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I had very long hair for many years in my late teens. I had shaved in past and was not alien to it. However after a Mohawk I shaved it off for a job and then it was realised my front would never grow as thick to gain a mohawk of respect again. I had been window's peaking much like yourself for years and it was not until the front thinned I went bald.

I alway have been bald since and the only thing I must say is buy hats! Not to cover your baldness but to protect your head from the sun, even in winter you can get it sunburnt.

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Going by that argument, then 80% of video game sequels are really expansions, and not sequels.

Also Sniper Elite 3 is actually a pretty big change from V2 simply by the more open free roam. However like you says Moosey his argument is so very blanketed it fits all games.

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I wanted to keep my welcome once I got more of a vibe from both. Dan had already warmed me last E3 with "Butt Tumbler" and seeing him gel so well after a few days in and video with one podcast. Dan is a great addition to the crew already.

Still to see Jason in proper action however another man in the video booth can not be bad.

Best of luck to both.

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I do not have much to say that I have not already said about Ryan and GB on this anniversary of a sad event . However I do wish to share one of my favoured Ryan moments, it was one I got to share in.

My side of that video was TNT starting up I had gotten Max Payne 3 and completed it, loved playing multiplayer. So I said to myself "I am going to try to get on TNT!" I did as you can see my name on the player list. So I had to move between rooms to see the stream and play my xbox. Due to the server issues and loooong load times I was watching the stream more. I think we had a few games and this happened. I was waiting to play listening to the guys through the house. I then hear Ryan going mental about pigeons what? So I walked through and was with an astonished Ryan and then two bobbing Pigeon heads. I was laughing hard in the door war as I saw this.

A personal memory I was able to share with Ryan in a weird way.

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@hippie_genocide: I had been thinking, GB got burned over not hiring a female editor. I am sure if a female was hired people would applaud the result yet a number of people would make comments just as bad as they do to Patrick and heavy moderation would occur, then a similar blowout would happen over the "communities attitude" then GB would be roasted it all in much the same way.

It is all going to happen one way or another there is no way to avoid it. The only way to do so is for human's as a species to improve on a sociological level.

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I am glad everyone has been enjoying my video, I spent many hours pouring over it and more than I should as I completed it in 5 hours including the sourcing of footage, however I spent a few more hours watching and rewatching trying to fine tune it until I just had to stop working on it. Needless to say much like the rest of you guys I too have this song stuck in my head as I listened to it for many many hours and the thing is? I still pour of my video deeply analyzing it and listening to the song. It is that good I cannot hate it after a few hundred times.

So anyone else interested in the full version here is where I found it. http://www.amazon.com/Giant-Bomb-Theme-Song/dp/B003NO72Y2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1403497377&sr=8-1&keywords=Evan+brass

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Thank you all for the kind words and glad I could help recall people's memories of past not only in memory of Ryan but also in memory of alot of things.

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I must give thanks to not only Evan Brass who made the song waaaay back, thanks to the first Giant Bomb TV style video a community member( Mattgt128 ) made for GB waaaay back as well. Those two duders were contributing super early into GB life and now look at where GB has come in everything including community content? We also have such things as the Persona Golden Duder award! That I also used as part of the video. http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/supernormalstep/blog/persona-4-the-golden-duder-project-gb-crew-as-p4-c/96302/

If it was not for all these community duder projects I would not have made this one. This is a tribute to the community and GB as much as it is as tribute to Ryan. Keep it all up! Vinny and Drew get a special nod as I do love their video editing and even as a hobby of sorts for myself I fully get how much enjoyment you get out of video editing.

Original video by MattGT128 that helped inspire me.

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So I took up video editing as abit of a hobby after following the long running AMV Hell series. AMV Hell is Animated Music Video Hell, and can be summed up as anime video edited into a skit.

Small bite sized comedy matching audio to video for funny effect.

They run a small challenge thing recently as well as accepted clips for AMV Hell 7, 10 years of AMV Hell and I got a few clips accepted into it and hope they make an impression.

One of the clips I have been most proud of is my AMV Hell Challenge clip for the recently ended "Fandom" challenge. It was a pretty bad challenge filled with injokes and people saying "I like the clip...but the joke flew over my head, I don't know what this is about. Was there a fandom in this?"

However I never made this clip to win, I made it because I wanted to, I found it to be very therapeutic It helped me deal the loss of Ryan, I now feel like I can see how Vinny and Drew editing the "Thats Ryan." video as their tribute could have helped them in such a hard time. We are nearing the anniversary of Ryan's passing I thought its now the time to showcase it to fellow Giant Bomb fans and they should enjoy it.

Here is my little video and my little tribute to Ryan.

Link to Amazon to buy the song.


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While folks are accurate in my idea of what the folks do including brad (emails and such) you have to remember they are down to two San Francisco editors.

When once they had four people to go "Are you emailing Capcom about the new Street fighter?! Good. I will Email EA about the new Battlefield." "hey have you got the dates for when we are to be shown Activision's new game? Oh right then I will get that for us."

It was 4 people emailing and setting up times. With the amount of meetings Jeff proclaims it was more 3 people. Now after everything its JUST Brad left to email and seed interviews for most of the day.