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Sort of understandable I was walking out of my psychology class and I hear FFX battle music and I looked round and shouted out "Why am I hearing FF 10 battle music?!" then a dude from my class points to his headphones and go "oh thats me." I replied "Oh I thought I was going insane.

I can actually talk more weird times hearing Anime music. I can no longer remember but I recall hearing anime music during a British comedian trolley dash in a supermarket I have forgotten.

Edit: No wait...that was Devo in the super market..... Takeshi's Castle has a bunch of random music such as Dominion Tank Police music.......I am terrible at this.

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I have been unemployed officially for a full year. I lost that job after three days, one panic attack the first of my life. Why did I have that panic attack? because I had been unemployed for three years and it meant so much to me. Ontop of commuting on busy trains I was not used to and being denied a good nights sleep, food, water, toilet even, as well as rushing for the bus then rushing for the train, then rushing to work. I had a bad day. I came the next day and worked 10 hours 2 and half hours after I signed my 0 hour contract I was fired.

My friend also got that job (new shop opening needed bodies) he worked there for 6 months, I say he worked there if you added it up it would be more 2 months as they kept giving him 0 hours or even 6 hours. While everyone else was given 40hrs work. So he got the feeling they wanted him to go and he did. He is now working for a games company like he wanted to be so hopefully he keep at that. PS its a games company that has shipped a butt load of Licensed games for IOS which is actualy pretty respectable.

However barring that experience I am unemployed for 3 years and this year I have been taken courses to get a job. I have Rural Skills, I can operate a boat but more so I am doing a hospitality course which is basicly waiter college. I would aim higher but there is no higher, higher is 40k a year job that I requires running a company almost. I am utterly stuck on the lower rung of jobs and I try for others but nothing.

Collectively I have only been employed for a year and half out of 10 years (I started work when I was 16) I volunteered for three years in a charity shop yet still no job. So I have been effectively unemployed for a total of 6 years, 7 if I did not have 8 months employment one year. It is tough I only seem to get training schemes rather than full time jobs. A reason why the job I had a panic attack over mean so much a full time job, I was an freaking idiot just praising how much working meant to me, so if there was anyone out of the people being trained that would be hurt the most by losing the job, it was me and I was first fired. So yeah freaking stings man.

So I am gaining skills and keeping my eyes open for new opportunities. I enjoyed my times earning a rural skills certificate I might decided to pursue that and do more outdoors stuff.

@otakugamer: Everything you said aswell. So think about how the anime Welcome to the NHK hut me when I watched. There is some strong parts of that anime that mirror my own life, even down to being sucked into a scam of a ponzi/pyramid scheme selling crap door to door off my own money, with my own money and being held as a cow to milk while doing all the work to milk myself. It is turley horrible some things people label "jobs".

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Dan pulls out a potato masher "My roommate has this thing. I don't know what it is, but I'm gonna mash with it."

Thats what I had to laugh at the most....he held a utensil for mashing and says "I don't know what this is....but I am gonna mash with it!"

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@sanj: I was watching the latest Metal Gear Scanlon 2....and I thought to myself as Drew died "Did Jason just say "Stop screwing around!" " then I heard Otacon shout "What? SNAKE! SNAKE! SNAAAAKE!"

Then I put it all together... Jason IS Otacon. He is on the "codec" talking through their ears. HE KNOWS STUFF. He is bespectacled and does kind of look like Otacon.

I think if you were up for it you could do a Jason as Otacon for this.

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@rolkien: You do speak the truth.

Which the only natural progression is owning your own Gunpla.

I bought the Kampfer Amazing and Gm Sniper K9. I am currently drooling over the Gundam Lighting from the new serise.

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@jiggajoe14 said:

@akyho: I am quite fond of Mobile Suit Gundam despite its flaws (kinda doesn't handle death well/acid tripping newtype stuff at the end of the show) due to its quirkiness and focus on the characters. Zeta doesn't give the characters time to grow enough to justify the attempts at more serious moments and makes several of them completely off-putting....like really how do you screw up an awesome character like Char!

I shall certainly be watching ZZ sometime in the near future....I hope it isn't as bad as I've heard it is.

There is some moments that a character makes a huge choice (E.G faction switch) and I go "Really....really...are you sure?" I mean you can take things like Sarah the sheltered cyber newtype being an idiot. You can take Katz to an extent...except Raccoa and Emma certainly like to take their moments in grandiose strange choices. The same women that happily slap Kamille around for his "childish" and "naive" behaviour make some strange choices that no one really bats an eyelid at.

In the end I took it all more as anime logic. However yeah I was expecting more from Char in Zeta, he tended to almost blend into the back ground for episodes.

As for ZZ I went in with almost 0 knowledge, all I knew was Judua Ashta, Gundam ZZ, Qubeleys and Puru. What I got was not what the end of Zeta set me up for and further into the series by ep 34 I threw my hands up in the air and went "NOPE I AM DONE!" there was an episode a little bit before that which handled the death of a character in the worst way, I mean laughably bad.

Id rather not colour your expectations on ZZ....however I do need to try and soften the blow for you. First 10 episodes are the hardest and worst.it does get better by 17 it is more like a gundam story, however it still has huge flaws and if thought Char was screwed up writing, you will see when it comes to Haman in ZZ. ZZ you really do need to brace yourself.

Oh and if you ever screamed in Zeta "WHY IS NO ONE STOPPING THESE KIDS FROM STEALING MOBILE SUITS!?" then expect that to be almost every episode in ZZ you will want to cry that out.

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Yeah I have no video issues, however tweets and a few other icons (the messages, notifications and such corner is feeling a little lacking/broken/very different) are not displaying and have not been for weeks now. I hate to rag on the current web techs dealing with all this, however it is funny Alexis leaves and we end up with this.

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@jiggajoe14: It is not an expertly crafted anime by nowaday standards. However it is far less thrown around for an anime of the time. Still your feelings are justified I was getting testy with the two kids that kept futzing around as padding to the story.

Aswell as a number of others things E.G Katz and Sarah. Still I found it pretty good and the last 10 eps are very good, however the entire anime was not what I had thought it would be from my passive absorption of Gundam and Gundam Zeta.

Things I thought were bigger deals were almost sneezed out and forgotten, characters, Mobiles suits and even Mobile armours.

I would be interested in your play by play of going through Gundam ZZ....because it is very very very diffrent, despite being a direct sequal. Like 12 hours after the last episode sequal.

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@fredchuckdave said:

You too can see the horrors of war as witnessed by anime kids.

Actually it's a good game, despite the disposable nature of the female characters in it (WMDs are now plot macguffin anime babes).

Or this http://youtu.be/3-XZ7O_8bDY?t=15m30s

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Did you miss the old rating images? Pretty chibi, if I could find Ryans it would express it even more.

Also Giant Bomb logo is pretty much Chibi already and I do not think there should be much more of a venture.

Also "SYRUPO TORROKO! I mean Scirocco Syrupo! "

For the ultimate in Chibi/Super Deformed, that or Dragon half.