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Posted by albedos_shadow

Holy crap, I actually followed through on something I said I would do.

Posted by Breadfan
Posted by Breadfan

Oh and for your back log game should should play KOTOR.  I just started a new game in that the other day, still great

Posted by MaypoMan

Look at it this way:  you payed $20 to play as a little girl named Sharte, whose main attack just happens to be "tooting" her horn.  That should make you feel better.  I think.

Posted by albedos_shadow

The puppet is named Sharte. Get it right.

Posted by snide

Awesome vid duder! Keep it up.

Posted by coonce

dude - great job with the video -- its got great cadence, and its awesome you did it all in one take --- you're a natural.