This is a list of all the games I currently own. I think I got them all. These are all legally owned games. Most boxed, but some digital (Steam, XBLA, PSN, Wii Store, Apple App Store).

These days I hardly sell any games, but as I child I used to sell a lot of games. Some I have bought again as a collector now. All the Atari 2600 games for example are things I bought again. This means that a lot of games I used to love and play are not represented on this list. Older systems like those of Nintendo, Sega, the Amiga and commodore 64 are hardly represented here. And old PC titles are for sure not on here since those often got outdated and are unplayable on new systems. Since my parents had one of the first Mac's I also have a strong feeling for some Mac only games. But nothing of those survived to this day.

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