2012 purchases (now with stats!)

this is more of a "games i got this year" list, rather than "games i purchased"


Games Purchased: 55 (compared to 72 in 2011)

Money Spent (before taxes): 1607.61

Steam Gifts: 6 (compared to 4 in 2011)

Games Gifted: 1

Games Finished: 13 out of 55

List items

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Posted by 1337W422102

Hell yeah, Mirror's Edge and Gemini Rue!

Posted by AjayRaz

@1337W422102: i have yet to finish either of them :( i've been meaning to get to Gemini Rue soon though because man that game has pretty awesome atmosphere. should get back to Mirror's Edge too since that game is roughly 5 seconds long and free running never gets old

Posted by Bigandtasty


Posted by insouciant

Wow! That's a lot of games for one year. How do you afford them all?

Posted by AjayRaz

@insouciant: i'm a person with a lot of time and with no productive way to spend it all. without any sort of talent (or at least so far that i've discovered) and being a college student living at home, i have the money to spare to buy a lot of video games.

also, i get free games sometimes, both from offers and exceptionally kind giant bombers. there aren't enough words in the world for me to thank them.

Posted by insouciant

You are a fortunate person. I can't wait to see the 2013 list!