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I did it. I died.

Took a hit. Was down to 1/3 health. Had to choose whether to heal now or wait for a better time to heal. I waited... and then missed a dodge.


Should have used the ladle.

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I am also a furious leg puncher. I have left some pretty notable bruises on my right leg.

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This still doesn't show me why I should care. That dude basically said "this one runs like poo, this one doesn't becauase...well...cloud stuff"

Until I see a difference in a practical gaming situation, this is all white noise and bullshit.

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1080p at 60 FPS is good enough for me. My Asus GTX 690 will be fine.

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The lore is a slow burn, but it was definitely more shocking to me up front. The revelation in the undead crypt was nuts.

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Yea I don't know what Brad's been reading. I don't think it's some crazy game changing stat like some people try to make it out i.e. "If you think everything in the game is too slow, put a couple points into ADP and everything is amazing!"

It makes a subtle difference. Though I stopped putting points into it at 20 for no particular reason. But I'd bet the people who think the character actions are too slow will not have their minds changed by the stat.

Speaking of podcast though, I was a little sad there wasn't more DS2 talk. Or at least they didn't sound as enthusiastic as they were a week ago. And I would have figured Vinny would have completed it by now seeing as how he was a decent chunk into the game before it was released. But I also know the rest of the guys probably don't want to sit there and listen to them jabber about it for an hour lol.

Really hope they do another one of the dedicated DS2 progression mini-podcasts. I want to hear their favorite and worst moments. Boss discussion. Filling each other in on tips and tricks. Ending discussion. I assume I'll get a bunch of this from this and next weeks 8-4 podcast as well.


Edit: Speak of the devil. Seems they are putting another DS2 talk up tomorrow.


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He did at one point, whether he does now is more or less up to interpretation and is influenced by player agency. THAT'S WHY THE GAME IS SO NEAT! HURRAY FOR AMBIGUITY IN STORY TELLING BY WAY OF GAMEPLAY!

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It is supposed to be pitch black for most of the game, the night vision mechanic makes that obvious. It's a damn good horror experience if you let it be!

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