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I just want to be able to log onto the internet and not be told I'm a misogynistic bastard because I enjoy saving the princess in distress, and have to endure every politically correct media-representative saying "Not that it's wrong to like X/Y" whenever they mention a relationship in a video game, as if its politically incorrect to want to be sexually attracted to a woman as a male (or vice versa).

Where's my elitist support party that villainizes everyone that doesn't think like me?

You're missing the point. There will always be games where you rescue the princess and no-one is saying they should be eradicated or it's wrong to play them. The issue is there are far, far, fewer games where you rescue the prince, and this imbalance should be addressed.

Your elitist support party already exists - depending on the strength of your convictions it's probably the Republican party or the Westboro Baptist Church.

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Cooking advice from Ryan Davis:

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Oh god.

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I've noticed people discussing the rapid nature of Fitzroy's development, but as I was playing the game it made sense to me. Here's my line of thinking: Elizabeth and Booker casually jump into alternate dimensions to save the gunsmith. First, to a reality where he is still alive, and then to another where his machines are not confiscated, without any thought to the other changes that were necessary for those worlds to be different in the way Elizabeth requires. Chen Lin is alive in reality 2 because the Vox are stronger and the Founders never got to him, and then in reality 3 they are stronger still. Why are the Vox stronger? Because, at least in part, in each reality Fitzroy is different. Fitzroy 1 may never have been on the path to lead the Vox to full-scale war, but Fitzroy 3 is a psychopath. Fitzroy 1 does not develop into Fitzroy 3, she is still back in reality 1, waiting for her guns that will never come, losing her battle.

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I think it's a truism that in general, nobody has any proper understanding of the time, work and cost of any job other than their own. As a result people have an unrealistic view of how much money is needed to make anything, including video games.

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@melonmasher: If you left the dark tunnel the way you entered, you are indeed lost.

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Once again, Patrick walks into a room and puts out a huge pile of rope. Once again, the morlocks of the Giant Bomb community rush in and start tying it around their necks...

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What really got to me in that final scene was the "Clementine will remember..." captions. Before, they were always there to let you know that your decisions would affect the story down the line. Now they are telling you that Clementine will remember your advice after you're dead.

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Well done, guys! But seriously, no "Twilight Zone" parody?

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@bearklaw19: I had worried about Dead Space before I bought it, and there are still parts of 1 (and to a lesser extent 2) that I wouldn't look forward to if I replayed them today, but it's not the scariest game out there in my experience. I bought both Siren games for the PS 2 at the same time (when 2 was new), played about an hour of each and sold them again. Then called myself a coward and bought them again, and still they sit, in my pile of shame, waiting for me. I've since finished Blood Curse on the PS3, but those two originals, man. Spooky as hell.