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The Bit Socket boys are a wee bit mental.... even took on my friend and old Schoolmate Donald before he stopped doing youtube.

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So many people who are saying "Whelp suck it up cos there is no need for a news person and their ain't gonna be any." when Jeff said "We are hiring for a new news person for GB East and we will be interviewing for the right person out there. we are looking over candidates right now." a few weeks ago at the end of UPF may have even been when Patrick said he was leaving.

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Just as long as we can all work together and make sure they play on Hard or (preferably) Extreme difficulty.

You mean European extreme? Which is normal to the west.......

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@kasaioni: I watched it on youtube as my save is on my xbox and also I traded in the Metal Gear Collection a few years ago.

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@kasaioni: @teddie: ........GOD FUCKING DAMMIT! I had everything except the patience to do the same damned mission one more time to finish it!

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@kasaioni: Oh I fought Metal Gear Peacewalker finished the story..but.....things just kept happening after that, felt like I was chasing my own tail.

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@jackgb: I just can't get into peace walker. First I find the cut scenes to be garbage. And second I feel like it's just one big arcade game.

I played a lot of it and got up to like mission 60 or somthing, the main storyline felt complete and yet it kept going....by capturing a person do another mission and they ran off...for 7 times I just gave up. The game goes insane after mission 60 and also this mission...its fucking creepy.

Not realy spoilers but I still have to warn, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKIRIeKADUI

Dont worry it can be sorted with this mission again sorta spoilers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEZxZpy11Z8

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I've noticed here that a number of people see the words "Games Journalism" and instantly do not like what it means and do not think it exists or even has a place in the world of games. Clearly people missed the investigative reporting that went on here in Gaintbomb itself with Patrick, he broke the news on Microsoft doing their 360 changes on Xbox One policies, as well as his coverage on news of events involving video games. Controversies or triumphs at Evo, the research and interviews for Eve online and their massive 24 hours 8000 people battle which is only a small part of the story in a virtual war., this is video game history and I want to have a better report on it than some one guy's entry on a wiki page who never spoke to the top level guys involved.

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There isn't any.


I know I've heard it from the staff at GB but we should really stop calling someone who reports or reviews video games journalists. It implies some old school newspaper room where men with press hats run down leads and scour through records and paperwork to find a story.

In reality they're the media more so than the press. They do report on stories and in that sense are reporters. But more than anything they're personalities who we watch for fun.

Finaldasa. This is what I am talking about, Jeff is a editor first a reviewer second and a hundred more things before he is the man with the hat that runs down leads. His leads are appointments and interviews to gain information on games to deliver to us, which is what he has always done and always will do. Patrick on the other hand WAS the man (at one point literally with a press hat) running down leads and scour thought records and paperwork to find a story, Patrick was a video games investigative journalist first a reviewer second, why do you think he is over at Kotaku they do investigative journalism ( I am not saying its mostly good....its mostly trash.) so why this instant fobbing off?

Using the words the Games Journalist to describe Jeff is not accurate or helpful nore it is to describe Jeff or Dan. It is neither correct to say Danny, Mary or Christ Waters. These people are games reviewers/critics/pundits. Using the words to describe Patrick or Johnny Walker can be more accurate to their job description.

I am more confounded by the fact people do not want questions raised and answered. Staying in the dark and just being entertained is a viable pursuit buy games themselves or by the personalities that deliver the news of them to you GB does not need someone to break news for them or investigate Eve online conventions, yet I think the games industry needs someone to be doing, just look at all the shenanigans E.A does and Ubisoft does in recent and everyone shrugs "Yeah it sucks....." then spin theories and possibilities, there is a lack of fact most of the time beyond what the companies let us know.

You can argue the what is Games Journalism, you can argue what is good or bad, you can argue who does it, yet to denounce that it does not exist or has no purpose I find is a very wrong statement.

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So with the blow up of Peter Molyneux and the recent interview of Rock Paper Shotgun with him which was very rough with him, one part I glad someone has finally grabbed him by the collar going "why!?" yet the result is not a despicable man...just a naive man that is ever closer to the end of his rope.

This interview was journalism, it was games journalism. The quality is debatable but when 90% of game coverage is just PR and Advertising.....what is games journalism? Giant Bomb is a Games REVIEW site, Jeff is an Editor in Chief for review and criticism of game, yet in the current climate of things Jeff tends to be a better games journalist than most outlets. Sadly he doesn't make it official as his reports are simply just his interactions with developers friend or not in non offcial settings.

Patrick he is less a games reviewer and more a games journalist and he did his work. Interview dump truck, written interviews and exploratory reports on events E.G Eve online gathering. He was Scoops in charge of the news for GB, somthing I am starting to feel a an absence of good news and journalism around here, its not something that makes the site any less as the content they bring is what I want. However it was a nice extra.

So with that I start running out on people or sites I can recognise as games journalist and not game reviewers. We have Patrick Klepek, John Walker of RSP anyone else there, Eurogamer and Kotaku........that is my list that is my list for hard hitting journalism for people who ask the questions nobody wants to ask in fear of alienating the contact.

This is for INSIDE the games industry tho, outside well you have all manner of people to pick things apart and be as rough as John Walker was with Molyneux. Newspapers and Tech magazines that can burn these contacts and not ruin their job. While someone like Patrick or John Walker maybe strong games Journalist in their efforts...they still need to come back to this person 7 months and get the spoon fed interview of "Ok so this is out game. and this is why it will be great!" the semi PR semi advertising that is covering a game. Game reviewers who are not always reviewing become game reporters, they are the newsroom host who says "Good morning! In latest reports...." they instead go "In reports EA is releasing a new IP and it looks interesting, here is the info we have from an interview from a lead developer." then all questions are about understanding to better to express the game to their audience, many places simply become the PR release home or advert/teaser/trailer hub.These people cannot take a person to task over the games or industry or company as they are needed to be as free flowing with information as possible, or else you are now out of the job as no one is talking to you. So I ask....

"What is good games journalism?"

After seeing the equally flustering responses to the Peter Molyneux RPS interview and peoples opinion it was a joke of an interview and even Peter himself felt it was an attack. It makes me realise I do not know what good games journalism looks like and I do not know what bad games journalism is....well ok Kotaku helps guide in that aspect the same as a tabloid newspaper or TMZ guides news journalism, sure they have some good works but thats not the day to day.

I may only recognise the differences in games reviewer, games journalist, games reporter and further more the "Enthuthiast game reporter/review" (which ecompases the youtube crowd E.G Totalbiscuit and Angry Joe, with Angry Joe trying his hand at games journalism.) since I took Media and Communications in college and learned about journalism and news reporting. Which is also why I have formatted this in the form of an article.

Yet do other people? Is the world of games lacking game journalists? In a time you can simply go onto youtube and find a game reviewer or game reporter by just typing in the search box "Review" which only further muddies a journalist trying to be investigative by the fact companies now say "oh you want to talk to us? Well you see you have a reputation for being inflammatory and not helpful to our promotions.... we do not need you. This kid on youtube has 5 million eyeballs if we give him the game for free we get far more people looking than with you bad mouthing us. No deal."

News journalism is a day to day thing journalists dig for information even suit up and put themselves into danger for the "Scoop" while these people can lose their lives they do it nonetheless, a games journalist loses companies talking to him or jobs which is....kinda freaking important. I do not see it often It could just not be looking in the right direction....that too is possible.

There is a man I quit well respect as a news reporter and new journalist, his name is Jon Snow.....and no not "Jaaawwwhnn Shnaaaaawww" from Game of Thrones. Jon Snow the long time newsman of UK Channel 4 who has done his leg work as a journalist in his younger days now sends most of his older days sitting behind/on the news desk reporting and also taking people to task during interviews....yet....when he needs to, he gets out of that newsroom and heads into the field to report. Last year he reported on The Gaza conflict and this is not his first warzone and may not be his last.

However at times goes on the tenacity and drive it is being lost even in news reporting and it makes me feel it is long gone in games or maybe it was not there? Infact Charlie Brooker is probably the modern cross between the two, Charlie makes cutting satirist analysis of both mediums with profound accuracy, which that seems to be long the fact for such news reporting in the games industry, look back to Jeff's exit from Gamespot in 2008 it was Penny Arcades strip that broke the news in detail. Which is safe from being shunned from the people they have a symbiotic relationship with, while a few years ago Robert (Rab) Florence did a questioning article piece on "game journos" participation in companies giveaways to win games and consoles by advertising the event and sponsor with a tweet. This resulted in many "journos" being unhappy with him asking for their names to be removed with one person go as far as to sue for slander. Which caused friction between Rab and Eurogamer as they wanted to edit is article, while the person who started the legal train their recent employer was not pleased with their acts and let them go, with Rab leaving Eurogamer before that resolution.

Only demonstrating the dangers of even attempting to do some sort of Journalism in the industry, the most journalism that any outlet does it over scandals that have already broke, yet no one actually breaks these news stories they just happen and the industry reacts and in some cases...do not.

As much as I may romanticise the old ways of journalism, it certainly does not lend itself to modern days with games as Jon Snow demonstrates with Charlie Brooker vs a PS4.

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@joshwent: I was going to say this but you already have and in a better way.


Aside from the definitions of words and concepts. I thought it was already an accepted possibility that the universe is infinite as much as the big bang is an accepted possibility for the creation of the universe, the more contentions parts are the universe is expanding and may for ever expand, or it may contract and slam all matter back into itself....creating another big bang. With the universe expanding once again but differently....as if its a simulation rebooted. Maybe everything has happened before and will happen due to every matter doing the exact same as it has done before...or everything is new and we are the 1000000th big bang and the 3-3098-0298-5498-3098-239085-20938-023985-0928-59082-04982 sentient race living beings?

Those are the concepts you should be pondering than this seemingly new shock to you someone thinks the universe is infinite.

I mean look at this! THIS IS THE SCALE OF THE UNIVERSE! That star at the end swallows our solar system and more.