E3 Conferences! Ajay's thoughts; Day One

this list is not in order. this is simply by how i remember everything, so i might forget a few things. 


  • Call of Duty looks fine. i like how Treyarch makes COD games. 
  • Halo: Reach looks pretty damn great. space combat FTW 
  • Gears 3 looks alright. i never played the first two so i can't say much. onimonkii said playing one is like playing them all. 
  • Kinect was boring. nothing more than casual family games. 
  • the stuff by rare was disappointing to see. this is what Rare makes now? :( 
  • the animal game was fucking weird. Aaox said it best; she was the best actor out of everyone at the conference. 
  • that's... all if i can remember correctly. madness on twitter with aurahack was fun. 


  • MOH's demo was impressive. it looks very fun, despite looking generic. i want to get into the beta. 
  • Dead Space 2... looks pretty good, but i never played the first one so i can't say much. the combat looks frustrating. 
  • the videos for Madden were pretty funny. i had a good laugh out of them. 
  • Bullet Storm.. WTF?! that was some of the weirdest, most amazing gameplay i have ever seen. amazing dialogue. Newten joined in on the madness at this time i believe.
  • that's all i can recall, really. EA's was probably the most impressive. 


  • i briefly tried Rez and as soon as the conference started, i saw some dude playing a game that looked like Rez. i was quickly told that Child of Eden was the spiritual successor to Rez. i'm planning to buy Rez HD tomorrow. HYPED! 
  • Assassin's Creed looked neat. Aaox joined in on the madness via Steam and he made me want to play Assassin's Creed 2. 
  • Shaun White looks laaame. i didn't give a fuck about Shaun White and what he did. i just wanted to see the game!! after 20 mins of some weird interview, the game looks very... bleh. the ramp and rail stuff in mid air is weird as hell O.O 
  • i don't even know what happened at this point. all that weird blood pressure stuff was really weirding me out. i was so confused. 

  • freakin' out in the chat 

  • Ghost Recon Future Soldier looks amazing. i was sold on what i saw. aurahack was shitting his pants. 
  • Trackmania made me yell like crazy. i am so fucking stoked for a new Trackmania.. and what's this? Questmania and Shootmania? interesting. 
  • the rabbids trailer played and that was very fun. i love them rabbids. 
  • Driver trailer played and i was hyped up. they showed the gameplay and my hype died. that game looked terrible. all hype is lost :( DUDE HE WAS PLAYING IN A COMA WTF
  • the rayman trailer played and that was pretty great. the art is beautiful and i'm excited for that now. 
  • what the hell was up with the dancing at the end? i'll go ahead and assume that's more Michael Jackson nonsense (like we need more of that). weird way to end. 

final thoughts

  • Game of the Show: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier 
  • Highlight Moment: n/a. too many to choose from :\ 
  • Ubisoft is a fucking meme machine
  • Microsoft disappointed me in their conference. 
  • EA impressed the most. 
  • You-Ba-Soft is by far the best thing i have ever heard. 
that's all if i can recall. thanks to aurahack, Newten, Aaox and everybody else for making the E3 stream so much fun.  
also, Charlee saved me from raging by telling me that GB was down (as of 10:04 pm EST) i would of raged.  
i am not proofreading this crap so i expect a lot of mistakes >.> 

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i am not good at MGS3

couldn't come up with a good title >.>

i just finished MGS3 (which was amazing by the way) and i couldn't help but be saddened by my results screen

alert mode 189 times? damn. i guess stealth really isn't my thing :P just thought i'd share my stats after going rambo style for about half of the game.

jan 2013 update:

i'm better, but i am still not good at MGS3

how i managed to shave off nearly ten hours of playtime is beyond me.. unless it counts retries from deaths, then maybe i can see it. i'm somewhat glad that i killed 200 less people (which made The Sorrow that much less of a pain) but still.. 205 people. damn. so much for stealth, huh?

it's still a spectacular game, with a crazy story. it took me a second play through to really understand what was going on, so that ending hit me even harder than it did before. its mechanics, while kind of clunky by MGS4 standards, still hold up fine considering it's nearly ten years old at this point. also, Ocelot is still kickass.

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decisions, decisions.. what should i buy?

i'm kind of unsure on what i should buy right now. i don't get too much money so i'm trying to decide what i should buy next since there's a ton of games out now. i've done some narrowing down and i got these games;  

that's about it. out of those 4 choices, what i should go with? if you choose ds, what ds game should i go with ? any other suggestions are welcome! 
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Giant Bomb.. I love ya.. but..

 ..but your text editor? not so much. 

 while writing a quite lengthy blog and adding a couple images, it all fucks up. you know how you add an image and the background is kind of shaded?  
yeah, that happened and the image stuff never popped up. i was pretty much stuck like this without the ability to copy my work, or even do anything on screen.  
so i am very angry right now, ugh. working for a long time then everything just locking up is never fun.  
i am expecting comments like "OWNED" and "lol u suk" from the internet, but meh, i'm already angry enough. 
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Suck My Dick OR DIE!: Part 1

Hi, I'm AjayRaz. I play h-games that people unintentionally make me play. for reasons unknown, or known, I have decided to play Suck my Dick OR DIE! now, why the hell would I play that?  

  • The title is fucking awesome. 
  • I am a sucker for h-games. 
  • I am a pervert (aren't we all?) 
  • I needed something to blog about. 
among other reasons, but that's not the point. I am playing through this because someone said that someone should play it and post a review.  
that was my intention, but Pie suggested that I make it a parted series, because well, i assume he wanted to read on  SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. 
now, let us begin. may I warn you that in the future i will post images with nudity from the game.  
Suck my dick or DIE is a Hentai game (obviously) so it's at your own risk to read what's up ahead.  i personally found it to be disturbing, but i guess it varies from person to person. 

ATTENTION PRIVATE! no pun intended.. >.> 

The game starts off in the perspective of the lieutenant of a military force in the woods. you're stationed at a camp or something and you notice that part of your team has gone missing. you assume that they're just fucking around. you search for them and then you hear screams of a woman nearby. at this point your dude pretty much expects some woman is getting abused or something. You walk closer to the noise to find 7 (or so) of your team mates raping this chick with huge breasts and stuff. You're not really surprised so you allow them to rape them (something I wish i had a choice of ><).  
Around this part, the chick starts getting cock in her face and one dude is all like SUCK MY DICK BITCH and the woman bites his dick.   The dude says "YOU FUCKING BITCH!" and the girl gets all shot up in her face and stuff. While the body is being disposed of, everyone heads back to Camp.  


The next day, you're in the perspective of the typical eroge main character. you're some dude who grew up with a poor family (so you were not educated) and you end up working at some old man's mansion in a village as a servant. You're working with another girl who is also a servant. You are living with the older man, and his daughter (who is beautiful o_o).   
At this point, the game doesn't really get that interesting until the military (yes, the raping military) moves into your mansion to keep you safe and to "investigate" the rape that they
didn't commit AT ALL.  The other servant (who happens to be your friend) is taken prisoner by the staying military because she's supposedly a "spy". We all know that's just an excuse to rape her. You, being the hero that you are, try to stop the rape (even though you don't know it's a rape yet) but some crazy female guard whips you and knocks you out and says "if you get in our way, you won't live" or something.  
Later on, you tell the the old man's daughter that you heard screams from one of the rooms and you're very worried. The girl is all heroic and shit and she says that you should rescue her. You two then create some sort of diversion to get the rapists to stop and go on patrol.  
At that point, that's where I shut off the game because I was hungry. That's where I left the game.  
if there is enough demand, i will continue to write about the crazy happenings in this game. I am aware that i don't remember the names of the characters at the moment, but next time (if there is one) i will clear up the character names.  
well, that's all I have to write for now. thank you for reading. 
oh yeah, and aurahack's background is fucking amazing. 

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