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$70 for a new game at retail in Canada has been the norm for a really long time, unfortunately.

No it hasn't? The PS3 and 360 generation started off at $70, but then it quickly changed back to $60. It's only been a few months since this generation started that they bumped the price of games back up. Was around the time the console itself has gotten more expensive. At least that's how it has been in Ontario.

same thing here in quebec. i haven't purchased any new games recently because of the price hike

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@aegon: you need to come to my house. we have one cinnamon roll left and tons of fries leftover from dinner. i'll pay for the trip!

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...man, i could really go for some dried mangos right about now. like, real bad.

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i own a ps vita and i do not want to play Borderlands 2 on it. i mean, i would... kinda... if the port ran well.

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@ajayraz: Exactly my thoughts.

Does this mean a capturing mechanic? Also, I want that fuckin' suit bro.

that suit dude looks like he would know a thing or two about equipping animals

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i want to be equipped with a vast array of animals