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@quemador: The game is "grindy", but in the sense that any loot game is grindy. It's not much different than your average MMO or Diablo. (Or Destiny.) It may not be immediately obvious, but Warframe is pretty much all about the loot grind.

The best thing about the game though is that you don't have to pay a single cent to access any of the features in the game. The vast majority of the stuff that requires their payed currency is only cosmetic. But even that stuff can be obtained with out actually having to pay any real money, since you can trade platinum with other players. You can make a lot of free platinum just trading stuff you find in the game with other players. I don't know of any other F2P game that lets you trade their payed currency with other players, and I have to respect them for that. They have one of the least scummy F2P business models I have encountered.

Just off the top of my head, Spiral Knights and Guild Wars 2 also let you trade for the paid currency :)

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Just to step on the throat of the discussion you mentioned and some people might try to bring up here: Destiny and Warframe are not even in the same genre god fucking damnit guys you can't just keep comparing Destiny to every game with loot. Warframe is closer to something like PSO or Diablo (but not equivalent because you aren't finding loot with random stats on it) in structure, in that you're running through discrete, procedurally-generated levels made up of stitched-together tilesets (like Diablo II) over and over. Destiny is an MMO because literally every system in the game is ripped from either one or multiple MMOs (static non-randomized world, instanced dungeons, rep grinds, weekly mark cap, daily/weekly lockouts, non-randomized loot (with a few exceptions), etc. I'm sure I'm forgetting a few). Destiny is not Diablo and Destiny is not Borderlands (which is Diablo With Guns). It's like saying Diablo and WoW are the same thing because they both have loot and skill trees.

That being said, I have 335 hours in Warframe (I've been playing since the closed beta, but I haven't played since last May) and 230 hours in Destiny. I absolutely love both games, but for different reasons. They certainly don't occupy the same genre space other than 'shooter' and 'grinding,' and if you were raising your pitchforks about Destiny not having a story, boy howdy, you might as well stop thinking about downloading Warframe because the story is all lore-based, Dark Souls-style, and it is essentially "You are a race of aliens, and there are other races of aliens and they are bad. Go kill them." Warframe is a very mechanics-heavy game, and if you didn't like Destiny for what it is, chances are you probably won't like Warframe.

But hey, maybe you will, and if you do, great, you should play more of it, because it's a great game! If you're playing on PC, be sure to check out the GB clan; lots of vets always willing to help new players.

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If I'd never seen a Star Wars movie and I read this thread, I would be less likely to watch them instead of more. Despecialized Edition? You people are loco.

Just watch them on Blu-Ray, for fuck's sake. If you've never seen a Star Wars movie before, you're not going to give a shit whether a guy in a green rubber mask shoots first or not.

Exactly what I was thinking as I skimmed the thread.

Also, OP, if you're looking for the perspective of someone who doesn't think Star Wars is the most sacred thing on the planet:

I actually don't think the effects in 4 5 6 hold up too well, especially considering you'll be watching them for the first time in 2015, but that might depend on your tolerance for old stuff (we're talking nearly forty years hear, guys (I'm sure I'll get 8000 replies about this opinion)), and truth be told, 1 2 3 aren't really that bad, but, just like in the gaming world, people lose their god damned minds if you make a sequel/prequel to something they love after the fact. 1 suffers from having a child actor in one of the leading roles, but 2 and 3 are totally fine.

My advice to you: either watch them in the order that some people suggested earlier that makes the most plot sense (4 5 1 2 3 6. If you're already this invested there's no reason to skip 1), or just watch them in order of release (4 5 6 1 2 3). The plot order actually sounds interesting to me to burn a week doing, so I'm thinking I might try to do that in the next month or two.

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@jeff more writeups please!

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I think I'm more surprised by the ratio of consoles to PS+ subs. Nearly 60% is kind of crazy.

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I agree with you a thousand percent: gameplay will always be first and foremost for me. If a game plays poorly, I don't care how good the story is; if a game plays well, I couldn't care less about lore or character motivations. Those things can certainly add to a well-playing game for a greater overall package, but they are by no means a requirement for me, or even something that I look for in a game.

In my head I started to elaborate more, but it got kinda ranty, sprawling, and unfocused, so I'll leave it at that.

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Better late than never, I guess. According to steam I haven't played it since 2013; my brother said they had put out almost no updates since then. At least they're trying to get back on track?

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I've had a decent experience in crucible without having crazy weapons. The only advantages I noticed were maybe if a weapon reloads faster, or is more accurate. I was holding my own with starting equipment for awhile.

I was playing and doing well at level 5 just recently. I'm level 14 now and haven't noticed much of a difference beyond comfort with maps and a heavy weapon. Granted I only really enjoy Control it seems.

Control's really the only mode worth a damn, so that's no surprise.

I felt the same way as you guys when I was sub-20; I held my own well enough and had KDs above 1.00 most of the time. Once you hit 20 and are able to start customizing your gear and build, though, things really open up. Now I regularly post KDs between 5.00 and 10.00, and I'm furious if I'm below 3.00. The differences between stats and perks on gear and guns don't seem like much, but on an otherwise-level playing field, they make a world of a difference.

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You're kinda coming at the game from the wrong direction.

I'd write more, but it's mostly already covered above me. The difficulty slider has like 10 different levels, and hard is 2/10 (they also scale exponentially, not linearly).

So, yeah. Bump it to the highest difficulty you can manage to play on; anything else and you and the game are doing a disservice to each other.

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@futuretuesday: my favorite part is how unsure their roll is.

Jeff Gerstmann [Editor, Giant Bomb], Dan Ryckert [Editor, Giant Bomb], Drew Scanlon [Producer, Giant Bomb], Matt Rorie [Editor, Giant Bomb], Alex Navarro or maybe Vinny Caravella but maybe Brad Shoemaker? [Editor, Giant Bomb]

Side note: can we get some serious meetup discussions going? Do we need a new thread for that?

Heh, I'm sure you know, but they decided on Alex as the fourth chair. So it's gonna be Jeff, Dan, Drew, and Alex :)

Or, I see that Rorie is listed there. Jeff has only said that those four are going, but maybe this means Matt too? I'm guessing his job title is meant as a joke though, he's a product manager for CBSi :)

Alex makes sense if there's a Royal Rumble brewing. I hope Rorie is going for real, I owe that guy some serious top shelf whiskey for dealing with my ass during that first round of hires.

Is there any update on the Rumble? I saw some people on twitter a few days ago talking about how there wasn't going to be one because they didn't want to encroach on the actual WWE Royal Rumble that Sunday. Is your info late or am I out of the loop again?