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Not well, that's how it is going. When I can play the game, it's great. The problem is, there are about ten different spots where you can be bumped or disconnected and have to reboot the whole game while trying to enter your own damn city, private region or public. Frustrating is an understatement.

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There is a NA East 1 and 2 at this point, so clarification is important since saves don't transfer between servers.

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  • Server: NA East 1, but anything really.
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I want to do this, but I want to get better first. The first half dozen cities I tried went to crap. I got a decent one going but I sprawled too quickly and now feel like I am fighting a losing battle on that one as well. Density seems to be the key. Build a small area, upgrade roads over time and let it expand slowly. Otherwise, by the time you need certain services, there is no way they can effectively cover the entire city.

Oh, and don't build an intersection right at the edge of the map where the highway comes in like Jeff did. That helps alleviate traffic problems.

Will come back looking for a region after a few more tries.

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Most of those comments not believing the cost are from people that don't understand how ANY business works in general, let alone video game development.

Or they work for free and have no overhead and unlimited time.

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I'm really liking sarcastic Jake Tretton.

Oh man! He came off as such a dick. Sounds like he's had such a rough day.

It's like he had heard that 'what does the console look like' question over and over and was just fucking so sick of it. Good on him. It's a dumb thing to be hung up on.

No it isn't, Sony clearly should have shown at least a picture. How could they not have seen this question being asked a trillion times?

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$399 for base, $499 for premium. Same for Xbox 720. And premium will be "worth" the extra $100 to most gamers/non-casuals.

I would be shocked if Sony lists any model +$500. Their pricing strategy for PS3 was atrocious. With the rate technology is going, they are not going to be selling these consoles at a loss for nearly as long as they have in the past, especially since Blu-ray is an established technology. Releasing the same year as Microsoft will be a big help as well. 10/1/2013 release date is my guess. I think Microsoft launches a week earlier.

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Just finished the main story line and police missions on the 360. Fantastic game, easily one of the most surprising, came out of nowhere. Solid story, just a blast to play. Combat is great, ramming cars is fun, gun play is pretty good with the slow motion...all around great game, the only bad part were the face missions, which I found annoying.

I get the distinct feeling that if this was called GTA: Hong Kong it would have gotten much better reviews across the board. Doesn't really matter, just saying...