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let's hope i finish more than 15 this year!

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Posted by Brunchies

How did you feel about the open world of no more heroes, that part was horrible when i played it.

Posted by AjayRaz

@Brunchies: probably the worst part of the game. it was atrocious. there was no reason for them to not use a menu that takes you to different places. it was so bad in comparison to the rest of the game that i always think that it was made terribly on purpose.

Posted by zyn

Complete all the games!

Posted by AjayRaz

@zyn: all of the games will bow to me by the end of the year. thanks for the recommendation dog

Posted by Yummylee

GTAIV - Found ending to be underwhelming

Borderlands - Best ending ever.

Posted by AjayRaz

@Yummylee: the events leading up to the ending were pretty good, but the end where it was just "yeah we won!' and cut to credits was fucking lame.

borderlands on the other hand has one of the most masterful endings that i've ever seen.

Posted by Yummylee

@AjayRaz: Now I know you're using ironic logic for your Borderlands ending appreciation, but GTAIV's... maaaan, c'mon, ''Yeah we won!!!'' is hardly how I'd summarise GTAIV's ending at all, things are still left off as being a lil shitty for Niko after all, for both endings even. Unless you've purposely switched around your impressions of GTAIV's and Borderland's ending @_@

Posted by AjayRaz

@Yummylee: well, i said "yeah we won!" not as in it was a happy ending, but because Roman says that "You won!" or something like that at the end. some messed up shit happened during the end of that game for sure. i just didn't like it that much compared to the rest of the game. i found that just "we killed that guy, now let's go home", then cut to credits was underwhelming.

the events of the story were all closed up nicely as far as i know, and that's fine, but i wasn't blown away by the ending like i was expecting throughout playing it.

oh, and Borderlands has an amazing ending. i'm not even kidding there. it had me in stitches. i jumped off the cliff behind where i stood as soon as the credits ended.

Posted by mrfluke

@AjayRaz: if you're into anime, and like the crazy stuff, i highly HIGHLY recommend asuras wrath + the nirvana dlc (you can get the game for like 20 bucks now, the nirvana dlc is like 5-7 dollars i believe)

know what your getting into though if u check it out, as its like part QTE heavy, part on rails shooter, and part third person action game ( which the third person stuff isnt that great)

but what rises it above all for me is that this game is essentially an anime boxset (think interactive anime and the whole super linear "barely a game" game design of something like walking dead) and its easily one of the best animes i have ever watched. they take the level of craziness all the way to you can possibly imagine, and still tell a pretty human/mature story along the way

( if you're into anime then this will make sense when i say asuras wrath = the power fantasy aspects of DBZ and gurren lagan, + the kinda grounded moral character stories of like naruto)

Posted by AjayRaz

@mrfluke: yeh i've been meaning to check out Asura's Wrath but i'm waiting for a price drop. boxing week sales should make for some tasty discounts, which should make catching up on releases a bit easier on my wallet.

i'm not really all that big on anime myself. i like to watch it occasionally but it's hard for me to start actually watching something. i never found DBZ to be all that interesting when i was younger but i have Gurren Lagann sitting somewhere on my hard drive which i should take a look at, considering i've blindly recommended it to so many others.

Posted by Bigandtasty

MORE THAN 15! You did it!

Posted by AjayRaz

MORE THAN 15! You did it!

yes! i'm pretty happy with the number this year, even if i had the time to finish a lot more.