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I and every other user on Giant Bomb can wish you well with the utmost sincerity, and yet that'll still pale in comparison to the positive impact you've had on peoples' lives through Giant Bomb.

Even so, thanks Dave! Take care, and go be a great father.

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i lik d wither he has cool hair becuz it is gray an he has amensia wich is prety cool to

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I looked around and apparently he's moved channels temporarily. I'd speculate that a less than scrupulous community caught wind of him around the time when (or maybe because) this thread was posted, and that he was so demoralized that he just took it all down.

Bummer - I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

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Not sure why this thread wasn't locked 4,500 views ago.

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I'd advise against it.

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@djou: Voting is something we've discussed and we'll do something like that in the future.

As far as co-op gaming goes, best chance for those is honestly to just hang out ocassionally in IRC/mumble and ask around. We've tried scheduling those sorts of 4-player co-op games, but thing is, it's hard to get random strangers to stick together with one another for anything more than one play session. Doesn't necessarily mean we won't attempt such a thing in the future because it'd be a nice thing we could potentially provide, but y'know, best way to play co-op is to just make some like-minded friends and play with them.

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Hell yeah!

Akr1D on PSN.

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Man! That trailer was great. It doesn't even matter if the game is terrible now!

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@OfficeGamer: started a Bad Company 2 thing and then a BF3 thing, and then like more things happened and here we are!

We took a break on the events for the holidays, but we'll have some more up soon.

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