what the fuck is this shit

dude what. what the fuck is going on? I am gone for one week and

    - Nate leaves
  2. - The site gets a redesign
  3. - DREW (!!!) FOLLOWS ME
  4. - Aaox is going to commit sucide if I do not come back
  5. - I got 3981038019830912839128312123812381293812093812093812903 wall posts

I have no idea what is going on here, but i miss you all *sad face* (i am using a french keyboard so it doesnt let me do quotation marks or colons)  
I will be back in 3 weeks or so. you have no idea how difficult it is to live without internet. I MISS YOU NATE *less than 3*  
for now:  


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INSANE YOUTUBE SPOTLIGHT - "look at that red face!"

Hi, i'm AjayRaz. I enjoy a character that goes by the name of Ayane, and her looks. If you've been living under a rock, or just never visit my profile, you aren't familiar with my Insane Youtube Spotlight, where I place a spotlight on the truly odd, stupid or just downright bizarre videos on Youtube that I happen to come across.  
This time, I shed spotlight on a serious topic.  
nah, lol. this video has been out for a while now, and to be honest, every time I see it, I can't stop laughing. It's the extreme stupidity of a grown man being beaten up by this terrifying child. staged or not, it's just.. wow.  

I love that cry he does. "AAARRRRRRRARRAAAGGHH!".  
I thought  I would share this horrifying video with the 10 or so of my followers who actually know who I am.  
here is another truly horrifying video:  
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Hi, I'm AjayRaz for those who don't know me. I like Ayane. Well, like is merely an understatement.  
That's not the point, tough. I like video game music, like many of you. Video game is music is very important to me. Nothing create a mood or atmosphere more than audio. Video game music can sometime be absolutely amazing and unforgettable, or incredibly awful. No one can ever forget the Super Mario Bros music, Zelda or as of recently, even Street Fighter IV.  
Aaox loves video game music. He says it's... musictastic. Music is probably one of the most important parts for me when it comes to video games. I'm just here to present some of my favorite video game music to you. whoever you are.  

For England, James.

007 Goldeneye is no doubt one of the best first person shooters ever created. The objective based single player with great stealth missions and fantastic game play combined with unforgettable multi player that we all enjoyed for years (and I still do, today). It also had unforgettable music, which was one of the most memorable parts of Goldeneye for me. One of my favorite parts of Goldeneye is the end, where you have that final stand at the cradle. The music... soo good..  


It's not over, yet!

I played a ton of Mega man on the Playstation. I loved the short lived Mega Man Legends series, and the X series was pretty kick ass at the time, too. Most people would say X6 was the begin of the decline of the Mega Man X series. I disagree, as Mega Man X6 was fucking awesome. The music... it brings me back memories.  
The X series always had fantastic music, but this song right here: probably my favorite. I miss my playstation, and all my X games.  

..the hell? I'm supposed to throw this person? 

 I'm so very young, but I owned a NES before I owned my Playstation. I used to play Caveman Games all day with my brother. That game had crazy events in an Olympic format. In one event you had to throw your partner the farthest. That game was awesome, but the title screen music is something I will never forget.  


Grand Theft Auto 2, in my opinion is the most under rated in the series. It was truly amazing at the time of release, and even to this day it's so damn fun to play. Hell, you can find it for free, legally now so there's NO reason to not play it! 
Looking for music for this blog, I came across this little song. oh my god.. i remember that song ><  

ULTRA COMBO FINISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahh, Street Fighter IV. My 2009 Game of the Year. It's not a fighting game without...CATCHY MUSIC!! gaaah. Street Fighter IV had some unforgettable music, from the irritating, catchy main tune to my personal favorite, the Snowy Rail Yard level song. The music in this game, to me is unforgettable. I just love the music so, so, oh so much. very catchy. I hope SUPER Street Fighter IV has just as catchy tunes.  

Outstanding, Marines. Out-fucking-standing. We kicked ass! 

OK! I'LL ADMIT IT. I loved Call of Duty: World at War. I loved everything about it. The setting, the brutality, the feel of the weapons, the characters, the graphics, and of course, the music. I have to say it's quite a treat booting up World at War and hearing the music that makes you feel alone.. and scared. The music is also adrenaline pumping. This one is one of my personal favorites..  

And so it ends... 

So there you have it, some of my favorite video game music. I'm going to end it here because it's getting a tad too lengthy. I had a lot of fun listening to these songs again. I hope you enjoyed reading (or rather listening, to some degree) this as much as I enjoyed writing it.  
oh, and thank you Aaox for staying up late to read this ^^. 


Hi, i'm AjayRaz for those who don't know me. I love Ayane, a video game character. If anyone of you follow my odd blogs, you would know that I made a "INSANE YOUTUBE SPOTLIGHT" blog not too long ago. well, I found something worthy of being on my spotlight.  

                                                                             (I realize that some of you might of already seen this, i just saw it's three years old.)
you have no idea how confused I was during this video. why would you do something like this?  
I just wanted to share this because.. well, what the fuck? what kind of a world do we live in, that people do this? 
this makes me sad. thank you for showing me this, mitchcoop
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oh man... 3,000 posts!!!!!!!!!!

that was fast.. really. I don't know what i'm doing on these boards, but i happen to get 3 000 forum posts. crazy shit :\/. I'm not very known on GB (tbh i'm not sure why I even have 122 followers. how many of those people, actually know who I am is beyond me.) but i'm glad to have reached this mile stone ^^.  
over the past 1 000 posts, i've met quite a great deal of awesome GBers. Aaox is one to name. He's a really cool guy, and i'm supposedly significant to him, so that's really cool ^^. CrazyManAndy is someone that just popped up from out of nowhere (i believe because of his interest in hmanga) and he's been a really cool guy. eroticfishcake, i've known for a while now, but he's still one of my favorite people on this site. he's offered to do something that's something I would of never expected from an online community, so thank you for that :). TyphoonSwell is just.. i'm not even going to go there. baad things ^^. 
right now i'm in Toronto, and bored out of my mind .___.. there's nothing to do, so I thought I might as well make a blog or something. I mean, I'd love to be out shopping and getting in on great boxing day deals, but i'm not going to get into that ><. I suppose nothing would be different at home. no one wants to play with me on 360 :(.  
but yeah, my holiday has not been going well so far :\. i'm really miserable this year around, but i'm not going to get into that.  
happy holidays everyone! 

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AjayRaz's GOTY.. Blog!

 Hi! I'm AjayRaz for those who don't know me! I play video games! I like video games so much, that i'm going to tell you what game I liked the most! I promised myself that I wouldn't make myself a GOTY blog this year, but I just had to. I had this sudden urge to do so. So here is what I bring to you, my top 5 games this year, along with some other stuff.  
5. ---  
This year wasn't so great for me. I mostly played games from previous years this year, as I missed out on huge hits like Uncharted 2, Assassin's Creed 2 and Dragon Age. So 5 is, well, nothing.  

  4. Red Faction: Guerrilla  
I wasn't a big fan of Red Faction series. I played the first one on PS2 and it didn't really interest me that much. Earlier this year, I played through Red Faction 1 and 2 (brilliant games) on PC and decided to give Red Faction Guerrilla a go. I tried the demo but I didn't give it much of a chance. The full game was a absolute blast. The ability to destroy everything is just great and it was so fun just tearing down buildings full of dudes, then watching the building collapse on everyone. The story was nothing to write home about, but the multi player was a surprise. I was expecting generic, boring multi player but what I got brought me back to the game countless times. I'm glad to say that Volition are my second favorite developers this year, next to Capcom.  
3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 

  It's no surprise that MW2 is on this list. What can you expect? The game had it all; exciting single player, a well made co op mode and a multi player component that improved upon a multi player system that was already fantastic. Modern Warfare 2's single player was short, but this is a good thing. The impact it has on you through out the entire single player campaign is just crazy. The ending, while not good as CoD4's ending, was just crazy and over the top, just like what we would expect from Infinity Ward. Modern Warfare 2 has some pretty crazy multi player, in a good and bad way. While glitchy, I can see people playing MW2's multi player for years to come.    
 (Excuse me for the next part.. GB's lousy system totally messed up my blog near the end ><) 

2. Resident Evil 5  
Resident Evil is a game i've been waiting forever to play. Coming into 2009, this was the only game I looked forward to. Resident Evil 5 delivered in terms of Co Op and Length. The Co Op aspect of RE5 left me playing for months. I must of played through RE5 about 15+ times. Sure, the story wasn't that great.. or great, at all. It was an excuse to blow the heads off of dudes. Mercs was fun as ever this time around. Co Op in mercs brought me playing this game forever. Unlocking all the characters and getting SS on all stages took a bit, and that was really great. RE5 doesn't live up to the awesomeness of RE4, but good in it's own way. 

1. Street Fighter IV
 Street Fighter IV is a game I really didn't expect. The only thing I cared about it prior to buying it was "oh, street fighter, cool. might buy it since i don't have a next gen fighting game yet". The commercial is what really sold me. 
   Such a great commercial. The moment I put the game in and fought in the Downtown level as Chun Li.. I was blown away. I didn't expect the game to be so good. I ended up playing like 50 matches that day, and eventually went online and got my ass kicked by a Ken. This was a game I played all year, and it's the only game this gen I bought for more than one system.  
Street Fighter IV was the most fun I've had playing an arcade fighter since Dead or Alive 3. That is saying A LOT since DOA3 was my favorite fighting game. The control is perfect in this game, and that's of course, key to a fighting game. The music is fantastic, and very memorable (Indestructible, anyone? hehehe). The art style really is great. I loved the whole paint style, and the graphics, in HD were amazing.  
That's not all that makes Street Fighter IV good: it's also an important title in the history of games, really. This game really set a new standard for fighting games and it brought Street Fighter even further than it already was. It brought Street Fighter to next gen and spawned a whole bunch of new fans for the Street Fighter series. It also brought back the arcade in Japan.  
I could go on forever on how awesome Street Fighter IV, and no matter how bad I am or how much times I get my ass kicked by jlrm01 or all the flowchart kens, Street Fighter IV will always be one of my all time favorites. Hell, it's possibly one of the best games this decade.   
  • 5. Nothing, because I didn't play that many 2009 titles to justify a 5 on my list. 
  • 4. Red Faction Guerrilla: blowing shit up is awesome
  • 3. Modern Warfare 2: shooting dudes is awesome
  • 2. Resident Evil 5: awesome co op and blowing dudes' heads open is awesome. 
  • 1. Street Fighter IV: one of the best games I've ever played 

other stuff.. 

This is just stuff that I thought I should mention, while I'm here. This will include games i have PLAYED THIS YEAR, along with games RELEASED this year.  

Game that made me pissed off the most this year:

     Ninja Gaiden Sigma 
Ninja Gaiden Sigma is probably the greatest action game I have ever played. That aside, this game is so punishing you'll want to smash everything in sight. I have never thrown a controller before, but this game brought me to the very top of my rage meter. It was so hard not to break a controller. The enemy placement, crazy level design, the camera and the boss fight after boss fight stuff in this game is truly punishing. I have spent one week (like, 20 mins a day) trying to beat a boss. The day I beat that boss was truly satisfying. I've never played Demon's Souls, but I guarantee it doesn't compare to Ninja Gaiden Sigma. You haven't played a hard game until you've tried Ninja Gaiden.  

The flat out, worst game I have played this year: 

Remington Big Buck Trophy Hunt  
That video sums it up, really. I don't know what else to say. This video made me.. get my hands on the game, and well, it wasn't funny.  
Yeah, I got the game cause I thought it would be funny to play. It wasn't. Unlike big rigs (which is on my PC right now), this game didn't bring any form of laughter. It just... sucked :\  

Game I really wish I could play this year: 

         Valkyria Chronicles  
(It also messed up here ><'')

Valkyria Chronicles is game i've been waiting a long time to play. When I got my PS3, no copies were found anywhere. This is a real shame because it looks fucking amazing. Next to DOA4, this is probably the most i've wanted to play a game, ever. A real shame for the poor sales, Sega could at least ship some copies to stores..  

There's nothing to say, really, except that eroticfishcake makes me feel really guilty for not playing it :(.  



Street Fighter IV is awesome.  
Thank you for reading, if you managed to sit through all that long text.  
oh, and Ayane is awesome.  
- AjayRaz 
IF anyone wants to play a round or two in SFIV. add me on PS3 or XBL: AjayRaz 


GB, I has a virus! :(. I felt like blogging about it, since I have nothing else to do. and well, trying to procrastinate from killing this virus.  
I have one of those viruses that show you fake messages and shit saying "LOL U HAS A VIRUS BY OUR FAKE PROTEKTION". I have dealt with them before (my last 2 viruses were the same type, oddly). This one is a bit more aggressive, putting Youporn and Pornotube shortcuts on my desktop (which i actually laughed at) and giving me stupid fake Security Center Alert messages. 

 really? REALLY? 


These messages can NEVER fool a computer geek. Get it right, will ya?  
Things wrong with this message:  
1. The text in the blue banner is not the same font that the security alerts use.  
2. I have NEVER (from 10 years of computer addicted-ness) encountered a Security Center Alert where it says the virus name / risk / description.  
3. Windows Security Alerts NEVER greys out "Keep Blocking" and "Unblock" and it never has an "Enable Protection" option.  
4. it just sucks. though, it would fool a computer amateur.  
I'm here, writing this blog as I'm being bugged by this fake virus protection. i'm that cool.  I'm also getting some other pop up that tries to act like a browser pop-up and fails, horribly.  
I'm excited to see what this virus will bring to the table. my good friend TehFedro liked the fact, that this virus put porn website shortcuts on your desktop. Here's hoping it infects him, too! 
right-o, that's all for now. If i suddenly disappear from Giant Bomb, you'll know why.  
Excuse me, as I kill this virus, and listen to music suited for the current situation 
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