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Update 11-10 was 5, and now Update 11-17 is 6. I'm sorry, but there is no doubt in my mind that you are the reason they keep breaking; you managed to break a trigger (your sixth) in a week. If they were made that poorly we'd have tens (if not hundreds) of millions of broken triggers and Sony would be offering everyone free controllers and games to make up for the PR disaster.

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PS4, because the commercials say its for the PS4.

Never understood those ads, where it says the game is just for that console. So dumb. I know the companies pay for that. But everyone should know its not just for that console, so whats the point. Are people really that gullible? Do they see those and think they can only buy it for that?

EDIT: Wait, that was a Far Cry 4 commercial, not Dragon Age. The Dragon Age one says for Xbox One.

I'm sure it works on people who only play the 5-10 biggest games a year and aren't posting on video game forums.

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I personally have no problems with always-online games, but in most cases I understand people who do. Totally sleazy move to deliver news about fundamental game changes to your backers a month before your game comes out. This kind of shady shit is what's going to eventually kill Kickstarter.

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I'm just going to play devil's advocate for a second.

I could understand 1 or 2 controllers breaking to be completely down to the design, but at some point you might also want to look at how you are handling the controllers and if you yourself can help mitigate the issue, just in how you use them.

It reminds me of when I first started drumming. I broke every drumstick I got my hands on, for about 6 months. "Fuck these cheap skinny sticks!", I said. I bought the thickest ones I could find, but I still either snapped them in two or whittled them down to nothing in a week or so (not only that, but I also started increasing the wear on my cymbals and broke a couple of them). At some point I realized that my heavy-handed playing played a big role, and started really focusing on how I played and adding finesse and a lighter touch to my technique. I not only stopped breaking sticks, I also became a faster, more precise, and overall better drummer.

There is a design flaw in the controllers, that is clear. They break too easily. However, being mindful of using a lighter touch might not only save you the time and trouble of these broken controllers, but also help you get even better at playing video games.

The fact that it breaks at the same joint every time makes me think he's not applying uniform pressure to the trigger (i.e. he's only pressing on the edge of the trigger at an angle) or something.

I'm not saying Sony's free of blame, but after five controllers, it's time to start looking for other answers.

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If they were doing them every day like a real Endurance Run: Yes

Since they seem to be doing them only twice a week: No.

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I'm not really sure, honestly. I like Mordor well enough, though it's way too easy, causing the nemesis system to fall completely flat if you're competent at the game because you never die or encounter difficult captains. I really like Destiny, so much that I plan on buying the 'expansions.' It's not without its flaws either, but, from what I can tell, most of the complaints are from people who were either expecting something totally different or who haven't been exposed to MMO systems before.

Those are actually the only two major 2014 games I've played, I think. I plan on picking up Infamous on Black Friday, but I still need to play through 2 before I get into it.

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This is basically just "what foods do you think taste the best?"

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Definitely the board game. Get that Unplugged train rollin'.

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It looks interesting but I really don't like the esports take on all these previews 343 is putting out. I understand esports is big but I'd rather them make a fun and balanced game not a competition focused balanced game. Personally I don't take shooters too seriously but I do like to do well in one but never at the expense of having fun. I feel like this will take away some of the fun.

The brutal truth is that "esports" is largely a marketing ploy. End result is that I can't enjoy Halo 2 Anniversary with ranked playlists because "esports" dictates that the "pro" thing to do is play all battle-rifles resulting in only mid-to-long range gameplay. They might as well have not even included the other game modes, the two people who vote for them never get to play them. Every Halo 2 map had a couple BR spawns- because when the game was designed it wasn't originally intended that the entire game revolve around that one weapon.

It's sad that the culture is becoming so narcissistic that every game panders to it.

There is no way Halo 5 will be a return to what made Halo's heyday great; they couldn't even pull it off with the "anniversary" edition of their game, which should have been a simple remake. Instead what we have is three maps playable out of over a hundred and a whole two game modes to boot.

Halo 5 is going to be great, but the values in use here aren't the values that created Halo 2, which was a fairly off-the-cuff and care-free affair.

You clearly didn't play Halo 2 multiplayer when it was current. Every MLG game revolved around BRs. Hell, BR was so popular that there were even separate Team Slayer and Team Slayer BR playlists (there's that 'even start' concept rearing its head again). As someone who was so into Halo 2 multiplayer that a friend of mine connected his Xbox to XBL through a bridge on his PC so that he could guarantee he would always have host advantage (and have the ability to bluescreen games he was losing, lol), BRs have literally always been the weapon in Halo 2 MP; the fact that you're claiming otherwise to substantiate your hate for 'today's culture' and 'esports' is laughable. Rants don't do much to earn themselves support when their base claims are certifiably false.

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It's still pretty good on account of being a Souls game, but it's not as good as the first one. That said, the first boss is like an hour into the game, two at most. Giving up before then is kind of a joke.

Also, I hate the health thing too (one of the many things I hated about DeS that they changed for DS and then changed back in DS2 for some reason), but it's pretty much a non-issue once you get the white soapstone (i.e. before the first boss). If you help someone kill a boss you become human again and refill all your health. You can then summon somebody to help you kill the boss because you're human. I went through DS1 without summoning a single person (even NPCs), but DS2 has so many systems tied into summoning other players that it almost seems like they actively want you to.