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I was reminded of the Ladder scene by this video which popped up in my youtube sub box a few months ago and now is the time to unleash it here

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66. Heists leaders MUST ALWAYS! set the payout of the finale to 5% and if they do not ready up...slowly increase the pay out until they do

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I had a friend like that, which made spending the weekends playing games with him hard as whenever I laughed at something funny in the game he took it as I laughed at him and would get pissed. It wasn't until he sent his PS3 controller boomeranging around his room one time he got pissed (it bounced around the room and back in front of him....broke the case a little from the throw.) I got up and said "nope not dealing with this, I am going on until you can calm yourself." he was better after that.....however I am no longer friends with him as other bullshit to do with him and his short temper.

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@lentfilms: I am a huge gundam fan (I have recently went Gundam Mad.... buying Japanese only games, building the models and watching series...) and for something like 15 years I looked at Turn A gundam and went "That is stupid! it looks stupid!" years later I learned more of the story and went "That is stupid! that sounds stupid!" many many more years later I watched Zeta Gundam and went "That was great! that is great!" and then watched Gundam ZZ and went "OH MY JESUS CHRIST THIS HORRIBLE! HOW COULD...WOW THIS IS TOO STUPID! WHAT!? WHY UGGGH!!!"

What I am trying to say is....I am open to watching Turn A Gundam as nothing could be worse than ZZ and this is from someone that knows how actually stupid G Gundam gets....fire the statue of liberty cannon at Neo japan....floating in space....its stupid but cannot be as stupid as ZZ.

So my list goes something like I am watching Gundam X and then its Turn A or Stardust Memory.

Which I ruined myself in trying to watch Gundam X and Gintama at the same time.

Gintama could be a very good parody comedy show...if it would stop telling stories! I need to go back to Gundam X which ironically I stopped at about the 10 episode mark...which is also the episode period that Sunrise went "Ok we are canceling the show early set things in motion to wrap it up!" yet its actually a cool part....so far at least.

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I suggest that anyone attending panels or cons who wants to ask questions have them written out on a notecard beforehand and avoid insider jokes and meme type comments. There's nothing inherently wrong with nervousness, but with a little prep work while you're waiting in line, folks won't come across halfway as awkward. Just ask genuine, interesting questions. Avoid the eye rolling minute long preambles.

And for the love of all that's holy and sacred to nerdiness, ONE question. One. Not a multi part question, not seven questions. One.

This years PAX and PAX south panel had a pretty decent one question or a two part quick answered question session. The year before had a lot of three questions in one and a few multi part questions which made is hard to endure. Glad this years was good on that front.

Beyond that doesn't matter what the question is, doesn't matter about the voice and doesn't matter about nerves coming across as the GB crew are always great in figuring out how to respond (unless its a 10 part ramble about the history of something and not in the form of a question.) so to all folks just do your best to get your words out and the quicker and sharper it is the easier it is on yourself and everyone else.

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Hmm you bring up a bit of a good point that is going to need some extra talking in the background from the GB Staffers and their web engineers. As Flash is on its way out so much so Youtube is becoming 100% HMTL5 so are alot of the rest of the web, meaning GB may have to look at its current set up and may have to evolve, as the HTML5 behind a paywall was some years ago as HMTL5 was not so prominent or important. A nifty extra (with extra cost to cover) which gave GB options to feel out the tech and move into if it became the main video....and it pretty much has now.

I dont know what the back room stuff is but it is something to consider if the technology has passed the policies, or the policies (HMTL5 behind paywall) is still a valid thing, since as demonstrated you're not even being allowed the free content unless you pay.

Need to see if a Staffer takes a look, as it is everyone is at PAX and staffers still in GB HQ are not gonna turn up till Monday. So you will have to wait and see.

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Some all over the place Jazz and some Funky suggestions from me.

First Fat Albert :Pocket lent, I found this on an album Hey Brother can you spare some Ska and was pleasantly surprised....by the whole album infact but this tune aswell. Skip to 1min odds for the music.

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I find it really hard to narrow a suggestion from the next band, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones as so much is sooooo good!!

Ok ok I think I need to start at the best...Victor Wooten.....let me follow that up. Victor Wooten is the funkiest bass player I have ever listened too...and his Brother is also in the Flecktones...he is weirder dude called Futureman he is the one with the Drumitar....yup just like a Keytar is a Guitar Keyboard....HE HAS A DRUM GUITAR! Which with his brother Victor us pretty good playing percussion ON HIS BASS with his Brother on Percussion Ooo wooooow.

Then you have Bela Fleck himself...he plays Jazz....on a Banjo. Banjo Jazz a hint of blue grass... I am still not done! For Jeff Coffin their wind instrument player is phenomenal...and can play two saxophones at once...

Let me show all of these separate then I will show you the awesome might of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones as one united Jazzy Funky power!

So ok here is Victor Wooten with JD Blair on drums playing the EVER so FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNKY!... U can't Hold No Groove on a Jazz program.

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Here is a Bela playing his Banjo with an Indian man on Indian Drums.

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Here is Jeff Coffin playing Double Saxophone.

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Here is Futureman talking about drumming and how he came to invent the Drumitar.

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Now let us mash the guys all into the one band....and you have Bela Fleck and the Flecktones! Well...one line up...lols.

Also in the Part 2 Victor breaks a string on his bass and he keeps on playing and keeping it sounding great.

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Bela Fleck and the Flecktones are simply amazing and with sounds like this.

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@paul_tillich: Well from the sounds of it you have been to a panel and done it, all the true novelty of being so die hard has worn off, so unless you plan to try and make some memorable moments or be part of them E.G Breast milk, twerk contests. Your time may be more worthwhile spent elsewhere that does not get archived, be is a panel, be it a indie game with no que and is fun or even just making memories with friends.

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@evilsbane: You make it sound way more broken than it really is my point. Not "Broken games are ok" a tiny bit of patience and WAY less melodrama, the way you put made it seem as disastrous as Colonial Marine and should never have been released. This is something that could have and probably did happen with 1.00 of Homeworld when it was first released guess what happened? 1.01 probably fixed it and far more hanouse bugs than the ones you encountered in the Remastered. Then if that didn't work they patched it again all the way up to 1.05 as it was last updated.

This has always happened and will always happen since patching after release was allowed, this situation is no different from when Homeworld 1 was released.

Patches ARE NORMAL. If you were coming to this 4 years from now and its the exact same THEN you can have your melodramatic post, as it is it has been 2 days being so defeatist is just being whiney , you need things in perspective.

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I have been incredibly excited for the Remastered release of Homeworld and Homeworld 2, I played HW1 and Cataclysm for uncountable hours and they are amazing games. Gearbox hasn't had the best track record recently but I was willing to put that all aside because I fucking love these games, and my god did they do a bang up job for most of it.

First it looks FANTASTIC my god, the DOF, the high res models, the backgrounds, the shadows aren't perfect but damn good enough overall it is a visual extravaganza and it sounds even better the redone music and sounds are top notch and if it wasn't for some missing sounds and misplaced sounds (Weapon sounds in particular are a little all over the place) it would be a damn near perfect soundscape.

So with all this being so strong whats wrong? They literally released this game with one of the most core aspects of HW1 completely broken, Formations, this is where you tell you strike groups what shape to take at all times, while it doesn't sound that important it is critical to battle because otherwise your fighters just fan out in a really haphazard way. Right now what happens is that when you assign a formation they will do so only to completely break apart the moment they get into battle flying around willy nilly and barely keeping individual ships in their sights long enough to attack. You used to be able to tell your ships to get into a Sphere formation and Guard a capital or support ship and they would literally form a 3D sphere around the ship and try to keep that shape at all cost, now they clump up "near" the ship in a useless ball of bullshit.

There are other bugs but nothing comes close to this it breaks such basic fundamentals of the combat, I really hope this gets patched and I will halt my playthrough of the HW1 campaign until this is addressed...if it is addressed.

Damn it Gearbox I wanna love you for remaking this game but COME ON!

This bug is the epitome of being a patch job at anytime and considering this day and age were games are broken for months on end. This one bug is tiny! Look at Rome Total War 2 that thing has been overhauled so much its not operational and none of the utterly game breaking bugs or moronic AI for your army and theirs THAT is a moment to lament and give up until a patch. This little bug however will only harm a purest your self that know the in and outs of HW.

Which is an huge overreaction, also....have you considered since HW1 in the remaster is literal smashed with HW2 (the skirmish allows all races and ships fight each other no matter about game mechanics changes between 1 or 2) that the formations and other things aside from UI is uniform and the same for both games. Meaning the formations are working as intended right now?