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Open them in new window for full size. I don't think there's (m)any stuff that wasn't in the videos. Some interesting details from Sakamoto though.

- "It's certainly possible that in the future we'll go back to another 2-D Metroid using some of the ideas that have been generated on this Other M project. So please don't get the idea that this is the end of 2-D Metroid games."

- "There were certainly some members on staff who weren't entirely comfortable with committing us to a single control scheme, so they would ask questions like, "Couldn't we just make it possible to connect the Nunchuk and have an alternate control scheme in the game?" But I felt like that was essentially the wrong way to think about it. Like if you have to tack on other options like that, then you really are admitting defeat as a game designer. ...I felt like I really needed to prove something about why this was correct for the Samus universe in the first place."

- "We (Nintendo) would set forth a lot of design limitations where we'd say, "This is what a Metroid level looks like," and set those forward as prescribed ways of doing things for a Metroid game, but these guys (Team Ninja) had all of their own ideas from working on so many 3-D games recently that there was the opportunity for a lot of fermentation between the conflict of our two ideas. During the development process, I was going to Tecmo every single week to play the latest build, and I was shocked by how much the level-design concepts were changing and evolving."

- "I've come to think of her (Samus) almost as a daughter. I helped her grow up and I want to take her to as many high places as possible. I want to make sure that when she's in a game, she always has the chance to look cool and look really beautiful, and also that she has the opportunity to experience new challenges. So her development as a character is really the most important thing to me, and as I mentioned, this is a "serious touch" game. It might sound strange that I have such strong feelings for the heroine of a game, but I hope those feelings aren't out of place."

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Welcome to the world of cd-keys console gamers (and proof DRM measures are to cut 2nd hand sales, not piracy). Don't bother trying to fight this, nobody's going to support you just like you blamed/laughed at PC gamers when they tried to fight against similarly shitty actions. Enjoy it, it's only the first small step!

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Another US trailer:

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@Kintaro said:
@bhhawks78 said:
Rofl at people saying bad game design is ok because it's Japanese.
Too bad noone said that.
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@solidejake: good for you?
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Lol. I dunno if this is really planned but...

That's kind of overkill, Square, people don't want the whole arcade in their home version...
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Huh? If you don't think modable (at least in more than custom levels, which is also not that common) console games are rare, then you're simply wrong. This can be a good step for consoles to also start having modable games (but, UT3 could have been that start also), I fail to see how saying that is PC elitism.

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As long as the included game is good (unlike the first, imo) then okay, this is exciting. If they expect users to make all the good stuff (ie, good platforming physics and what not) then no thank you, I might as well play Garry's Mod, otherwise I don't tend to buy games for their mod possibilities alone. But I suppose considering it's a home console game, then that's a good step in the right direction, and maybe more companies will allow mods for console games, which is a good way to add value to a product (but again, not if the product itself isn't worth it). Well that's how I see it. The trailer's certainly making it look promising.

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You need to watch a documentary or two if you really think animals are thoughtless/emotionless...