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It honestly looks like a really solid game, but at the same time too bare bones to merit a full-price purchase. The multiplayer seems to be literally the only thing worthwhile, and there's little to no variance within that. If there was some real content to burn through, I'd be all over it.

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That's really awful. What's even more plainly awful though is the lack of criticism found in that comment section. Those moderators must be working overtime to suppress peoples' opinions.

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@Animasta said:

They're all just copy pasted messages though, it can't be THAT hard to find someone who can speak english and get them to write a template, replacing it with specifics as needed.

If they cared about quality in advertising, they wouldn't be using spambots.

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Not surprised this exists. However, I'm really surprised that it's actually good.

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We're playing this on our Hub dealy in 1hr 30min! Get on our chat/mumble/steam group to join in then.

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I love NS2. That said, his criticism of the game is totally justified. Matches can easily be ruined by poor commanders, and there is a very steep learning curve to attempt to be one of those commanders and/or become a good player in the on-foot game. The loading is also a real problem. Personally, if I were to review it, I would weigh those facts a lot lighter given the evidence that there is a stellar game within, but really, it's his review, and if those problems constitute a 6.0 experience to him, then more power to him! To me, it's one of the best things I've seen in multi-player in quite a while - learning curve and internet jerks be damned.

I see nothing factually inaccurate in that review aside from him getting the price wrong as well - understandable given the fact that he probably didn't transact for the game himself.

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@Wheatley117: Is your name a mash-up of Portal 2 and Halo?

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@mordecaix7 said:

@Akrid: So I just need to get faster? Would bum rushing him help if I know he's obviously walking up behind me?

Oh yeah, is right - your pursuer will always win in that sort of encounter, because their pressing X will always take precedent over your pressing X. If you see a pursuer get real close, you kind of either have to run, or do what I did and (I dunno if they have these in 3) throw a smoke bomb when he gets close and then stun him.

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From what I remember from Brotherhood, that means he hit the "Kill you" button right before you hit X on him - so he wins.