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As a heads up, If for some reason you requested an invite recently or in the past and never received, send me a message here with your account and I will invite. remember to include your number code

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I'll check it out when it goes on sale

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The market doesn't need to be watched over by some erudite keeper-of-ethics at the expense of competition, especially when everybody is getting paid and getting what they want. Video games are like any other piece of media. People will find out what something is worth to them and then pay that. Rohrer is up his own ass if he doesn't realize that a lot of people can't afford to pay full price for everything they want to play, or that things aren't always worth what the content creators think they are. That is the only power the consumer has. The reason people get excited for steam sales is because they are actually good. You have a more than decent chance of finding recent, quality games for 50% or more off. I could not play nearly as many games if I had to purchase everything at full price. I win and the people that make the content win. Some people are crazy hoarders or collectors, you aren't going to fix the holes in their personalities with some quixotic fucking nonsense.

His games are pretty cool, but the gall of saying

"But at the same time, me, as a developer, being turned from a millionaire into a multimillionaire, by effectively tricking a bunch of people into wasting money on something they’ll never use? I, personally, don’t feel good about that."

You didn't trick anybody, you little shit. If I don't need something, and I haven't needed a video game in my entire damn life, I wait until I can get it cheap. I'm not normally the internet fury person, but fuck this guy.

Edit: I have a lot of games in my Steam library. I have played most of them, some I haven't yet. I also have books in my actual library I haven't read yet. When it comes to my hobbies I get things that stand out to me if it makes sense to. It is none of the concern of the authors whether I read their book yet or where I bought it.

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I in no way can process this right now. My condolences to his family and friends. He has been a ubiquitous in my day to day life for years. Please keep the community updated with anything we can do or any information you guys deem ok to discuss.

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This isn't as bad as it sounds. I did a bunch of research on this, and

To continue reading this comment, purchase our Platinum Comment Pak™ (available only on Origin™), or purchase five (5) Crest™ products between now and May 8th, 2013!

amazing and terrifying.

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The Anti-Patrick group present on this site will never stop disgusting me.   Patrick has added a level of detail in news for giant bomb (the podcast and the site) that had never been present previously.  All the stupid shenanigans still happen, but there is also serious news/topics discussed.  The depth of commentary and everybody's sphere of experience grows slightly larger and healthier in the process.   Get over your fucking selves or go away.  I like when Giant Bomb does more,  which is exactly what every addition to the crew has allowed it to do. 
As far as this story.  I liked this article much more than the original one.  This isn't entirely for the other perspectives (although they were nice to see), but the change in focus.  What was more important was the sexual grotesqueness of the figure, not just the surface sexuality of the curvy lady in the bikini.  This piece of marketing is the definition of lowest common denominator. They seem to be trying to both titillate and shock with very little sense of irony or class.  It does send bad messages and it does paint the game buyer as some sort of ghoulish torture buff.  It is the equivalent of the creepy- sexy anime action-figure, except put front and center as a "draw" instead of some niche fetish.   
I don't think the developers should be run out on rails or forced to apologize, but people should take notice and think about the way they want this industry to develop.  As somebody who has a rabid interest in games as a pastime and an industry, this is the kind of thing I have to talk around when I am trying to explain why games are a worthwhile interest.  Just like the more vile games in history, things like this deserve to be brought to the public's attention so they can make their opinion known to developers. 
Again, I love the work and the discussion that Patrick brings to Giant Bomb.  I hope he keeps doing what he does.  I will say that Patrick should be more careful with his tone when approaching stories that strike close to his heart.  The price of being a journalist is a detachment from the strong impulse at calls to action.   The job of a serious journalist is to report and give context.  Tell what important thing happened and explain why it is important.  I love editorial, and one person can wear both hats, but there needs to be as clear a distinction as possible if you want to avoid some of the more level-headed concerns that have been voiced in these comments. 
The rest of these tools can eat shit.

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Hey I could use an invite.  This is my first time playing any planetside.  I have been in the GW2 guild since launch and finally been able to stop playing long enough to play other games. 
IGN: AlbinoJerk 

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 The view of the moon from the top of the Mad King's Clock Tower
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And New Fat Mike gives the Lion some much-needed cleaning 
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 This is what happens when Lincoln Force finds a random ArenaNet employee.

 It went on for a while...
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