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I love Nintendo! Got a Wii in my bedroom. I was not dissing it. :)

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That's so cool about the PS Vita Games. Something Nintendo is far behind on. With great titles like this game and Call Of Duty Black Ops Declassified Ill be getting one soon. I hope Grand Theft Auto also comes to the Vita soon. It surely will in time.

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Hey guys, I've been playing this Beta steady. I love it. It is obvious that kratos is a favorite to many and he has a lot of great moves. Right now I am trying tomaster a different character so I can try and beat him online with another character. My favorite is Radec, I feel his is the second most powerful in the beta so far. But maybe any character can be most powerful with enoguh practice! I am going to pre-order this game for sure. I found a place offering a free copy for PS Vita and free extra costumes for all the character with the ps3 pre-order. Seems legit I just dont know if I can really stand for it to be mailed to me. Im going to want to play right away. Anyone wanna add me on ps network and battle? PM me if you do!

;) Al