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@shadowzap64: Thanks a bunch! The third code was taken, but I got the second one.

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Hi everyone,

Just a clarification. I see your points that a lot of the branded enhanced frame rate stuff like TruMotion or whatever is actually detrimental when playing video games because it adds input lag.

Is this also the case when when a television advertises a "native" refresh rate of 120 Hz? Basically, are "real" high refresh rates as defined in this article beneficial when playing video games? Or is it still of no benefit? The idea is that it should display faster moving pictures without blurring right?

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@daze: Thanks for the tip. That would probably be awkward in combat, but would definitely help for pulling dudes.

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The range at which you can lock on to targets seems inconsistent. Sometimes you can lock on from pretty far, and sometimes you're like 10 feet away and can't lock on. Since you can't aim sorceries the way you can aim a bow, it's really annoying when an enemy you could easily take on is posing trouble to you in a situation where you feel you should be on equal ground.

P.S. Before the game came out, I heard you could aim sorceries now. Did I imagine that? Or have I just not figured it out? I tried holding my staff in both hands and pressing L1/L2 like with bows and crossbows, but it didn't work.

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@cameron: That makes sense. I'll see if I can see what one looks like at native resolution out of curiosity. Thanks for the info.

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@hamst3r: I didn't check. That's a possibility, although it would be weird if they didn't have their display unit on the setting that people would be looking at the device to see. The next time I go over there, I'll ask.

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Hey everyone.

I was under the impression that higher resolution displays let you "see more" on a screen of the same size. For example, if you had a web page open on two displays, one with a higher resolution would let you read more before having to scroll down. However, I was at the mall today looking at Macbooks, and I noticed that I didn't really seem to see much more on a Retina Pro than an Air. But I could swear I've heard people talk about buying higher resolution monitors, for example to have two windows side by side more comfortably. Am I mistaken?


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Sorry if someone else already mentioned this, but did they ever explain why the Enterprise didn't burn up on re-entry into Earth's atmosphere? They said it would if they couldn't get the power back, but by the time they got it back, they were already in atmosphere, right?

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I didn't see anyone mention it so I thought I would. Blizzard has posted an update on PVP. Long story short, they had been spending time making a team deathmatch mode, but they decided it didn't work in their game so they shelved it. They are working on putting dueling into the game while they think of a more suitable "big" PVP mode.

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I totally thought "Ex Troopers Puppeteer Yaiba" was a game initially. I imagined it was something like "Ex Troopers Puppeteer: Yaiba", an offshoot of some series called "Ex Troopers Puppeteer". But then THAT sounds like "Ex Troopers: Puppeteer", some offshoot of some series called Ex Troopers. So I guess it would've had to be "Ex Troopers: Puppeteer: Yaiba". Now I'm wondering if there are any game names with two colons in them.

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