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Bloodborne PS4 exclusive: Fuck Yeah SONY!

Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox1 exclusive: Fuck You Microsoft!

That's not even comparable.

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This is going to be really bad for MS, this is anti-consumer E3 shit all over again. The people will rally again on principle and this is only going to hurt them more.

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Spec Ops, the Uncharted Series and The Last of Us, Heavy Rain (if you can stomach the writing), Alan Wake, Bioshock Infinite, the Resident Evil remake on GC is the perfect weekend horror experience.

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Fatal Frame 1,2,3

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Sounds like a AAA version of Brutal Doom

AKA All I've ever wanted.

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First Zelda game to date that I have started and not finished. So there's that.

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I'm really curious to see how many of these posts will be metal

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I know this thread has been done before, but I couldn't find it after a cursory google search.

Post links to your original music, let's hear it duders.


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My favorite album of 2014 is my own

Also, High Spirits and Bolzer

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Demon's Souls / Dark Souls