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@ TheDeadComedian, I would try downloading from a different download region server. Open up steam, on the corner of the window click on File -> Settings, then on the tab labeled "Downloads".. under there switch your download region to another close server then it will ask you to restart your steam. Hope that helps.
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@ Leptok, yeah it happened to me too, it's a bug.. a random bug. I even had it happen to me. but as for hackers i have yet to encounter any, make sure you click on punkbuster enabled servers to make sure.
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Well i wouldn't recommend it so much for 1 main reason and that's the number of Stream Processors (not listed on it has.. The 4650 has 320 Stream Processors and well it might cut it for some games but many of the newer ones it will not. Now some may tell you to just wait and purchase a AMD 5000 series video card and that may be true, your decision but if you're still looking at 4000 line of video cards then may i suggest a video card with 800 stream processors the HD 4850.. you can find them quite cheaply on ... etc. They are fairly reasonable for only slight more expensive the HD 4650 you listed (800 Stream Processors vs 320 Stream Processors). Without getting too technical in case you're interested.. stream processors in it's less confusing way to say are what helps control the data flow of what's going on screen (the more you have, the more stuff that can go on  simultaneous) and quite possibly the most important componet to a video card.  
So in short don't go with that video card.. go with a HD 4850 (if you like AMD cards) and it'll be a little more expensive than the 4650 but much better payoff.. I found some reasonable priced HD 4850 for you on Amazon (1GB) and one on Newegg(512MB)  ....they're kind of rare now-a-days. If you're interested in the new DX11 card from AMD then a similar card will be a HD 5770 and here is a whole collection of them via Newegg. Cheers.
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It's been the same with the map pack for CoD4 and the 1st map pack for WaW, it usually takes 2weeks- 1month (usually) after they release on the consoles. They do this IMO because there would be many angry gamers if they simultaneously released it on the PC for Free with a patch. Can't really blame them, besides we get to play with mod maps in the Zombie Game Mode that are just as good as the soon to be released zombie map.

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Sounds like fun, I'm a PC gamer so I'd be getting this soon with a patch for free (= so I'm looking forward to it. I envy you for having it earlier than us, but it's worth the wait if it's for free. Yeah I'm looking forward to the new zombie map.

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Good read Brad! Yeah this year is packed with sequels and like you I'm also looking forward to playing some of them since I loved many of their first games.

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I recommend Mass Effect, but a word of caution... many and I mean MANY people have had problems running this game for whatever reason including crashing to the desktop, not starting, etc. So if you do plan on getting this game just watch out for that (though Bioware has promised a patch out soon), nevertheless it's a great game when it works on a computer. And for $20 on steam, why not? (=

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I agree with oDawg, the 4770 is a great value going for around $100 (trust me its way better if you spend $100 on this card than $50-70 on a crappy one). I would recommend to buy it off of only for thier great return policy and they usually sell a product for its lowest price around. So I would go with, only problem is that every 4770 card is sold out there:

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It depends, but the answer is mostly no, it's not the same. To make things short and less technical, a lot of programs are optomized for dual core processors so you will benifit from a dual vs single. Also, you have realize that there's more to how well a processor is than its speed, you have see it's FSB speed, it's HT speed, it's manufacturing technology, and it's memory size (L2 Cache, L3 Cache, etc). So there's more to it than just adding 2ghz, besides it's less conventional to have a single core seeing how everything just works better dual core. If you go with the 2ghz dual core processor hypothetically speaking, just overclock it as much as you can, that'll show that single core processor a lesson!

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Well the 4870 and 4870X2 are great cards, but I wouldn't just recommend those 2 cards, there's plenty of Nvidia cards that perform up to par.

EVGA GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 896MB

EVGA GeForce GTX 280 1GB

EVGA GeForce 9800 GX2 KO 1GB

These are great cards and seem to be on par and even outperform the 4870 on real-life benchmarks (not those crappy in-game synthetic benchmarks). If you want the 4870, there's nothing wrong with that, it's a great card and great peformance but just know that there's other cards that outperform it in game performance. Whatever you choose these cards will "t-bag" xbox 360 graphics all day, lol.

EDIT: One last thing I would like to mention is buy a video card with more than 512MB. Games now-a-days need more memory for large tectures and so forth.

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