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But EA is running their own server network. It's a service they provide that is separate from Xbox Live. It costs money to maintain. When you resell a game the result for EA on the server usage side is the same as if someone bought a new copy.

No, the result is the same as if the original buyer was still playing the game, rather than selling it on. What's next, charging a monthly fee for a mere FPS just in case the original buyers play the game *too much* resulting in extra load? Also, matchmaking/statistic server costs are negligible (hence why Valve and pretty much any other company that's still operational still run the servers for decade-old games and even fan-made mods for them), they can run mutliple servers and games on the same backend depending on the load, and actual GAME SERVERS are run by the users, either dedicated as on PC, or peer to peer as on consoles, without added cost to EA. The companies' servers generally keep statistics and are the means with which you find other people to play with, other than that all the load is between the players and/or servers that are not EA's and hence present no extra cost for them. Heck, they actually give them an income on PC, what with having to pay EA for your server to be ranked and the players who play on them gaining statistics, ever since Battlefield 2.
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Eh, cameras are cool to have even if they're not used in games all that much so why not, it's only one more lens on top of the 2.

There's also that DS(iWare?) beat 'em up game where you make the backgrounds, fighters and their specials out of photos.

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Just like in real life, it's all about the angle and the lighting.

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Overrated movie, glad so many people skipped wasting their money on it, in a period where every cent counts.

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Neat concept, but that's all. If we all lived in spherical full-white rooms it would work well though. There was another similar idea recently with an actual screen in place of the projector (and not Wii related in any way, much like this thing actually, he just used the controllers, but still had to enhance their functions) which is more practical for every day environments but impractical due to the screen's weight and size for obvious reasons. Still, neat experiments all the same.

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There already are threads for this, I don't see why you need to make a new one but anyway, here:

First you say you just got RE4, then you're presented with 5 *really* diverse games but suddenly have played them all, and liked none. Not to mention you completely ignore a few more one-off suggestions of great titles (Muramasa, add Monster Hunter Tri to the list, etc). What did you get a Wii for then? Online FPS games? I'm really sorry but suggestions online cannot treat extreme stupidity if you really bought a system for games you enjoy on other systems and it generally doesn't have. And what of "fanboy games" (perhaps a better term is first party games)? You also don't like platformers, first person adventures, fantasy action adventures, racing, role playing tactics games? I guess not, since many of those were already suggested as third party titles as well. Just sell your Wii and spare us the attention seeking drama, don't you have any 360 games to actually play instead of (clearly) post shit like this for entertainment?
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2 page interview @ famitsu, mostly about the soundtrack. Andriasang translated it.

Mitsuda's involvement came far later in the project. Explained Takahashi, development was reaching a climax, and the staff had to select a final name from a set of candidate names. In the end, they chose to have "Xeno" symbolically appear in the name. Takahashi wanted to have some connections with the Xeno series, and because they had yet to make vocals for the end theme song, he decided to go with Mitsuda, who'd previously worked on Xenosaga's music.

So, although you'll find two of Japan's most cherished game music composers in the credits, Xenoblade's in-game music is headed up by Shimomura, with Mitsuda just heading up the ending theme vocals..

Shimomura didn't compose all the in-game music for herself, though. Monolith had to use a number of composers because the game has so much music. As an example of the abundance of music, the theme will actually change between day and night. Also, during battle, the music will change based off your party's status. In all, you'll find close to 90 tracks.

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I had my doubts over how atmospheric a side scroller like this can be but I think they got the look almost spot-on. I do wonder what aspects make the later game challenging though. Proper management of items like the spears? More agile enemies? I dunno, we'll have to wait and see...


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60 hours is low? For a MH game yes (well, not so much, it's comparable to Monster Hunter 1, which makes sense as it's a refresh rather than a game that stuffs all the old content together), for a game period, eh, no way? The online mode at least (most likely offline as well) has tougher quests to tackle based on your hunter rank (think Punch-Out!!'s title defense mode, same bosses but tougher) and you get better quality versions of their carvings to make better gear as well, so it's not like seeing each monster once means you finished all the game has to offer for those who enjoy its gameplay and would like it to last longer. There also are quests to beat more than one boss at a time and the event quests which can mix it up further by having say, a giant version of a boss to fight, as if they weren't big enough already. Etc. I'm sure you can play for well over a hundred hours even if you don't get obsessed with getting all the better gear etc.

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As long as you bring your little brother or someone else half your age, sounds like a plan. Otherwise I don't think they'll be impressed >_>