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I'll be on, but ghettoized in another server since I was unable to join the GB one last BWE. :(    I'm the only person that wishes they would wipe toons this weekend.  Hopefully they will open up guesting, since I am not doing any PvP this weekend.

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Jesus christ.  Why do people feel the need to constantly bitch about GB staff.   I've been on here to watch people complain about Vinny, Brad, Patrick, various interns, etc, every time they add new crew-members.  Just get over yourselves.  It is callous, mean, and unnecessary.   They aren't going to get rid of the people you don't like just because you are a raging dick on the comments of every video.   If they listened to the comments, there would be only Jeff putting out Jar-Time on YouTube until he died of alcohol poisoning.  If you would combine all the negative, hateful comments together into one infuriating post, they would say "I love Giant Bomb except Vinny, Drew, Dave, Ryan, Patrick, Brad, Kessler, and Alex." 
Shut the fuck up or leave. 
I understand that posting this makes the whole problem worse, but I have been watching these mean-spirited assholes post this shit for years.  This is not white-knighting.  This is a violent rage at the people in this world that seem intent at making it a crueler, more cynical place.  Nobody say "welcome to the internet", because this shit has repercussions.  The boors and the malicious are attempting to destroy all that is noble in the human spirit by creating a culture of destruction.  Apathy is one thing, this is active aggression towards other thinking, feeling creatures.  To hell with your judgement and your idle, purposeless spite.    Anybody who cares about living in a world where people respect and value others, but think that the internet is a vacuum where you can act however you want without impact on the real world, think again.  Culture is the sum of all communication, art and ideals.  Everything adds up and poisons the whole.

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I played all weekend in PvP and PvE and didn't have any game-breaking issues that didn't reek of beta.  Only things I noticed were some balance things and random MMO glitches.  (Beetletun skillpoint)  I'm not expecting June, but I don't think it needs to be end of the year either.   They need to get the pet AI up to snuff, fix the overflow grouping issues, and optimize.  Those were the only major issues I encountered.   (Also some mob scaling, but that falls in the "balance" category) 
Remember that in betas, you are always playing an older build than what they actually have.

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@AMonkey said:

It would be nice if we knew whether beta characters were being kept or not, through all BWE. I don't want to start a character on this stress test, for it to be deleted.

Characters from the last BWE are not being wiped for this stress test, but you should assume that they will be wiped by next BWE. That way you are suprised and excited if they are still there, which is unlikely.

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This is a little tangential, but that interview was pretty great.  I was very impressed when Brad made sure to focus a question directly to Hiroko when the other 2 dudes were kinda fielding everything.  After that, she seemed to be a lot more comfortable and vocal.  I always tend to notice those things.  Good job getting all the voices in there, Brad. 

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I know I'm going to be rolling around in the HoM armor most of the game anyways.  I love the Heavy and Light Heritage armor. :)

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im doing at least a runthrough of the story, including missions.  I don't care about the HoM that much since i have all the armor pieces, and that was what I really wanted.  So pumped to be rolling out my SS necro again. 

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So I stopped playing Guild Wars shortly after nightfall and have just returned after years to play through the Eye of the North expansion.   
Would any of the Giant Bomb people want to team up and play through this campaign?  Ive logged back in and gotten familiar again and have joined a guild w/ vent that could be used. 
I'm available weekday evenings starting about 7pm EST and weekend mornings. 
Anybody interested? 
If so, send me a PM or friend me in game.  Character name is "Max Demian"

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@FirebirdINF: Molyneux showed up at one of the jams in england and gave a little speech.