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Oh my god I want to play this right now.

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@doctorchimp said:

Third Strike is awesome

I could not agree with you any more.

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Geez. This sounds really lame. The only issue I've had in the little time I've played is that it didn't give me access to some of the DLC I had. I wonder if that was just an issue on everybody's end because I think they published that costume pack again this week, fixed. This almost reminds me of when a couple pieces of free Senran Kagura SV DLC were released and stopped the game from booting because of a slip-up on Sony's end.

This, along with corrupted saves and that PC version not launching with online play make me wonder what's going on over there.

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If you haven't played Spelunky, the Vita version is good as heck. If you like grindy JRPGs, I had a lot of fun playing a bit of Disgaea 3 on the Vita, too. Disgaea 4 came out on Vita not long ago and there's a demo available on the PSN Store, I think.

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Didn't it rejected from Steam Greenlight, too? Are we witnessing the end of all memes?

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@asmo917: I think you should send @rorie a PM. Maybe he could help with something like that.

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This is one of my favorite thread titles on all of Giant Bomb.

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I wonder if the Ridge Racer 7 servers are still up...? I also remember about two people showing up to that TNT when they were doing some sorta game rotation.

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