Caboose Visits the Halo Reach Campaign

I always wondered if Rooster Teeth should have done a short featuring the ODST characters but this is close enough. Its been a long time since Red versus Blue made reference to the campaign of a Halo game (outside of the special previews) and the results are pretty funny.

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Star Fox: Space Oddity

Making its way around the internet is Brentalfloss's (of what happened if game X's song had lyrics) newest video for Star Fox. Featuring a combination of hand puppets, Star Fox 64 memes and the stylings of Space Oddity, its an interesting look at the inner workings at the Star Fox team... or just a fun video :P

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8 Bit Gems: North and South

It's the 150th anniversary of the start of the American Civil War and it reminded me of an excellent NES era game I played with my friends called North and South. A decent enough single player experience, the game shines with two players. My friends and I would rent this game multiple times from our local rental store.

Set during the American Civil War, the user plays as either the North or South and attempts to capture every state to bring victory to your selected side. Earn money to gain more units, watching out for sneak attacks from Native Americans and Mexicans, this was a cartoony strategy game with a surprising amount of depth for the era.  A mix of side scrolling and real time strategy play, the game was a great mix of easy to learn and difficult to master.

Also nothing ruins a cavalry charge more than taking out the bridge they were headed for. Good times.

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The Fantastic Mr. Starfox

An excellent animation from the folks at Collegehumor, The Fantastic Mr. Starfox blends the world of The Fantastic Mr. Fox with the award winning dialog of the Starfox series. Asking what if Fox McCloud had a mid-life crisis, this video is a must for fans of the Star Fox series.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer for those who want to compare (need some background).
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Happy 25th Birthday The Legend of Zelda!

Has it already been 25 years since the first appearance of The Legend of Zelda? One of the premier action-adventure series that made a few missteps but nevertheless had a consistent layer of quality and fun. Introducing me to the world of Hyrule, great dungeons, the Triforce and Link, The Legend of Zelda is perhaps my favorite series from Nintendo. Have a happy birhtday Link!
 A little oudated, but the Zelda Retrospective by Gametrailers is still worth watching for the memories.

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Excellent tribute to Dynasty Warrior's voice acting

Dynasty Warriors is a series well known for its bad voice acting. While its improved in later installments Dynasty Warriors 2 and 3 have some of the best and worst scenes in the series as a result of their localization. Giving it an almost good/bad kung-fu movie feel the first few Dynasty Warriors games were truly something that shocked and amazed me with their awesome action and terrible terrible dialog.
Credit to Jim Sterling of Destructoid combined the footage together to make this Dynasty Warriors tribute video.

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