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You'll probably never know the warmth of a woman ever again.

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When people become unreasonable about things in my life that I am interested in and they are uneducated about, I stop discussing the subject with them. Tends to solve the problem. Does your Dad really need to know what is installed on your computer or what you're doing with it?

Yeah, this. He's your dad, but that doesn't mean he knows everything. If you can take a step back and see that games aren't negatively affecting your life, then keep playing them.

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People need to just cast off the shackles of the backlog. Don't feel like you HAVE to play your backlog. The second gaming becomes a chore then its not fun and you should just stop. Play what you want when you want even if its only for 10 minutes or something.


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No. The professional Dota meta shifts almost every month without balance patches. I don't mean to be presumptuous and forgive me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like maybe you haven't kept up with pro Dota for that long. Heroes like Clockwerk, Lifestealer and Gyrocopter were all considered C- and D-tier picks a few months before TI3, and they ended up being staples of that tournament.

The difference in picks between Low, Medium, and High MMR games is quite different as well.

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I listen to Bombin' the AM in podcast form, so I think it's a great idea to throw Vinny in with Scoops and the Wolf. He just needs a sick nickname.

Scoops and the Wolf and the Vin-Dawg.

It's clearly V-Bomb.

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They already do two podcasts.