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Well I wasnt sure how spoilerific to get since some people dont have it yet. I guess spoiler warning follows:

I am stuck at wiring the repair bot together, I have wires for it but I have no real indication of what is correct. When i put it in the charging station i just get a bunch of symbols which i understand the layout they are corresponding to on the robot but i dont know what layout is required.

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So im at the end of act 2 I think.

If anyone else beat it I'd like some help with a puzzle.


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So im at the end of act 2 I think.

If anyone else beat it I'd like some help with a puzzle.


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Thought id try streaming some of the gameplay

welcome to check it out


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@ SpaceInsomniac  glad you liked it..  i was considering putting them on youtube.. but i dunno if the quality is good enough.. also theres a bit too much swearing and repetition on some levels :p
I went through all of N+ levels and dlc and i'd say this game.. atleast where im at now..  seems a step up in difficulty..  atleast if you're gonna get A ranks on all dark world levels.  beating the main game might be at the same level as N+ or a little easier.. 
btw im basing this on playing with meatboy only.. i havent unlocked all the chars or really attempted to play with them..  there is a chance that it gets way easier with some super char you unlock..

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I managed to go through the whole game from start to finish, while streaming..  all the "light" worlds with A rank and most bandages i could find .. if you're stuck at any of those just skip through my archives and take a look see at the recent clips.
 will get around to dark world and all warp zones eventually
p.s  sever profanity might be heard .. as game gets frustrating while played in marathon crack sessions :p

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yay lottery for the win!
*uses jedi mind trick to avert gaze to post*

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The Multiplayer Marathon is an effort of the gaming community on to raise awareness and funds for the noble Child's Play Charity, which works to provide toys, games, books and cash for sick children in hospitals across the globe.
Beginning Saturday morning on November 8th, participating broadcasters and gamers will be playing only multiplayer games for 36 hours straight.

Broadcasters will be playing games live on, encouraging viewers to participate in the multiplayer game play and contribute donations directly to Child's Play. 

100% of the donations will be going directly to Child's Play using ChipIn's widget.  We will not be handling any funds.

Join us for some great multiplayer games and consider contributing to an excellent cause!

I hope you guys stop by and check it out.
We're playing a ton of games and the casters are trying to get viewers in on the games.
I am personally streaming during the marathon at as well. Trying to get some multiplayer gaming going..  gta4/burnout paradise/  gears/ bomberman live  / etc
Any suggestions are welcome. swing by and check out the games!

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I just got a few emails in my inbox saying  this and that submission was approved.
Is there someway to shut these emails off? I couldnt find anything in profile preferences.
Also is there a search forum button somewhere? maybe im missing it.
Edit... nevermind i found the preference.. it was a tabbed window under the settings.. kinda missed it.
I still need to know how to search forums.. anyone?

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