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@thenine: Dan and Danny are hosting a new podcast called Danswers where Dan answers user submitted questions. I think it's going up tomorrow and Dan said that they might make it a weekly thing if it goes well.

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Welcome to the website giantbomb.com. I think it's a pretty alright website... though I must ask, do you own a pair of blue sneakers, or is it just one sneaker?

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@amp_1986 said:

This won't get as much attention as a lot of other things but after everything Bray Wyatt did in the Rumble match I thought his elimination was pretty terrible.

Totally agree. In fact, I thought that whole bit with Kane & Big Show just tossing dudes out completely squashed any sort of momentum that was left at that point.

I thought Rollins was so dang good in that triple threat. I mean, everyone was, but especially him. That, and I was shouting at the screen along with Bubba when he showed up. I was bummed out that D-Von didn't enter, or that there were no tables... but that whole bit was fun.

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RAZ! I never use that, but maybe I should? It seems perfect.

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My mom and dad said I'm not allowed to play Duke Nukem 3D until I'm older.

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@elko84 said:

Pull the trigger. I sacrifice myself for games!

This is the most courageous thing that I have ever read on this site.

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Part of me is glad that I stopped watching The Boondocks after season two... in fact, I'm pretty sure that I didn't even finish the second season. It was heartbreaking to see from a distance that the show was falling apart. I continue to hold some of those early episodes in very high regard though, and I don't dare to question why the perfect lyrics to "Eff Grandad" pop up in my head from time to time.

A side note: I continue to be proud of that Kill la Kill image. Know your role, ZombiePie.

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RUN GFB 2015

Is this the Cannibal Ox of video games??

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Thanks for kicking ass and having a great laugh. I miss you already.

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Merry Christmas and all of that other stuff! I love all of you.