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@miko1222: There is another thing on why you should go ps2. 99% of the games didnt have online, so 99.8% wasnt multiplayer. Meaning you can play the FULL game. Unlike alot of 360 games were half if not ALL of the game was online or Multiplayer.

someone said about HD collections on 360, sounds nice and in some cases its good. MGS collection perfect, Zone of the Enders Collection terrible. However if you play on the ps2......perfect both!

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When I play MP games like Cod or such on Xbox. I have my headset in..why? so i turn the volume down and never hear another voice. Same goes for GTA online right now I switch of chat.

I will do Dayz with voice cos...if you dont...your 100% gonna get shot. if you do then your 98% gonna get shot.

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That was already a mayjor factor was ps2 replability.

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@chaser324: Battle threads are just crazy, Comic vine has a sort of reasonable set of people who partake. So each to their own.

The battle threads over at Anime vice. Those were insane and the poster child for why no one should do battle threads.

I welcome the rules set in place here at GB.

I even got a message about another account on my IP from a mod. I explained it was my dads since I talk so much about Gaintbomb he signed up.

I fully understand the trouble of alt accounts in forums, being a mod on a 14 year old forum...we have seen all kinds of stuff.

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@zagzagovich: Yes I have seen Guyver 2! You know what I thought of it? The first one was better.

But my point still stands. I respect Hayter's ability. Dude wrote some fantastic movies and did some good voice acting; but I don't blame Kojima for wanting to move on to a different voice for the Big Boss role. In fairness to Hayter, Kojima could've handled it better. From what has been said, nobody at KojiPro bothered to inform Hayter that while they were working on a new Metal Gear, his services would not be required. Working with someone for 15+ years and having the business relationship end like that can make anyone feel a little bitter.

You are a crazy person for that one sentence alone. I maybe be a big Guyver fan of the anime and other such. However on basic levels of sanity that movie isnt good.

Here let me help you. These are the proper reactions a "normal" person should have to Guyver/Mutronics




I watched live action guyver as a kid. I rewatched it as an adult with these same reactions. I fucking spasmed at those flashing cuts.

As for David Hayter's acting. I refer to Guyver the anime for bad acting, I am probably an expert in loving bad voice acting due to this. As I show here. I like bad 80s dubs of anime, Manga UK doing the weirdest and best dubs.

Yet David Hayter's acting isnt as good as that clip. Fun fact Steve Blum was in that dub and he has improved greatly since.

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I am intrested in my growing collection of weird Tycoon and Sim games. Feel free to PM Ski Park Tycoon.

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Tomb Raider I was all onboard for, got it in a sale, new graphics card , I max the tressfx aaaaaaand nope.

It feels totally like a game from the 90s. I cant get caught up in the world if I keep feeling its a game. Then like you say the story and characters are all meh, I hate them. I hate the people and I hate the situations.

I gave up I simply dont like it.

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@akyho: The rape stuff is all in audio tapes that are hidden collectibles in the game. If you just play the missions, and don't go looking for the secret tapes, you can avoid that stuff. You can't play it without seeing the cut-scene where Paz is opened up and the bomb is removed.

That said, unless you really have to play this for the game play right now, I'd say just wait for Phantom Pain. Of course, there's nothing saying there won't be similar stuff there too.

I know all of that. I will be able to survive the bomb stuff. However I will not be picking up any audio tapes, those things are going to stay completely uncollected. If I do get one my headphones are being turned off for the duration.

The overall thing is I know it so I dont need to experience the audio tapes.

I am just thankful none of it is video (aside from gut opening) or worse a forced interactive point of the game. Thats when its going to be truley a problem if Phantom Pain contains anything of that. Does cast a darker shadow on my day one buy of Phantom pain make me take off my hat scratch my head and weigh up the direction MGS is going and if I want to be part of it.

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@lab392 said:

This kind of subject matter isn't new to the series. Meryl implies that Ocelot sexually assaulted her in MGS1. Otacon recounts his experience of statutory rape at the hands of his stepmother in MGS2. Volgin makes a more than overt reference to raping Tatyana/EVA in MGS3. He also gropes her while simultaneously electrocuting her. And in MGS4 Drebin implies that soldiers raped Laughing Octopus.

If it goes too far in Ground Zeroes and not in the previous games, it's because here the actual crime takes place on an audio recording. It's a lengthy, uncomfortable scene instead of an off-handed reference.

I don't know exactly what "going too far" means, to be honest. I don't know where the uncrossable lines are or where they should be on this kind of issue. But I don't think the scenes in question add anything of value to the story. There are better ways to make a villain hateable.

I forgot about all that. Why? because it made me uncomfortable more so with Eva in Mgs3 and then laughing octopus. Ground zeros I was pretty off with watching the trailers after seeing the gut opening stuff. So I shyed away, then some folks referenced stuff ripped from a preload or somthing saying. The paz tapes and linking the files, following talk about Chico forced to rape Paz. It all disturbed me, now its more detailed it makes my gut hurt even more.

I am not a gorehound or a scary movie lover so I aint the most resilient. So the thought of going in blind and finding this would make me sick on the spot, I can handle a few things but all of this together. More so if it was interactive of sorts. Nope I couldnt handle it.

I am the same dude that shirks the torture seen in GTA, if I had to perform the same torture on Paz or worse the torture and rape that is going to too far.

I think this is as far as he can push once its interactive it will probably be illegal. Watching its thats another boundary for another time. If this keeps getting pushed much more. Like horror films I choose to not partake.

I want to play Metal Gear solid Ground Zero's, I plan to avoid most of this. If I cant or it becomes worse in MGS5 then I cannot play the game cos of the story. This is the point I am saying game first story later. I am in deep on the MGS story side so for me to say that?

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@ld50 Depends on what you mean by US intervention.

The fact is, the US and all other major nations in the world will be involved in the situation. Europe especially has a lot riding on Ukraine, and the US has reason to care about Europe. Plus a general interest in Russia. Politically and economically, it makes perfect sense for the US to care about what is going on in Ukraine.

Now, what kind of intervention should and will happen is another story. I see little to no chance of a military intervention at this point. Ukraine is important, but for US interests, it isn't important enough to get into a war with Russia over. Having said that, though, it is important enough to use whatever other means they have to try to make sure this isn't just a sign of things to come in Eastern Europe. If I were in states like Estonia or Belarus, I'd be reasonably concerned. Sanctions are definitely going to be important if there is a chance for a long-term peaceful resolution to this.

So, when you mention intervening, obviously they -will- intervene. They're already attempting to do so. It's simply a matter of whether it will be militarily or through other means. A more realistic question than whether they should get involved is how involved and how far they should go.

At this point, I believe Crimea will very likely fall to Russia and things will eventually deescalate as Putin celebrates a small but considerable victory and pulls back from any further military action. Strong sanctions from the US and Europe will make their objections clear, and unless he pushes into any other former Soviet nations in the next year, the sanctions will just become another bargaining chip for future diplomacy.

Putin's not fully predictable though; so, anything's possible. I don't think US military action will occur unless things get far, far worse, and my sincere hope is that the lines are drawn at Crimea and Ukraine can get back to electing and reforming a new government for the future. They have enough problems and challenges without having to fear more of a war than there has already been.

You summed up everything I could say.

I am Scottish I am British and I am European. Ukraine and Russia is a EU matter and the countries involved. It is not yet a military matter to any but Russian and Ukrain. Even if it did come to be for EU countries it still doesn't mean USA is still involved.

Just cos US is the big bad America's dosnt make it the world's army/police. Every other country has their own. Iraq war happened because of attacks on American soil and Britain had its reasons to side with USA when it happened. The gulf war was American Iraq politics.

US can be involved by embargoing Russian or such to keep up ties with EU or other countries. Troops is not the automatic answer to anything.

If anything if your throwing troops at something its because everything else has failed. People take military action far too lightly. Currently Russian is saber rattling in Ukraine's garden, untill they shoot into the house of Ukrain it is not a military matter.