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" @trophyhunter said:

" There is nothing wrong with the controls. People say they are clunky because they weren't copy and pasted from another shooter. Don't bash the game because its not a COD, Halo, GOW clone "

Don't presume that people who think the controls suck want it to play more like COD, Halo, GOW. That's such a lazy rebut and it makes you look like an infant.  "Well if you have a problem with the game go play Halo". Fucking dumb logic. Bad controls are bad controls. "
That you don't like them doesn't mean they're bad. Different strokes for different folks. I thought they were the game's best (and a great) aspect which made the game fun despite its limited arcade-like scope and repetition, and looked forward to playing with a similar style in a bigger and better game when LP2 was announced. I'll certainly try it out when the PC version is out despite what reviews say as I thought they bashed the first for the wrong reasons too.
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@Mystyr_E: Like said already, most reviews are positive, but the ones that are negative are REALLY negative, see my last comment. There have been more negative reviews since but also a few more positive ones.
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Well there are no gunlances but the lances now have counter attacks, and a charge attack like the great sword (but poking) and more movement options.

Insane. Only watch his first kill then turn it off, he fights another monster but ya should see it in person for the first time, not in footage :)
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None of your ideas would suddenly break and make the games unplayable if the user turns the 3D effect off, so the developer doesn't have to choose, he can implement it and it only adds to his audience that people who have trouble with 3D can still play his game mostly unaffected. I doubt you can estimate the speed and course of an object with such an effect better. It's just a small effect that makes things seem more 3D if it's anything like existing techs, it's not gonna emulate a stretch of a mile as if it's in front of you, or have an infinite number of viewing angles (which even normal screens don't, and hey, stereoscopic 3D is still made of what, 2 different images that are still flat on their own?). But hey, if you can do that, it's an added perk for people to wanna use 3D, but again doesn't render it unplayable for people who can't do that, as they have been gaming in this way in the same genres so far anyway. Just like people with one eye can still function fine in the world, even if not as good in certain situations. Many of your ideas are still mere visual effects like Rallier's GUI, just put to more effective use with actual game elements, like the ship in the shmup, or breaking the 4th wall, that 's neat but doesn't make the game unplayable if you turn it off. And again that 5% that wants to provide a unique experience with 3D that has yet to be explained with an example can just write on their cover that it requires 3D to be on, just as it should write it anyway so that people who can't work with 3D can avoid buying it. That the switch still lets people turn it off anyway makes no difference.

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Dude, girls could also play the Game Boy! Just like people who have trouble with 3D techs can play the 3DS! Wow! Nintendo's so silly with their names!

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@ryanwho said:

Obviously they've crunched the numbers to get to this decision, and recent history has shown them to be generally spot on.

What decision? They're just vaguely discussing stuff, admitting they've not done much for online play and that there's a lot of things to try in that field, among which is the potential for a fee for such services. Or not.
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Okay, it means a lot that's the best you can come up with, a mere GUI element that works just the same with or without 3D. How about solving that all important issue by having the tab both float AND blink in a different color AND have a sound effect so that people who turn the thing off and people who are colorblind can all tell when they can attack (unless they're deaf and colorblind I guess)? Problem solved, design not compromised, hurray.

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@Rallier said:

" @Al3xand3r said:

" @Rallier said:

" UI design is the main thing that comes to mind. "

Um, okay, and how is that more than a 3D effect that works just the same in terms of gameplay whether enabled or disabled? "
How about a tab that start floating when a character is ready for an attack in a RPG? Man i should be a game designer "
Okay, so it's floating when you have 3D enabled, and is not floating when it's disabled, How does that affect the gameplay, for the design to be compromised if the designers feel that many users will turn the 3D off? It's the same game and just has a 3D effect, when enabled. How is that more than a 3D effect?
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@Rallier said:

" UI design is the main thing that comes to mind. "

Um, okay, and how is that more than a 3D effect that works just the same in terms of gameplay whether enabled or disabled?

@Willy105 said:

Sounds like a stupid reason to stay with a last gen console and not go into next-gen. You probably never bought a current gen console because you thought HD and motion control were dumb gimmicks. Why get a new one when the PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube still work fine?

Dude, SEGA Saturn is where it's at, Shining Force III, Grandia, Nights, Panzer Dragoon, and a lack of Sonic games, what more do you need?
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Like what function can there be other than a visual effect? That's all these 3D techs are. What do you expect, interactive holograms? In any case it's not hard for a game to have "Please keep the 3D function enabled for the full experience" on the cover, or the back of it. Heck, it should be stated if it requires that anyway (still don't see how it can require it, but anyway) for people who have trouble with that tech, so they can easily avoid purchasing it. That's like saying having a wi-fi switch is the reason people don't make online PSP games (which they don't, but that's not the cause).