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Gee, thanks.

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I was a sophomore in college, still in bed in my dorm room. But my roommate was up and so my door was unlocked. My friend who lived next door burst in unexpectedly and just said turn on the TV. If I recall, he didn't have one in his room. I was still half asleep and didn't quite grasp what was happening. For the rest of the day we kind of all just didn't go to class (they got cancelled eventually anyway) and watched the news on TV and barely spoke.

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Are you using an android phone or a pc? I saw another thread a while back with a similar issue when using a phone, but pc worked.

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Apparently it's a standalone $20 expansion that takes place in hell according to Kotaku. I guess that's a good stopgap until something new or a true sequel comes along.

During a PAX panel Volition just announced a new Saints Row. It's called Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, and it'll be out on January 27th for $19.95. It's standalone expansion pack for Saints Row IV in which you play as Gat or Kinzie. It's coming to current and last-gen consoles, as well as PC

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Unless it can run existing games at a better framerate in 3D mode (Zelda was fine but Pokemon was terrible), I'm perfectly content with my regular 3DS until any new first party exclusives that only work on it come out.

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You should be able to leave the one time password field blank as you don't have that setup on your account.

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Here's the most recent screenshot I could dig up. I probably have 80+ addons but most of those are one-offs that don't really need any setup. The major ones, like unit frames, action bars, and boss alerts, still take some initial setup to get right, but that's mostly a one time thing and patches don't break everything catastrophically like they used to. Also Blizzard has done a pretty good job of updating their UI and combat information that you can get by without many of the once thought "mandatory" addons but I still find the stuff I run useful.

And yes that's me getting Thunderfury on a mage.

Edit: Found a video that shows off combat a little better, if you're into videos.

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I don't have an android device to test with but casting a chrome tab from my pc and watching a GB video fullscreen works fine for me.