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Oh, cool. Must have been after I quit. Or before I started? Whichever.

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It was an exploit, and it was fixed, so it wasn't acceptable.

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I dunno, they had zombies (again google helped me) I think. Zombies make anything cool...

...Well, almost anything.

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A return to form (IV), a remake (Legend), and a half-assed shitty game (Darkness) are overhauls? I guess we won't ever agree on this.

I only liked 1 and 4, I played the Legends demo but it didn't grab me.

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@Death_Unicorn said:
" @Al3xand3r: This is the internet, there is no morality.Therefore, sit down, have a drink, and have a laugh. "
Already on it :)
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But this other guy says it wasn't there!!!1 i dunno dude, whatever shit they run since whenever they realised they're gonna shut down, plenty of user screens (just google) show it's not how the game normally looks. And the GB crew didn't know you played on Xmas and it was like that.

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Well I don't know, maybe because it's not there in every freaking screenshot you can find online? At the very least consider a compatibility issue with your graphics card or something... And yeah, I'm a total mxo fanboy, though I never played it... Clearly some people are playing it, in that thread, at least? And again, no trolling here CL60, just telling it how it is. I also didn't comment on the website or its staff at all... in this thread. And again, I'm not the first to point out how ridiculous many of you are being... If you wanna think I judge you harshly because of some perceived dislike of mine for something mostly unrelated to your character, sure, whatever works for you. Keep calling me out!

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It's quite silly to mistake an effect, whatever reason it may be there for, be it Halloween or whatever shit it is, for an universal flaw, especially when it would take a few mins to figure it out. I mean, we didn't play the game, and already know about it. I also love how most people take its shutting down as proof that it's a shit game you can ridicule in every way, real or not, when the same people would laugh at anything World of Warcraft (at least considering all the "mmo fan" generalisations thrown around)...

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Most of the people there thought the video is hilariously bad too, and laughed at the makers. Same thing you people do for the thread.

Also I'm not the first here to point out how similar the haters here are being to the haters there... But CL60 and jakob just love giving me attention.

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Nope, you do.