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I fundamentally disagree with the idea that it is "a mere visual effect" that can never, ever, in any way have an impact on the possibilities of interactive entertainment.

And I disagree with the idea current 3D tech allows for more, and await examples of how I'm wrong because if it's possible it would be kick ass. I see it like HDR, it can make visuals, atmosphere, immersion better, but if I turn it off in every PC game, either because my PC can't handle it or because I can't stand the effect like some can't stand 3D, the experience is mostly unaffected, and the developer doesn't have to do meaningful extra work to cater to both me and someone who doesn't disable it, therefor like the majority he chooses to support it so that he can show off his game at its best and as he intended without caring that a small percentage of his market will disable it for their own personal reasons. The depth information is hardly meaningful, the image is still 2D and still confined to the in-game camera's viewing angle, but with a different 2D image for each eye, which makes it seem more 3D to the user. Combined with headtracking it could perhaps lead to even more impressive results, but still not in gameplay as the headtracking itself would be sufficient to cover the purposes of that alone if the game somehow needed you to view things at different angles. I don't think the ability to turn it off discourages any developer whatsoever, when it's going to be the first system where EVERY user can have 3D on, as long as it doesn't give him headaches, without requiring glasses, a new TV, or anything. The 3DS (and likely the next PSP) will liberate developers who want 3D, not confine them. I don't see how gameplay uses are possible.
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No, we claimed that they're mere visual gimmicks that leave gameplay mostly unaffected if you turn it off so developers can support it and users can disable it with no real issue. I don't see how making a system that won't give headaches to people who can't stand 3D is discouraging developers from supporting one of its features when they wouldn't even have to alter much at all since, again, it's a mere visual effect. No examples given so far show how a game would be developed with different gameplay for use with 3D, and different without 3D, for the developer to choose the latter and not support 3D in the ways he wanted. It's not like it would require extra work to make the two versions' gameplay so different for them to choose to not support 3D just because a small percentage of users is bound to disable it.

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Lol @ those reviews. So he played games that didn't rely on dark atmospheres fine with those settings, that must mean that they're the perfect settings so he refused to change them for an actually dark title? The other one needs no further comment...

I didn't notice anything enhanced in HoTD 2 & 3 Return but that's cool they did that. HoTD 3 still looks absolutely fine actually, 2 not as much, but is a blast.

As you can see it's quite different from Overkill. No prominent retro movie filters but still cheesy so bad it's good type of story. Except it was genuinely bad I guess, not trying to do this on purpose. Also, calibration and smoothness is so good that with a gun shell you can easily disable the crosshair  unhindered.
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They lightgun games I mentioned are lazy ports, yes, but what does that have to do with anything? The games are arcade perfect as far as I can tell (well, maybe Ghost Squad doesn't run at its proper frame rate, I can't remember if it was 60 in the arcades, but in any case it doesn't hinder gameplay as it does in Overkill) and are a blast to play, with proper calibration and no technical issues. They launched at budget price so should be really cheap now. Get the Overkill lightgun shell alongside them and you'll have a blast for sure, as long as you like that type of game, unless you disliked their arcade versions. But I guess Overkill is enough for you for now, maybe try different genres instead like Little King's Story and Monster Hunter Tri, and get more such shooters later on.

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Agreed about Fragile, but I was quite disappointed with Overkill's low frame rate and less than perfect calibration which made it feel lesser to HoTD 2&3 Return and Ghost Squad. It's still a fun game for sure, but these two are the lightgun games I tend to recommend (more than Extraction, more than the Chronicles games, as they lack proper calibration). It's baffling so many games meant to be lightgun games skip the calibration process that SEGA has mastered with their own arcade ports and end up being "Wii remote pointing" games instead of near perfect arcade-like experiences that work great with lightgun shells like the sweet Hand Cannon. Now, not every game needs that, for example something like Sin & Punishment 2 is not meant to be a lighgun game, so "Wii remote pointing" and the nunchuck controls to actually move your character as in a shmup are the intended, and perfect, controls, but games like some I mentioned were clearly meant to be arcade-like experiences, yet fail to offer that. Some make up for it in some ways (like the length, visuals, and fan service of the Chronicles games) but it wouldn't have been hard to make the games even better, great even, simply by copying SEGA's perfected calibration process. </rant>

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Too bad we're discussing in this thread and not the others I guess. Funny this is the first time you see them as well, yet came up with that link quite fast after claiming you'd oppose all previous threads. And yes, the article's purpose is to say you can do this and this, it's not a piece of literature. Anyway, as said already Giant Bomb has no apparent problem with putting people off buying magazines, in fact the staff does that just as well. If you want that to change take it up with the staff to enforce rules but I'm sure that until someone confronts them they'd rather have the benefits of the forum hits and discussion instead, like GAF.

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@iAmJohn:  I don't see the entire article posted. Again, I see more harm with posting the information than screenshots that look like LBP. Feel free to disagree.

NeoGAF bans scans to avoid trouble, after a particular magazine contacted them. After that they  banned Western magazine scans, but then other people said it's unfair to treat them differently, so they banned Eastern magazine scans as well. You'll notice none of tham have any problems discussing the scans and exchanging links in private messages and openly admitting they saw this or that in a scan, as long as it wasn't a scan on NeoGAF. Giant Bomb, as of now, has no rules for that, so it's in a completely different situation than NeoGAF.
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You sound like a kid with the reasons behind joining. Kids with guns are dangerous. Don't join.

I'd also say the same to people who primarily wanna do this as a career, for the money to then do something else, for respect they can earn in other ways, to be fit, or any superficial things, than genuinely believing in a cause they're aware of (more aware than what the army tells) and being willing to sacrifice for it.

It's not a game.

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That's a poor excuse of an argument. Good job.

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Linky's point is that scans do not deter people from buying a magazine more than shitty uninformed articles that blame them of this or that without reading them or playing the game in question do. So, if you love Jeff's article so much and think what he wrote is fine, it's hypocritical to tell people who post scans off, since both may have the same effect on a magazine. Also, he only posted the screens, that's hardly what people would want to read the magazine for. Others already wrote in detail all that GI revealed with their article, but hey, that's also okay with you since it's not from a scan but from typing it out? Whatever.