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First registered: Orange Box
First purchased: UT3

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90s PC stuff (both FPS and RPG).

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Because Microsoft fucked themselves with a chain of shitty policy decisions that made people hate them and then they released a less powerful console for a higher (now equal without Kinect) price. If Microsoft's exclusives heavily outweigh having the worst version of multiplatform games (read: 80-90% of games), then sure, buy an Xbone, but claiming that Microsoft has "better" exclusives is a really fucking dumb way to try to convince someone because it's subjective.

I, personally, have a gaming PC, so the only reason for me to buy a console is for the actual exclusives. I could not give any less of a shit about playing another Forza/Halo/Gears/Fable/etc. Sony's exclusives IPs are actually interesting to me. Couple that with Sony not treating consumers like garbage and I'll take the PS4 any day.

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Yeah, I've got a few that I've met online and play a wide collection of games with. I've even met up with some of them in real life.

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I sold an unusual Dota courier for $78

I've sold other stuff as well (rare backgrounds/Dota items/etc.), but nothing else more than $15

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You know what? Good on Phil Spencer for at least communicating with people far more directly than Square and Microsoft decided to. I mate hate his weasely face, but this made me like him quite a bit more.

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Shame that exclusivity money won't be able to buy back the good will from consumers.

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For those of you asking who don't live in the US: if dude lives in the suburbs then there's no way he's walking anywhere for a date, nor is there any type of public transportation near his house. You either need a car or need to be able to get rides from other people who have one.

If the girl has a car, then you shouldn't feel bad about asking her out on a date at all (unless you lack self-confidence, in which case sorry bro). She gave you her number so she's obviously interested at least a little. If neither of you have a car then you probably shouldn't.

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So I haven't really been paying that much attention to this thread lately, but is anyone else not really excited at all for Summerslam? Seth/Dean being a lumberjack match just seems like a way for them to stretch it out to another PPV again until it eventually becomes a street fight, I could not give any less of a shit about whatever bait and switch they're going to pull with Steph/Brie, and Cena/Lesnar is either they make the correct decision and Lesnar (or Seth mayyyyybe?) leaves with the title, or Cena somehow retains and I stop watching for another six months.