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yesssssssssss agreed, but I'd say the whole soundtrack is amazing. all of it.

Shovel Knight is just too cool.

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I was born in Mumbai, India. I would set a sweet Taxi Simulator. not Crazy Taxi. More like, get the most amount of money, have some rpg elements like story that unfolds with different people you pickup from the airport, and night missions where you can do things outside of your regular daytime taxi job, also some elements where you maybe have to feed your family, or join a taxi gang ... perhaps hack your meter and see which "tourists" notice or care ...

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If a game that has been soo hype for so long can't sustain a solid 9.0 or higher from a decent amount of reputable gamers, than its not worth 60$ to ME... not because I can't afford 60$... not because they don't "deserve" 60$. But because I know that there is no reason for me not to wait and get it on a price drop, steam sale, or otherwise wait for my internal hype to die down before giving it a chance. I hear the story isn't something that, even if it inadvertently gets spoiled for me, is the reason why you purchase this game. So that being said... I might boot up Sleepy Dogs, or Saints Row or GTAV or whatever to go cruising around for a while and see if I care enough...

TLDR: I expect something mind-blowing to spend 60$ day 1 for a game. This doesn't seem that.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rLyvbwZp5k#t=102 Isn't this the giant bomb logo in this game!?!?!

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This is the most addictive game I've played since Spelunky basically...

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Year Walk?? I dont know if she is into that kind of creepy weird art but the game itself is intuitive... just a like you said, a bit complex...

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60 is clearly better.Playing something like perfect dark on the n64 then playing the 360 HD version of that same game will solidify the argument for you. Go try it. Just because games used to have horrible frame rates doesn't mean that we should be used to it. Far Cry 3 is a great example. It literally plays like a shooter on PC but it plays like an RPG on 360... Akin to Fallout 3.

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@drumpsycho89: Will do, good sir :) I am now intrigued enough ... just not sure if I should play butcher bay again or just let my beautiful memories lie in nostalgic symphony....

or is it lay?

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@aktane said:

So when you say disappointing.... didnt Giant Bomb give it a 4 stars?? I guess it can still be disappointing... hmmm I was going to go back and play it until you had said that ....

Brad's DOTA'ing has tainted his entire review history!!!

Bradley Nooooooooo.... You have still yet to review Brothers!! Justify your early top 10 pick with some "archival writing" Or maybe it was it the handlebar moustache that one time? I always felt like something changed inside Brad forever after that moment....

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@foxmulder: Fair enough, I guess Patrick found it to be disappointing, to your point? I guess there was a reason I didn't play it when it came out either, and I think for me it was just the thought of dropping the focus from hand to hand combat to gunplay, which I thought was honestly very weak in that first game.

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