics).

Thanks for the article/interview @patrickklepek

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2K cites wanting to entice people into buying the last-gen version because it's out earlier and then regretting it six months later and buying the current-gen version after seeing how much better it looks.

Also reallly hoping the PC version turns out to be true. They already do NBA and MLB 2K games on Steam, so it's not like they're against it.

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  • If you want more crafting materials (weapon parts and class specific armor parts) you'll have to keep a few greens in your inventory for each slot. When you complete a bounty, equip all the green stuff you want to trash and you should be able to fill it full of xp in 1 or 2 bounties. Remove and trash the stuff that is now filled with xp (no need to upgrade it) and you should get 3 or 4 times more upgrade materials. Repeat the process every time you turn in a bounty.

Yeah, I'm never gonna do that. That sounds like a crazy person thing to do! Games shouldn't be made this way any more!

Also, got my first purple engram last night. Really excited! Got to the tower and decrypted it: I got 2 motes of light. Whoever made the design decision that high level engrams can contain useless garbage should never be allowed to be involved in making a game ever again.

Funny; it's loosely identical to a 'gem'/upgrade system in FF14.

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Not give a shit? Holy fucking christ.

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Welcome to MMOs!

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@ajamafalous: Make sure you are doing it in the Game redemption area, not the Steam wallet redemption area. I made this mistake at first.

Add A Game -> Activate a Product on Steam, right? They all said "Duplicate Product Code - The product code you've entered has already been activated by an existing Steam account, and is therefore invalid."

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Codes are all taken, for anyone just getting here.

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I'm nearly positive that it was a reference to the Tuna mascot (who, as others have said, is pretty well-known, and is where the phrase "Sorry, Charlie" comes from).