Games I Liked That Came Out In The Year 2013

It's been a weird couple of hours. I just woke up from a dream where I was a punk skateboarder and I was dating Mila from Dead or Alive 5, and now I'm sitting in front of this laptop, writing a Game of the Year thing. I don't even believe in game of the year all that much; probably because I barely ever finish enough games in a year to create a worthwhile top ten list. That, and I just like everything equally in their own ways. I'm not some sort of awful dictator who creates some sort of demonic hierarchy in a medium that I adore so dearly.

...oh, who am I kidding. Here's some games I liked this year, or whatever. It's awfully tough to make one of these lists when you've only really played like, six games that came out this year. Let's see what happens, though!

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Posted by Demoskinos

Interesting to see Razors Edge on the list. I really enjoyed it as well and like you said it nowhere near touches the glory of the first game but still it redeems it to a place where it feels like a solid enough entry.

Posted by Ossi

We have Animal Crossing in the same spot on our lists! Truly this is friendship.

Posted by insouciant

Whoo hoo! Animal Crossing: New Leaf made your list! My friend code is 1118-1028-9858. PM me yours.