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It's been a few years since I last picked up one of the NHL games and I've been thinking that it's about time to invest in a new copy. The last title I owned was NHL 11, and while I got a lot of use and enjoyment out of it, there were issues that I'm hoping have been address in the games since. In this case, I'm referring to some of the AI issues surrounding the Be a GM mode, particularly outside of the matches (which I rarely had any problems with). Trading, for example, was always much more effort than it should have been. During one season I played through recently, there was a grand total of 6 trades throughout the entire league, including post season, 3 of which were mine (and used more as a way of trying to stir things up a bit (with no luck)). Ridiculous! That along with weird quirks, such as all of opposing teams mysteriously swapping their main goal tenders with their AHL counterparts after a few seasons, made the whole thing ring a little hollow. Eventually it was pointless to continue, which meant I never got past the 4th season.

My question is whether these and similar problems have been addressed by now in NHL 14 or have they yet to be addressed? This is the mode that I will, most likely, be spending most of my time with so it would be useful to know how it feels before I buy the game. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I'm shocked and deeply sadden to hear of Ryan's passing today. His love and passion for video games was infectious and touched so many of us in truly profound ways. Many years ago, when I was first becoming interested in games in a more meaningful way, beyond simple entertainment, Ryan, along with other members of Gamespot (especially through the podcast, which of course carried over to Giant Bomb), helped guide me into this strange and wonderful new world. The unique insight and humour that he always brought to table never failed to raise a smile and undoubtedly changed the industry forever, one way or the other. Seeing the outpouring of grief from both the industry and community alike is a testament to that. That is his legacy. That is what he will be remembered for.

Rest in peace, buddy. My deepest condolences to your friends and family. You will be sorely missed.

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It's not at all surprising that Microsoft have backed down on this stuff considering the hammering they received from users, journalists and their rivals alike during E3. Continuing down that path of restrictive policies and DRM may not have been corporate suicide but it most likely would have hurt them, at least in the short term.

The interesting question that still comes to mind, which by the sound of it we will now never know the answer to, is how much those policies would have really hurt the users in the long run. The used games restrictions are obvious, but I still have to wonder how much things like the 'always on' connection would have really mattered. Specific abnormal situations can always be brought up but I'm not convinced that it would have negatively effected the majority of users. Even my ridiculously antiquated rural connection shouldn't have had much difficulty, despite very low bandwidth and constant drops in connection. Whether the requirement was actually needed or what point it would have served is perhaps the bigger, more relevant question. They were never clear on those details, which certainly made it seem arbitrary.

Either way, if Microsoft follow through with these new plans then most of these arguments are rendered moot. It's just interesting to think of what might have been. Overall, this seems like a positive move, or an admission of fault, depending on how you look at it.

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Considering other recent announcements, along with his ongoing projects, Abrams is certainly putting a lot on his plate if this turns out to be a full blown collaboration. I just hope that isn't going to spread himself to thin. He's a very talents guy, but I would have thought that focusing on Star Trek and Star Wars would be more than enough for most people.

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These are awesome! Nice work, dude!

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I've just returned from holiday, started catching up with GiantBomb, so have sadly only just heard the news. My deepest condolences, Patrick. All the best, dude.

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I still need to catch up with the highlights from the last race, but it sounded like a good one. A great result for Rosberg and Mercedes, at any rate.

It's been a great start to the season. Looking forward to more.

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@Ragnar said:

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@Ragnar: Here's the On The Spot episode after Jeff was fired.

Also, notice Brad looking ready to throw down.

Cheers man. Wow. Knowing Alex well enough from all the videos and reviews I just imagine him screaming fuck over and over again through that whole clip, on the inside.

I had forgotten that this episode existed. Thanks for the reminder. At the time, while watching this and considering all of the flak that GameSpot had received, I found it hard to really criticise them when faced with the obvious emotion on display from the core team that made GameSpot what it was. They were obviously hit hard by Jeff's termination. I simply couldn't bring myself to vilify the team after watching this, especially when there was so much raw emotion and angry flying around, often mistakenly directed at these individuals. Now that the full story has been made public, I feel that stance was justified and hope that everyone will be able to move on from those dark days. It certainly sounds as if Jeff and the rest of the GB team have.

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Finished #398. Not to bad, and improving all the time. I'll crack the top 100 some one quest or other one day.

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Finished #616. Not bad for me, as I usually find these quests late on. Cheers GB