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Not if you're an of these. oldschool is the last one.
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Leave you alone? You weren't forced into this thread to defend Brad's honor.


Because they may like guns, mechs and aliens more than swords and monsters? Or they plan to get both?


False, the majority of reviews are positive. Not that I think it matters, but don't lie.


Take your own advice if all you can imply is "don't post your opinion because it's nothing more than whining about someone else's"

Awesome arguments as usual folks, good job!


Right on, but I don't see anything wrong with people pointing out the game is good (in their opinion) despite a bad review that's bound to be accepted here.
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Oh look, I have no arguments but I can call you a fanboy so I win 10 internets! Give it up, nublet, you're no match for my internets!

Well that's the first time I'm called a fanboy for something 360 related so I guess it's pretty entertaining and goes to show how people here treat arguments.

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@PufferFiz said:
lp2 is just like Monster hunter, the west just doesnt get it. or better yet have their hands held to much that when I game does something different they can't handle it. I for one will be picking up a copy real soon.
You're right, this perfectly explains how The West tore Final Fantasy 13 a new one because of its refusal to let go of the player's hand. Makes perfect.....wait a minute...
His (not so well written, but still obvious) point was that they want their hands held, and thus your sarcasm reinforces it rather than argue against it...
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@Trilogy said:

" @Linkyshinks said:

" @Bones8677 said:

" @Linkyshinks: You're slowly becoming a troll on these boards, man. "

 I don't partake in "Staff-elattio", get over it. "
No, you partake in rabid fanboyism. "
No, you.

When did this place become a casual gamers haven, I thought people around here generally hated the Wii and all that's (often wrongly so) perceived as casual, often mocking decisions like the inclusion of extensive tutorials or whatever, yet lately they excuse bad comments of every game that's harder than usual (MH3, LP2, Demon's Souls) with stuff like "it's a new gamer's pov" and saying shit like, "if a game can't be grasped in 5 mins, then it's badly designed"? Wtf?

Anyway, the controls in the first game were excellent but most people decided to hate them instead of learn how to play so I disregard pretty much all such comments about the sequel's controls. It's disappointing there are certain issues with the way the single player works and what not (though I've watched videos of perceived as annoying sections like the train ride and it seemed to be some of the simplest levels able to be finished with almost no effort at all), just as the original has its own flaws in that aspect, but I'm sure the overall game is still a fun ride and I'll definitely get the upcoming PC release, whenever it arrives.

When people say it should work like this or that other FPS game that you can pick up and play whether you've played it before or not it's like saying Bionic Commando should be as agile as the Metal Slug dudes or Megaman should be able to fire his weapons 360 degrees around him. Ie, it's a stupid claim.
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I don't see how it's so different to regular shmups just because the screen scrolls in any number of ways, thanks to being 3D. In the end it's just a visual effect, the enemies still come from all directions as in a shmup. It plays like a shmup that lets you fire in any direction rather than just left to right or bottom to top, and constantly shifts the perspective from side scrolling to forward scrolling, to whatever it wants any given moment, without changing the controls which allow you to move and dodge around the whole screen like any shmup (aside from sections you can't hover in and so are restricted to the bottom + jumping.

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If it's not so good anymore then how is this feature "sweeeeeeet"?

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@HaroldoNVU said:

@Al3xand3r:  damn those game developers getting money for their work. sell-outs!

Um, what the fuck are you talking about? He asked for "good" stories citing that article as bad, I provided "good" stories from that same article or related to it.
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@kingofpeanuts said:

Please read this article. It has made me lose all faith in most PC gamers. Please tell me a feel good story about PC gamers.  They can't all be this heartless, I was so disgusted by this article I bought the package for 25 dollars.

How about the other three quarters and the pre-bundle sales which made some of those indies, notably the World of Goo dudes (2D Boy), freaking rich?
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Good job to you, and to Endogene, but given moronic posts like the above I guess mods will once again be excused in locking it, instead of telling those people to behave. Or will things actually change this time? Yeah, right... I'm glad I didn't contribute anything otherwise I'd feel so used and thrown away >_>