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im doing at least a runthrough of the story, including missions.  I don't care about the HoM that much since i have all the armor pieces, and that was what I really wanted.  So pumped to be rolling out my SS necro again. 

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So I stopped playing Guild Wars shortly after nightfall and have just returned after years to play through the Eye of the North expansion.   
Would any of the Giant Bomb people want to team up and play through this campaign?  Ive logged back in and gotten familiar again and have joined a guild w/ vent that could be used. 
I'm available weekday evenings starting about 7pm EST and weekend mornings. 
Anybody interested? 
If so, send me a PM or friend me in game.  Character name is "Max Demian"

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@FirebirdINF: Molyneux showed up at one of the jams in england and gave a little speech.
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#5 Posted by AlbinoJerk (85 posts) -

Please add me in.  I was so hoping somebody on GB would do this. 
I bought Prophecies at launch, played through until it became daily FoW and Underworld grinding,  Then went back when Sorrow's Furnace launched.  I later got Nightfall and Factions and finished those.  I was amazed  at GW1 back then for being so massive, yet free-to-play, and I'm even more impressed by what they are doing now.   
Hope to have more fun exploration like in the first game.  I remember totally freaking people out with my Elite Necrotic armor from Marhan's Grotto.  At the time I got it, most people didn't even know it was there. Awesome :)

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@Mdk5631: do you understand how contracts work?  How about you chill the fuck out and cancel your sub if/when they aren't providing the content you signed up for.  Nobody on the internet owes you anything. 
As for everybody else who claim that "they were doing fine", you have no idea how fine they were doing. They are in the progress business, they never seemed to want to stagnate. 
I have trusted Jeff's ethics since he was at gamespot, and nothing with this site has made me question it.  And even if this did become shitty, Im not pledging my life to a cause, im giving some money to a website. 
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So it will still be supported, but it will be marginalized in the interface?  kind of a bummer still. 

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Hey giant bomb!  

I have come out of lurking to find a testing friend.
I can be on most work nights (weeknights) from about 6-11 EST.

Steam ID: AlbinoJoe

I'm on right now!  I have completed single player but not touched the co-op, and would love to try to clear em all.  microphone preferred.  
Please hit me up.  Did i mention I'm online now!?
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I've just been watching the clips on youtube of the gamescom demos.  It is destroying my ability to enjoy my good old World of Warcraft. 
I loved the Cataclysm update and still think it did so much for one of my favorite current games, but man...  the stuff they are doing over at arenanet is making me antsy for the release.  What I'm most obsessed with is their open policy toward characters helping each other.  No kill stealing or needing to party up to complete goals or kill bosses.  If you see people trying to take down a boss, you can just help and you will get rewarded.  I just think this has the potential to increase player cooperation and ad hoc groups.  Its such a great idea and it makes my dungeon queues so terrible lately.  I wish i could meaningfully participate with other players without needing to party up or queue for 20 minutes for a dungeon.  
Anybody else find themselves itching for some of this stuff they are promising?  I thought I was about 10 years past my fanboy days, but man im psyched for this release.

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Even with all the masturbatory physics puzzles, I still love hl2 like nothing else.  Still looks great with the Cinematic patch, too.  I may go back and play the episodes on mac.

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