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Is this some creepy cross-promotion for CBS?

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Sorry, I had to restart the computer and all those credits are now stuff dreams are made on. I commend them to the server log.

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After video capping the entire credit sequence - since there is no manual to be found on the Steam page - I painstakingly for two hours transcribe every single name behind Scribblenauts Unlimited, nervously hit the save button and I get a red banner saying something has gone wrong. In Chrome's console it shows a 500 error on the POST.

I am not going to close this bloody tab. I spent way too much time with all these damn names. Re-enabling the Save button and using that also gets the banner and 500 error. If it helps I do not have enough wiki points to edit without moderation.

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@kycinematic: I don't disagree with the sentiment but the hypocrisy of a member of an all-male team of game industry personalities saying sexism in the game industry is bad. He is correct, but it damages his message considering where it is from. If he was really concerned about sexism in the game industry maybe he would instead do something since he is in the position to, like, push to hire or promote a woman to the editorial team, rather than simply write a news article about a hashtag.

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I'm glad to see that Giant Bomb is continuing to provide a diverse and balanced perspective via its team of all white male American personalities.

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Same problem, Australia here.

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I can't believe they use that chintzy virtual set non-ironically over there. It's like from a T&E bit or something.

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I think it's pretty clear that if anything we need more smaller governments. If you have too much distance between the rulers and the ruled, it's really easy to abstract away how things actually affects real people, and it's really easy to feel completely powerless. The city state is basically ideal; any government greater than that is basically a scam. City states let the cities specialise industry based on geography and so on, which is more efficient, and also leads to greater interdependency, which helps to maintain peace. Microgovernments also mean that the damage they can do is limited - they can't raise a particularly large army, they can't screw up the environment very much, and they don't have enough that invading would be the worth the cost of destabilising the area.

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