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Yup, had the JP version for a few weeks now.  Really excited about some reduced-lag matches with US folks.
I'll be grabbing the NA version once it comes out here too (damn Midwest delay).

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Yes, you can.  JP/NA copies of the game are cross-compatible, though I too will be playing on the NA release later this week.

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There are lots of good portable games, but I feel like console owners are truly missing out.  DQIX, now having a chance to play it, is a game perfectly suited for Japan's commuter culture.  Unfortunately, here in the States...

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I did some searching and didn't find an existing topic on this, so I decided to start one.  GAF has a matchup thread, so here's one for us.
My PSN ID is: Akakaze
I have the JP version now, so others who are currently able to play, let's have some reduced-lag matchups!
If this topic gets some activity, I'll start up a chatroom on PSN.

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I understand that companies have the right to do this, but whether it's expected or not I fully expect our "blue ocean" buddies to be thrown for a loop when their VC catalog is non-transferable to the Wii2 (or Wii+ or whatever).
And I was around for that NES -> SNES transition and I remember a news story discussing people complaining about a non-backwards compatible "forced upgrade" back when Nintendo owned the market, although there was nothing "forced" about it.  I do find it interesting that the casual crowd or parents buying games for their kids DO see BC as a selling point..."Timmy, will this play the games you already have, too?"

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 From Horse Armor To Stimulus And Beyond

Although this topic isn't exactly a new one, as this (armored) horse has been dead and beaten over and over again since the start of this generation), the launch of Nintendo's new DSi XL has brought some issues to light that a lot of gamers probably haven't spent a lot of time thinking about... namely, what's going to happen to DLC when this generation ends and the next one begins...

First, a few things to ponder:

1.)  It is not in the console makers' best interests to make DLC backwards-compatible with previous console iterations.  It is in their financial interest, as corporations, to make you buy it again.  Proof?  Look at how Microsoft half-assed BC in the 360 and how Sony ripped it out of later PS3 models.  BC is a financial drain, it doesn't make money and in fact ends up costing them money.  "Make your customers buy their games again, boost the bottom line."

2.)  Apparently users are scarfing up the DSi XL quite a bit overseas; a lot of these users over in Japan are owners of previous DS systems.

3.)  Rock Band and Guitar Hero, cash cows in the world of DLC, have limits on the licenses to their music.  If (when) iterations of RB and GH launch on the successors of the 360/PS3 and Wii, will infrastructure be in place to port over existing song catalogs?  Again, based on console maker/third party interests, that doesn't make sense.  And that doesn't even factor in RIAA/music licensing issues arising from such a function.  Almost guaranteed this would be a legal nightmare.

4.)  Even assuming you do not purchase a next-gen console, what happens when the XBL/PSN servers are taken offline, particularly if you had a RROD and never transferred licenses?

5.)  The casual crowd does not have a concept of "licensing".  In their minds, anything they purchase is theirs to keep/own. I guarantee there will be stories on the national news if/when Nintendo announces its next console with a next-gen iteration of Virtual Console with no means of porting over content from existing Wiis.  Particularly if that "next console" is a Wii1.5HD, i.e. not a full generation upgrade.  Nintendo:  your "blue ocean" casual audience - the one you've spent so much time, effort, and marketing dollars catering to - is going to be very ticked off when their VC games don't work on their new Wii.  Grandma doesn't know about EULA's.

I'm seeing a fairly disturbing pattern here, and it's one that a lot of gamers probably either fail to notice or don't care about.  In the realm of DLC, you don't own your content.  You license it.

I will spell this out, to make it even more clear: IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW,  YOUR DLC IS NOT YOURS TO OWN.

You are at the mercy of the console manufacturer in regards to most downloadable content, which doesn't bode well for people who spent hundreds of dollars on fleshing out their Rock Band song catalogs.  This is something the PC gaming world is already experiencing - with companies like Ubisoft implementing draconian DRM schemes at the expense of users everywhere.  Back in the days of "Don't Copy That Floppy", we never had to worry about our old games not being available to play in the future.  I still know people who play classic PC games and classic console games on a regular basis. This is going to change.

Ever since the early experiments with content like Horse Armor in Oblivion, all the way through locking out content on the disc, to now where "knowledgable" gamers are fairly aware of what pieces of DLC are actually a decent value - though most have splurged on a few "guilty pleasure" bad deals (my most notable being the SFIV costume pack - which I KNEW was on the disc and yet still bought once the price on it was reduced).  The point I'm trying to make is this... I believe gamers are being - or at least SHOULD be - mroe careful as this generation hits its peak and progresses into the background.  It is likely the new consoles will be announced next year, despite the fact that to me it appears far too soon (game incubation for current-gen titles is much longer than in the PS2 generation), and when those new systems hit the market they are almost guaranteed to be accompanied by a deluge of downloadable options incompatible with their previous iterations.   

At least Microsoft and Sony have _a way_ of making their new systems compatible with old DLC, through progression of PSN and XBL ids to the new systems.  Nintendo, on the other hand, has chosen to tie each piece of DS or Wii DLC to the console itself, which creates a whole lot of headaches for the consumer, but a lot of control to Nintendo.  For example:

1.)  Your console breaks out of warranty, and being the casual consumer you are, you go get a new Wii instead of calling customer service and find that your licenses don't transfer.  You complain and then buy your content again.  More money for the big N.

2.)  You decide to change your business model to a more Apple-oriented approach - rather than releasing new, drastically updated consoles every few years, you release slightly better yearly iterations, bringing in new users and forcing your dedicated fanboys to upgrade.  Since DLC is tied to console, the fanboys fork over the money for the few applications they aren't sick of and download them to the new console.  Every....time....  More money for the big N.  

3.)  The new console scenario.  Again, pretty much same as above.  Fanboys and the casual crowd will both scarf it up and download the applications they found most useful and possibly a few new ones.  Fast forward a year and cycle to #(2.)
Endless money-printing machine for the big N.

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                                                                                                                          (Image from Kotaku.com)

And people wonder why Japanese gamers don't often play online.

"You stupid JAP cheater. I wonder if you're angry because your dick is small?Do you remember HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI? We can do that again. Sneaky, stupid dickhead..."

Some analysis:
The Japanese in the note itself looks like the product of an introductory college-level Japanese class combined with "butch speak" picked up from watching too many episodes of Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and Bleach.

There is some discussion going around about whether or not the messages is faked, but I'm fairly certain it is not, judging from both grammatical (early Japanese courses teach 'node' as 'because' - despite its lack of use in non-formal settings like this; interchanging wa and ha, etc.) and content (overuse of penis terms) point of view - it looks like someone has a bit too much time on his hands and wanted to rage. Said person just happened to be a Bleachtard.

Well, here's a news flash. This whole "play together over the Internet" thing? It wasn't always like that. In a lot of ways, multiplayer this generation has deteriorated. As much as I loathe the Wii's friend codes with a passion, it is nice to not receive hateful messages every time a match or game doesn't go in my opponent's favor. I grew up in the arcade renaissance of Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat - very competitive games. But I never - EVER - heard people talking trash face to face the way they do now over the internet. People would challenge each other to matches, certainly, but that's about it. Even TEAM games have fellow team members yelling into their mics, name-calling, and trash talking their own teammates.  Anonymity + soapbox = RAGE

In Japanese arcades, people were too intimidated to play next to the opponent they were challenging in a fighting game. That's why they organize their candy cabs back-to-back, with only one set of controls on each side...this way the winner continues playing and the loser doesn't have to deal with facing the one that beat them.

I suppose the term "GAIJIN SMASH" would apply. Someone from the West thinking he's hot shit by talking down to a Japanese player. I suppose the worst part of the whole thing is the Japanese gamer on the receiving end of this rant probably has no idea how often this type of thing happens when western gamers play online against each other. Honestly, it's rather sickening. 
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I actually really like the "so bad it's good" genre quite a bit, and it can certainly be fun to take a break from "blockbuster" games.  Bullet Witch, Senko No Ronde, and EDF2017 are some examples of games that I've had more fun with than some of the bigger games.  
Then again, I'm weird, and I think being able to blow up a skyscraper with a rocket launcher or a magic tornado is much more fun than the "realistic" open world games - although admittedly the destruction kick does get old after a while.
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As a frequent import gamer, I've run into a problem that has become more and more prevalent as of late.  
When I am finished with import games, and the time comes to resell them, I run into an issue.  Amazon, where I like to do most of my game buying and selling, does not have listings for all of the import software I sell, so I will often put my import copies up for sale under the listings Amazon does have.  In the case when there is both an import and domestic version, I do not post the import version under the domestic version listing UNLESS THE GAME IS NOT CURRENTLY RELEASED DOMESTICALLY - this is an important distinction.
Ever since gaming has become more casual, I've ran into a huge problem - people who do one-click ordering and don't look at descriptions, and then complain to me when the item they receive isn't what they've ordered - only it actually IS what they've ordered.  This is ESPECIALLY prevalent among Wii consumers - a guy from Utah thought he was going to get arrested because the back of the Milestone Shooting Collection game he mistakenly ordered from me stated 'FOR JAPAN ONLY'.  Another time, a soccer mom from Massachusetts bought a copy of the Japan-exclusive Nintendo Puzzle Collection and told me it was broken because it wouldn't play in her Gamecube, after explaining to her that she needed special devices to play imports she still didn't understand and thought the GBA cable I shipped with the game was the "Action Replay" device she needed to play the game - thus the game I sent her was obviously broken.  After 3 email exchanges, I gave up and refunded her - after she shipped the game back to me...which of course, worked perfectly with my JP Wii and ActionReplay + GC.
  When I put an import game up on Amazon, I follow three specific rules: 
1.)  I do not post an import game under a domestic listing unless the game is not released domestically;
2.)  In the case when I do post an import game, I state in the description that it is an import and will work with imported consoles only in the case of region locked games;
3.)  I mark the condition field as USED (which, in combination with rule 1, means people should actually understand what they're buying).
Before I get the response of "SELL ON EBAY INSTEAD", I do, but prefer Amazon generally due to turnaround on purchases, ease of use, and protection (I've been burned by a few 'lost' games that have actually been delivered when selling on eBay).   I am not trying to rip people off here, and have always refunded those that come to me - though I am never ceased to be amazed by the idiocy of some of my customers in regards to the products they order.
So I ask you, GiantBomb, who is in the wrong here?  Me, for selling the games on Amazon , or the people who don't read the description before ordering a used copy of an unreleased game?

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Singleplayer is always like a breath of fresh air to me.  To be able to enjoy the game without 23890472389 insults hurled at me over the course of a multiplayer match by just as many 12-year-old kids who get online and talk trash to feel "macho", and whose parents bought them 360s as babysitting devices. I've been called names online I didn't even know existed.
That reminds me.  I wonder what would happen if one of those damn kids walked up to someone and challenged them in an old school arcade and started talking like that.  I sense a youtube comedy skit coming on....
Anyways, back on topic.  I play games for fun, not to be insulted and teabagged by anonymous kids.  The only time I even consider playing multiplayer online with FPS or action games is when I play with people I know.