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Unless the comments from people defending gamersgate has been moderated and taken away from this thread. The people who you are calling defenders of GamersGate are people who said Gamersgate is a mess and that there is no side to take and then started to discuss the morals and ethics of the initial events.

Pro Gamersgate, Anti Gamersgate the points made by either camp all of it has been lost and now it is just a ball of hate, any legitimate ethical questions,critiques or discussion has been destroyed. As the Gamersgate banner is no longer about any of this is it is about abuse, the point has been hijacked by people who wanted to be despicable.

So understand devourer the topic you discuss saying Gamersgate is not the same as what other people discuss, the meaning has changed. Unless they come out and say a bunch of sexist or hate speech crap, then they are discussing the ethics and critiques of what was the first point whether it be originally a shallow point to cover up another agenda (E.G a reason to abuse people) or if there is legitimate claims to points raised.

You Devoureroftime are discussing this useage of Gamersgate the title to explain the un defendable hate filled death threats and doxing of people whose hould not have to face such things.

The people I see you arguing with are wanting to discuss the ethical and moral side of game journalism BEFORE the abuse set in.

There is two events linked to Gamersgate Abuse and Ethical talks on journalism. Yet everyone uses Gamersgate to mean something else from what others mean.

Gamersgate the word is just as big a mess as is the events behind the word and no one has came up with a second word to help ease the tensions everyone who cares for peoples well beings and right to live unhindered from fighting each other.

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I know the feeling, times have changed and my xbox is all unplugged and I am not looking to redo it for this unless the game can rekindle the itch I had for it when I saw it.

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@castiel: Thank you for reminding me of that tragic yet beautiful video.

I wish we knew what happened to that pod racer.

That video was a year or so after his build a pod racer challenge on Happy Hour so he must still keep it the best he can to this day.

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One part the audio is blown out when they recorded the footage, however even at that the song selection did not sound like it would be a clear and good selection.

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Gundam Build Fighters Try is great after one episode.

Gundam R-G on the other hand first episode and not sure.

Ai Tenchi muyo first episode ia 4 minutes long and 3 minutes of fanservice..............never going to watch that again.

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That is tempting. I felt like I was stormed through levels being subbed and XP boosters on F2P vs the slower grind when it was only sub. Which 12x XP just sounds like an explosion on XP as you should also be bearing the XP boosters with being subbed along the way.

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Oh yeah AMV Hell 7 was released. I am personally jaded as fuck about it but then I am jaded by anime nowadays anyways so I think I just have some issues.

So here is the final product of which I 4 clips of mine....in 298 other clips. PS it is not safe for work.

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For the last two weeks I have been watching Twin Peaks for the first time, I am closing in on the end of Twin peaks Season 2 made in 1991.....HOW THE FUCK WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT I JUST NEED TO WAIT A YEAR FOR A THIRD SEASON!? To me a new Twin Peaks fan 23/4 years late to the party it feels strange.

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The trailers of 22 Jump street. Alot of the lego movie and the one movie I remember people constantly laughing together and hard was Guardians of the Galaxy.

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A crossover and collaboration is far from merger, Bands work together all the time never means they are going to merge into one bigger band.