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Got this Vizio 50" last December and really like it.

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Good or bad, I'm looking forward to anything that might have a chance at ending the "it's like Dark Souls" trend in describing every game ever.

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I bought the hell out of most HD collections released on PS3 because:

a) they were games I hadn't played in 8+ years
b) the jump from 480i 4:3 to HD 16:9 with stable framerate felt significant
c) they were appropriately priced at like $30-40 for 3 games.

Also they just kind of appeared without much marketing at a time in the console cycle where there were already plenty of new games worth playing.

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As someone that played most of these games getting released on PC at 60FPS 1080P and still waiting on a reason to buy a current gen console, I really hope E3 has some exciting news or something to look forward to or I just might be done with consoles.

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I wonder how Elite will control on an Xbox One. I was under the impression that even if you played with a controller you would still want to have a keyboard nearby. Maybe they can do something with Kinect voice and head tracking.

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Some people also use gold to buy carries through raids/challenge modes/pvp for titles, reward mounts, chances at loot. Once high end guilds have cleared the top raid difficulty and have gotten what they want out of it, many will then sell carries until the next content patch comes out. Other than that, or buying a rare minipet off the auctionhouse instead of farming it, gold really isn't all that useful in WoW after a certain point.

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I have cable only because I moved less than a year ago and the Internet+TV package was cheaper than the internet only package for the first year. I've used it like 4 times in 9 months.

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I had tried for years to get my brother to play Skies of Arcadia: Legends and he never made it out of the tutorial dungeon. Finally he gave it another shot and got several hours in, and seemed like he was well on his way to playing through it. Since I hadn't played it in a long time, watching him made me want to play though it too. Thanks to unconscious muscle memory I overwrote the save in slot 1, his save, with a super early save of mine. I felt terrible and neither of us has touched the game since.

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I seem to recall the $20 value proposition being a big thing when Gone Home launched. That coupled with the fact that nobody could explain what the game was without starting to spoil it (I thought it was a horror game) caused me to wait until it was 75% off to pick it up.

The Order might be a better value at 75% off as well, I dunno haven't played it.