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@Krakn3Dfx: Perhaps games would be released with less shortcomings if more beta invitees would actually, you know, scrutinise the product instead of incessantly whining about subjective aspects.

Though this statement might not be fully applicable in reference to a Bethesda game.

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Some of the descriptive text seemed a bit redundant. Though i'm not completely sure if this actually helped in occluding the revelation at the end, or stood in the way of it having a greater impact.

It's a disturbing little tale nonetheless, made even more so by the fact that you're donning an EMT logo as your user icon.

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@Metal_Mills: Don't know about any other .ini variables which might help you. Did read that adjusting your sample rate and bit depth to 44100Hz/24Bit (under advanced speaker properties) worked for some people.

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Try adding or adjusting fAudioMasterVolume under the [AudioMenu] property in your SkyrimPrefs.ini, located in C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\

For instance: fAudioMasterVolume=4.0000

This worked for me, though the audio balance still seems slightly off with voices being drowned by ambient sound.

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@AlisterCat: Well played, sir. Yours is clearly the superior entry as far as i'm concerned.

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Figure i'd give this a quick shot. Not exactly the most inspired design, but maybe you'll like it.

I've got a hi-res print-ready PSD if you need it.

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That's pretty impressive. Having worked quite a bit with the Maps API myself, i know they must've put an obscene amount of time into this project.

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This post over at the Gearbox forums details quite a few tweaks for some of the problems mentioned in this thread. Turning off mouse smoothing and increasing the F.O.V. drastically improves the gameplay.