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@substance_d: As an monthly member you can upgrade to a yearly membership and vice versa. At least, I think that's what @rorie means by that.

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Bound by Flame. Aside from the wizard zombie man person, I wanted every other character in that fucking game to just stop talking, doing things, and just in general, being.

Also, although this is something a little different, the translation in Pathologic was so unbelievably abysmal, that damn nearly killed the game for me.

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This is the GTA V moment mentioned earlier.

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@marino: Thanks! Glad you guys liked it! :D

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@aurahack said:

y'all are too kind ;-;

I had another idea so I made another set. Didn't do EA and Ubi though 'cause they don't have consoles and frankly this was long enough to do that I really didn't want to do more ahaha.

Where's @buzz_clik, @b0nd07, and @fobwashed in all this though??? WHERE Y'ALL AT

Well, this kind of shit makes it obvious ya'll are doin perfectly fine without me =P I'm currently swamped with some commission work, working on my game and trying to play some stuff I really want to play. So I guess I'm good busy but busy in a way that prevents me from doing any real fan stuff =\ Seriously hot work!

@aurahack: These are AMAZING :D!

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I gave the gif thing a try:

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@sweep: The font is called Dekar Light and you can get it here!

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