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@lagaroth said:

Recently started playing again after a few years away. Was in the guild for several months right after launch, Lagaroth.9021.

Favorite content recently has been Drew and Dan quicklook terrible Steam survival/horror games.

Invite sent! See you in-game!

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@thehuffness said:

Hello there!

I just picked this game up over the weekend and am really enjoying it so far. I'd love a guild invite, my name is Peter.9602. My favorite Quick Look has to be Euro Truck Simulator 2. Also the UPF where Jeff plays the Beverly Hills Cop game.

@gike987 said:

I know that I sounded pretty down on the game in the other thread, but could I rejoin? I'm having a decent time with the living story quests (which I bought). Username: gike.8629

Mostly watch Quick Looks, although I like most of the video content. I'm a PC only gamer these days so anything involving the crew trying to understand weird, complex, or janky (preferable all three) PC games is always funny.

Invites have been sent to both of you. Be sure to hit 'represent' in the guild panel and let us know if you have any questions.

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@nicedogthebountyhunter said:

Hello all,

I'm thenewpacman.6370 and I'm a brand new GW2 player who would love to join. As for my favorite GB content, that may have to be the Burnout Paradise TNT. Pretty much the best thing Avril Lavigne's ever been a part of. Hope to play with you guys soon.

Invite sent! Don't forget to hit "represent" in the guild menu after you join, or you won't get any of the boosts. See you in game and be sure to hit us up on the mumble if you have any questions or just want to hang out.

@musclerider said:

Just bought the game. Name's jjvirt.6150

All about those endurance runs.

I tried sending you an invite and it errored out as an incorrect account. Can you please double-check your id and let me know?

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Just started playing again and really feeling into it! IcySandman.9285 Leveling feels really easy I've gone up from 20-44 pretty quickly.

@nophilip said:

OK! Now that I'm actually able to get into the game again, here's my info:

Username is nophilip.9528 and my favorite GB content just might be the Story Hour: Adventures quick look.

Invites have been sent to both of you. Make sure to set yourself as representing and see you in game!

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I will be checking this thread and my messages all day. If anybody needs an invite, either PM me or post info here. I will get back to you as quick as possible.

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As a heads up, If for some reason you requested an invite recently or in the past and never received, send me a message here with your account and I will invite. remember to include your number code

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I'll check it out when it goes on sale

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The market doesn't need to be watched over by some erudite keeper-of-ethics at the expense of competition, especially when everybody is getting paid and getting what they want. Video games are like any other piece of media. People will find out what something is worth to them and then pay that. Rohrer is up his own ass if he doesn't realize that a lot of people can't afford to pay full price for everything they want to play, or that things aren't always worth what the content creators think they are. That is the only power the consumer has. The reason people get excited for steam sales is because they are actually good. You have a more than decent chance of finding recent, quality games for 50% or more off. I could not play nearly as many games if I had to purchase everything at full price. I win and the people that make the content win. Some people are crazy hoarders or collectors, you aren't going to fix the holes in their personalities with some quixotic fucking nonsense.

His games are pretty cool, but the gall of saying

"But at the same time, me, as a developer, being turned from a millionaire into a multimillionaire, by effectively tricking a bunch of people into wasting money on something they’ll never use? I, personally, don’t feel good about that."

You didn't trick anybody, you little shit. If I don't need something, and I haven't needed a video game in my entire damn life, I wait until I can get it cheap. I'm not normally the internet fury person, but fuck this guy.

Edit: I have a lot of games in my Steam library. I have played most of them, some I haven't yet. I also have books in my actual library I haven't read yet. When it comes to my hobbies I get things that stand out to me if it makes sense to. It is none of the concern of the authors whether I read their book yet or where I bought it.

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I in no way can process this right now. My condolences to his family and friends. He has been a ubiquitous in my day to day life for years. Please keep the community updated with anything we can do or any information you guys deem ok to discuss.