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@TobbRobb said:

Skill based combat in a MMO environment is prone to horrible lag and inconsistency (read: it's fucking hard to make it work right)

Combat which is not based on the loot you get, means they have to find a new hook for you to waste your life. This is the part that makes them popular to being with, loot is like crack man.

If the possibility of the instantkill is always there, they can't make fights go on forever (fucking million hp bosses), making progress a lot faster, which might mean one less month of your money.

MMOs want the large subscriber base (or now, a large crowd that might be cool with microtransactions) and a game where you could potentially be killed instantly, possibly a lot, just isn't attractive to a loooooot of people. Probably the moajority of MMO players would hate it.

I hear what you're saying about lag. We like to pretend MMOs have evolved but we're just grinding in DX11 now.

The "crack" of any MMORPG should be the community and the friends you make, not the loot. I know, that's truly idealistic and wishful thinking, but MUDs have been that way for years actually. The most popular MUDs usually have a focus on player vs player interaction, not just PvP combat but also PvP politics, etc.

Instakills should only work vs other players in PvP, never during PvE. For instakills to be part of PvP, then we would need real-time combat, because the instakills would require preparation (your opponent having broken legs, or a paralysis affliction, or something). Modern MMORPGs haven't achieved this yet, as we know.

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@EightBitShik said:

It's like why a lot of movies try to push for a PG 13 rating when they could clearly make it R it's all about money at the end of the day.

I guess so, but that's a really old way of thinking (for them). Kids will find ways to watch an R-rated movie without their parents, just like kids will find ways to play Mortal Kombat. Heck, all my friends that had copies of Mortal Kombat growing up were bought by their parents.

Plus, if it's a marketing technique, then they're just assuming that people want to play PG-13 games because none of us can really name any commercial R-rated MMORPGs (except AoC), so it's like they're telling us vanilla is the best flavor, but nobody has even tried chocolate yet.

I want chocolate.

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Okay so I know a purely violent MMORPG for the sake of being purely violent would be pretty lame (Age of Conan), but it seems developers use this as an excuse to be boring and generic. I want some real-time combat with class-specific instakills. Magic incinerating people to burning crisps, warriors cleaving people in half. I want some violence in a game that doesn't suck. Where are they?!

I guess I'll just keep playing Imperian

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You should definitely play Achaea - quoted from the article here at GB


  • A unique, original, detailed mythology that is constantly shaping with new content.
  • Player actions ultimately craft the universe, as behind-the-scenes writers update non-linear events.
  • Absolutely free. Players may acquire any of the "cash shop" items through determination. Everything has its worth in gold coins.
  • Thousands of unique combat abilities, allowing players to engage in memorable duels that are a test of true wit and strategy instead of hitpoints and levels.
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Smoked cigs for 5 years and quit.

Playing video games stoned is god damn awesome.

Alcohol and me don't really get along.

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Painkiller: Redemption. I should've done my research, it was so poorly thrown together :(

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@CornBREDX said:

I cannot conceive why people still do other then they just prefer text over visual. I can understand that- I guess.

Yes and no. I prefer MUDs because I enjoy reading very much, but I also play MMORPGs with graphics. I have some high level characters in City of Heroes. My eyes get tired from flying across the city after a couple hours. Plus with graphics I feel like I am just playing a character in a video game. In text, I feel like I am my character, seeing the world through their eyes (in my head)

@CornBREDX said:

The original guild wars but text only. Now that's more like it.

That's fairly accurate, but saying "text only" doesn't do MUDs any justice. Maybe 5 years ago, when people connected to MUDs using a Java client. However, today's MUDs are becoming pretty complex, and are starting to include some really nice GUIs and overhead maps.

@ReanA said:

do you want game depth or do you want pretty colors?

^This. Maybe in 2015 will video games finally have graphics awesome enough to look just like real life, and you'll be able to customize your character EXACTLY how you want them to look. But you still need a super awesome PC to handle the best graphics, so for right now, my brain creates better graphics than any Nvidia or Radeon card.

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@MikkaQ said:

People still play MUDs?

They are still extremely popular , there are many MUDs to choose from. I personally think Achaea is the deepest, but that's just my opinion

@Dimsey said:

I play them occasionally. I've played a decent chunk of Achaea myself, still go back to it from time to time but have trouble making myself commit to it. About the only thing that keeps me from playing more of them is that most have no maps, which makes it kind of hard to navigate an all text enviroment. It's pretty much why the only one I play consistantly is Hellmoo which actually has a useful, in-game map.

Dude, Achaea has a built-in map now! You just type MAP. Also, the Mudlet client (the best client for playing MUDs now, no more java or telnet or zmud crap) has a built-in map for Achaea, and auto-walking features

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So with 2012 right around the corner and so many new MMORPGs coming out all the time, has anyone ever played or still play a MUD? If you don't know what a MUD is, they're like the original MMORPGs. Lots of people still play them, and I actually still play Achaea in the background while Im playing CoD or whatevs. Alt+Tab ftw