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Man, I fucking adored those X-Men Legends and MUA games. Diablo III on consoles just isn't enough unfortunately to sate my desire for a third MUA, or whatever it would be called.

Still waiting for that third Ultimate Alliance.

I was hoping they'd do it on WWH, but no luck so far.

Both studios that worked on MUA are now Call of Duty DLC sweatshops.

Oh...well that's disheartening.

That's not entirely correct. Vicarious Visions is actually a Skylanders sweatshop.

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PC: Alcor741

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@s80007: In case the activation gives you trouble, you could VPN to the UK, and then try to activate the code - this method works for me

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@substance_d: As an monthly member you can upgrade to a yearly membership and vice versa. At least, I think that's what @rorie means by that.

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Bound by Flame. Aside from the wizard zombie man person, I wanted every other character in that fucking game to just stop talking, doing things, and just in general, being.

Also, although this is something a little different, the translation in Pathologic was so unbelievably abysmal, that damn nearly killed the game for me.

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This is the GTA V moment mentioned earlier.

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@marino: Thanks! Glad you guys liked it! :D