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Yes, it's a counter attack. And no I don't mean the running, they have a charging attack like the great sword. And yes the running still does damage, and more than 1 hit too, and works underwater as well. This one shows some of the basics (no counter attack and stuff), charging is at 44 seconds in.

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It looks kinda weird... But they've got tons of time left.

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Weapons can have their own sounds (for example a rapier-like sword&shield sounds like you'd expect, all woosh woosh woosh), I'll guess you used some funny monster's parts for it. RE4-like aiming would be way too easy (just as RE4 Wii was way too easy compared to the PS2/GC versions), instead they require you to line up your shots much like the melee weapons do. Bowguns are for advanced play requiring juggling of multiple ammo types (that's why you then get four inventory pages instead of three) and are created with processes similar to armor sets, mixing and matching three different parts for different skill and stat bonuses, which also determine the weapon's weight and if it's gonna be light, medium or heavy, affecting your maneuvrability accordingly. It's cool stuff.

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It doesn't say by how many it will be remembered :P

I'm sure genuine shmup fans will lap it up.

13 reviews total now, more to come.

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It could be just about anything, including Kirby. Don't get your hopes up for anything specific.

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@The_A_Drain said:
I really like how nobody gives a shit that manuals are vanishing, yet you aren't complaining about the $1 you could be saving on the game?
People did complain about that elsewhere, mostly in the threads of the announcement, that is not what this one thread asked about.
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@Willy105 said:

If there were more people who owned Nintendo consoles, I am sure they would cover it more

Wouldn't they have to cover it more in order to attract those people? They started from a perceived zero after all, aside from groupies that moved from gs. They shaped their fanbase, not the other way around. And that's fine. They don't have to cover Nintendo. If they don't wanna grow further, or if they wanna grow via a particular audience, great, but then as they're so ignorant and out of the loop, they shouldn't comment on Nintendo at all, yet they generally do. Though that's a completely different issue than what's in this thread so I dunno why we're discussing it at all. As for your earlier haters gonna hate comment, yes, it very much applies, but in this case Jeff was the hater over a perceived issue with a magazine/game he has no experience with, implying this or that about their integrity or how free their staff are to express their opinion, without having worked there, without - apparently, like most people who rushed to say Nintendo pays ONM - knowing much about how magazines work, hell without even knowing much about its country of origin. I fail to see how people pointing that out are haters.

ONM is a separate entity to Nintendo, ONM's writers are doing everything they can to sell copies, but magazine copies, not game copies, as that's what their paycheck relies on, and a colleague who knows nothing about them trashing them via his work over PR is anything but professional, whether you think it's journalistic work or something just for fun, it's still his job, not a random blog he writes on the side. I really dunno why people keep bringing up Nintendo in here, this is about ONM and Jeff's uncalled for remarks that directly atacked an entity you could consider GB's indirect competitor in many ways (time spent reading UK mags is time not spent reading a website accessible from everywhere in the world, and vice versa) and in a period where print media struggle to keep being published. Not to mention that same company also runs various magazines, not all platform specific, as well as websites, with the staff often overlapping even, so he basically attacked all of them with this, as one branch of a tree is much the same as any other. That is at least immoral and unacceptable.
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Huh? Ditching manuals was clearly a move to cut costs further, why would they add an extra DVD instead? That SMG2 has it is for completely different reasons.

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Yeah, you are making a mistake, as you should get Shattered Memories on Wii instead, it's a much more immersing and robust experience on Wii. As for PSP games, shouldn't you research before buying? There are plenty good games on it - GTA (several in fact), Metal Gear (AC!D 1 & 2, Portable Ops, Peace Walker soon), Tekken (5, 6 & whatever), God of War (one released & another coming), Monster Hunter (Freedom Unite the latest & another coming), JRPG-ish titles (Disgaea, Crisis Core), and more - as there are for any current platform, but if they will appeal to your personal tastes is another matter you should have considered before ordering. One game justified getting a PSP yet the same game's superior (well, simply the intended) version didn't justify keeping your Wii?

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Neat...ish. They lack detail but they're a) not textured and b) based on not-very-detailed-anime-art-style. It does also say WIP. The proportions seem intentionally extreme, I guess he chose a more realistic style of "giant hands" instead of the puffy paws she usually has. These certainly don't look like they're game-suitable though, with that modeling style, more like 3D sculptures or something, possibly spline or nurbs based. Or he went crazy with sub-divide.