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I got 623 achievements unlocked simultaneously 1week and 4 days ago, and then 15 recent ones a week ago. Guess it works again... or something. Now for my first S-rank (in Just Cause 2! :))

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I manually re-added my Steam account to see what would happen. The result? "Still collecting data, currently #6954 in line." This has decreased by about 5 per day since then, which gives me the nagging suspicion there's a gigantic backlog of these requests and that it's doing them one at a time. Will be a while before I get anything on my profile, I suspect, which is a shame since I like that feature. Oh well...

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I'll believe this when I hold a copy in my hand... but looks more promising than in a while! Now, if only the same thing would happen to Firefly... :s

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The entire Heroes of Might and Magic franchise! And some others, but I can't think of any off the top of my head momentarily... I'll probably recall some later today or tomorrow though, after I've finished extrapolating knowledge from said head for my psychology exam :P