A Playstation Vita Phone would be pretty cool

I played a lot of rpgs whose stories I barely remember, generally as a result of playing them when I was much younger. Out of all these games, the only one I still have access to is FFVII, and that's only if the disks are still around somewhere in my home or my brother's. Anyway, I've been considering getting a PSP to further my goal of owning every game I've ever enjoyed in a modern format. This was originally the intro to my list of such games, but I realized it was way too long and broke it off into this blog post.

A while ago, I was considering a PSP Go, but my number one list item here wasn't available. I could have settled for the PSOne Classics version, but doing so knowing there was an updated version would have bugged me to no end. Now the Go has everything I could want for now, but the Playstation Vita is looming. I assume PSP downloadable games will be available on the Vita, otherwise it wouldn't even be up for consideration.

The Vita will be expensive, but it will undoubtedly have its share of good rpgs just like the PSP seems to have had. The FFX remake and Persona 4 re-release come to mind, and I'm sure there will be more. However, the fact is a lot of the Vita's functionality, such as music playback, overlaps with my smartphone, which I already have. If I were to get one, it would be a situation similar to the one my DS is in, where I only have it on me if I anticipate using it. A better solution would be if I could just have it on me all the time, but handheld systems these days are kind of cumbersome to carry around in my pocket.

That's where the Playstation Suite comes in. I wish. Looking up the Xperia Play, it seems that Playstation Certified devices are their own platform separate from the PSP stuff. If in two years when my contract is up Playstation Certified phones could play PSone Classics and downloadable original PSP games, I would be set. If they could also play Vita games, that would be perfect. I don't know how reasonable that is, but dreams don't have to be reasonable right?