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Team Name: /d2g/ Ocelots
Tag: d2g|Oc

Name: Ratfoot (Captain)
Position: 2
Wins: 912
Region: US West
Favorite Hero: Kunkka

Name: akd
Position: 3
Wins: 478
Region: US East
Favorite Hero(es): Rubick and Weaver

Name: SolidBaker
Position: 1
Wins: 506
Region: Australia
Favorite Hero: Lycan

Name: Globulous
Position: 4
Wins: 76
Region: US East
Favorite Hero: Ogre Magi

Name: ZeeRow
Position: 5
Wins: 267
Region: Australia
Favorite Hero: Keeper of the Light

Name: bucket
Position: Flexible
Wins: 137
Region: US West
Favorite Hero: Jakiro

Our contact will be Ratfoot.

If you want to contact him on GB, he is @ratfoot