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#1 Posted by ajkent (34 posts) -

I like using my meat thermometer for larger roasts. I know how long it should take to cook, but I want to pull my meat at the right time. Steaks or chicken? Never.

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I think we are all getting these cards in different orders. Today was coal for me: Consumption was first, followed by interfaith on day 2.

#3 Posted by ajkent (34 posts) -

Still not up. Looks like I'm going single player for awhile

#4 Posted by ajkent (34 posts) -

I'm used to earlycasts now, so I want my bombcast now.

#5 Posted by ajkent (34 posts) -

@drakoji: As much as I appreciate not just moving from left to right, having a mission objective of "Gather 2 pelts" is a real drag.

I think the crafting system starts out as deceivingly simple at the beginning of the game. There is no recipe for trombone guns or a freezing laser knife. There needs to be a way to hint at the crazy upfront to entice people to continue playing.

All games should open like Saints Row III.

#6 Posted by ajkent (34 posts) -

Seems like a slow start in terms of level design and loot drops.

#7 Posted by ajkent (34 posts) -

I bought this solely based on the trailer that was posted. Hopefully I will play it later this evening.

#8 Posted by ajkent (34 posts) -

Sweet! I've been wanting this for awhile. Thanks for the heads up.

#9 Posted by ajkent (34 posts) -

I know this isn't too late, but last weeks earlycast has spoiled all of us.

#10 Edited by ajkent (34 posts) -

I have it, but it has not been released (able to preload).

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